In an old meets new era: Introducing: Fontevraud. Bruno Fazzolari's dynamic combination of a classic chypre style set against a modern, fruit-infused rose.
From Orange groves to hot asphalt to ice cream - smell the inspiration behind Freeway
The Diva of Decadence has created for us her most gourmand perfume to date: Buonissimo.
A new creature is coming this May.
An exclusive fragrance for the US market, only available at Luckyscent. Get it here.

And the World is Yours. A Lab on Fire has created a limited edition, one time offering by master perfumer Dominique Ropion. Do not miss this!

The incredibly talented Josh Lobb is working (secretly, of course) on a fine and improper fragrance. More details soon to follow from the genius behind this storied Portland brand.
Antonio Gardoni of Bogue is always up to something great, and this is no exception: NOUN is here.
In the coming months, the ever charismatic Josh Meyer will bestow upon us an exclusive creation from the studio of Imaginary Authors.
An intimate and personal dialogue through fragrance. Launching Sunday, Oct 22nd, Andy Tauer's Stories collection will be available online for one month only. Sample and collect them before they disappear on Nov. 22nd.
How best to commemorate 15 years of Luckyscent? If David Moltz of D.S. & Durga had his way—and he did—it would be a new fragrance in an edition of 15 bottles. Update: This rare collectible has sold out.
Exclusive 7.5ml travel sprays available now. Limited quantities of Amber Aoud, Gardenia, and Vetiver Pour Homme.
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