Mouthwateringly creamy and indulgent, yet delightfully easy to wear, this beautiful fragrance is perfect under any tree.
Three of Byredo's most exotic, wanderlust-inspired fragrances: Bal d'Afrique, Gypsy Water, and Blanche. A perfect introduction to this perfectly chic brand.
A fruity, spicy, luscious, indulgent fragrance: Xerjoff's latest exclusive is now available to anyone looking for a truly rare and prestigious gift.
MFK's breakout hit fragrance brings its gorgeous and unique signature scent to an alcohol-free hair perfume that protects, shines, and smells incredible.
A mysterious, deep, and spiritual oud and floral fragrance comprised of some of the finest-grade raw materials in the entire world, Fall Into Stars is true, exclusive luxury.
$125 - $475
An entire professional-quality hair care set plus a luxurious comb and gift box- a total hair makeover in one convenient package.
Mimosa lovers will swoon for this gently dreamlike fragrance that plays on the delicate flower's most fresh, green, and sweet aspects.
Created in partnership with a true fashion and style icon, Chloe Sevigny Little Flower is fresh, chic, sophisticated, and romantic...miles from your average boring celeb-u-scent.
Velvety, fruity, creamy, and sensuous, Jasmin de Cherifa is a fragrance for true jasmine lovers who value pure, naturalistic florals above all else. A truly exquisite soliflore.
The newest fragrance from Ex Nihilo is sure to please with the added dimension of lush, woody tones.
A daily repair face cream that features active complexes proven to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity, protect against water loss, and soothe roughness.
There's no more stylish weapon in a fragrance arsenal than a bottle of Tom Ford, and this new musky feminine floral stunner is especially loaded with sexy, modern cool.
$240 - $615
Some vanilla lovers are looking for a scent that's less kitchen and more bedroom, and this exotic, spicy, irresistibly unsweet fragrance takes the cake, so to speak.
$20 - $75
Fresh, juicy, floral, and delightfully clean, Wonder Of You is a pure joy to wear. An ideal gift for the perpetually cheerful ray of sunshine on your life.
A Luckyscent exclusive, this richly sweet, gently smoky fragrance will add a touch of mystery to your life. A staff favorite here at Scent Bar.
A sweet, dry, spicy floral oriental, Instant Crush has quickly made a name for itself with its distinctive notes of lush citrus and creamy vanilla.
$95 - $180
This advanced Tinted Age-Repair Lip Treatment complements any skin tone and conditions the lips while visibly increasing volume, refining the lip-line and reducing fine lines on ...
A delightful, travel-friendly set of Byredo's popular, specially formulated hair perfumes...perfect for beauty on the go!
Treat your skin and hair to a burst of freshness with this nourishing mist packed with ingredients to refresh, protect, and hydrate.
Discover the art of Parisian perfume as evolved by beloved French mainstay Diptyque, through these five legendary, best-selling scents.
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