A joint tribute to the buzzy energy of New York City and the unforgettable aroma of ylang-ylang, I LOVE YY is only available at Scent Bar NYC... and now, right here.
Both luxurious and surprisingly wearable, Initio's elegant and powerful first oud fragrance lives up to its lofty name.
Many people know what Oud is. But only a few know how rich and unusual can be the character of the wild Oud, fully revealed in this masterfully created blend.
$90 - $350
Tantalizingly tropical, softly sensual, luxuriously luminous, Santal Complet is the most lavishly indulgent sandalwood we've smelled in a long time.
A truly striking objet d'art to elevate any space it occupies, this faithfully molded, impressively large bust is a truly remarkable piece of wax craftsmanship.
Rich with the aroma of tuberose at dusk and clad in an exclusive earthenware votive from the famous Virebent pottery studio, this oversized candle exudes French luxury.
A beautiful selection of pink crystals in an iconic brushed iron vessel. You can scent the crystals with your desired fragrance oil, creating a unique potpourri experience.
A striking presentation of the evocative and hugely popular Incense series. Receive all five scents in the full 50ml size, presented in a luxurious gift box.
A dynamic duo of unique fragrances designed to layer together or wear alone, presented in a lavish and exclusive collector's set. Perfect for lovers of rose and amber.
Truly remarkable, this fragrance represents a rare distillation of pure, precious Japanese kyara (wild Asian agarwood) oil- one of the most refined scents in the entire world.
The perfect gift for any oenophile, these beautiful handcrafted diffusers will fill any space with a gorgeously smooth wine-inspired fragrance.
Blended with high-grade sandalwood, clove and cinnamon, this luxurious premium Japanese incense is a thoughtful and refined addition to any daily routine.
The ultimate version of Kurkdjian's most luxurious offering- a masterful blend of dry spice, sweet florals, and invigorating mineralic notes unlike anything else.
$295 - $825
If true luxury is exclusivity, it doesn't get more exclusive than this selection of 14 scents created by master IFF perfumers that will never be available in any other format.
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