Roja's complex and vibrant take on the ultra-popular fruity masculine genre is better than ever in this fresher concentration.
Another modernist miracle from CDG. Spicy, shiny, striking, and perfect for the man with avant garde style.
Elevate his shaving routine with a luxuriously refined shaving soap imbued with a classic masculine scent and presented in a gorgeous wooden bowl.
$30 - $55
Bowl them over with your stunning intellect instead of your colorful breath. One of the best mouthwashes we've ever tried...and alcohol-free.
Striking citrus, honeyed lavender, and rich tobacco highlight this Scent Bar staff favorite that wears beautifully on men of all styles.
A generous dose of rare, prized Haitian Grand Cru vetiver blends with Turkish tobacco and Cote d'Ivoire cacao for a scent of unique pedigree.
Even guys who never change out of sweatpants will smell fantastic with this casual, outdoorsy new release from CDG's acclaimed collaboration with Monocle Magazine.
Italy's best barbers say there's not a finer shaving brush in the world, and we're inclined to agree.
Challenging, uplifting, and deeply spiritual, this incense and nard-based scent is truly one of a kind.
What better gift to unwrap than this striking, rhinoceros-headed bottle containing a robust leather and vetiver stunner?
The iconic, ambroxan-based minimalist classic Molecule 02 takes its place in the pantheon of aquatic and fresh. A no-brainer that works on almost anyone.
A resurrection of a bona fide men's classic, A Man's Cologne is a fresh, powerful, woodsy and mineral scent worthy of the name Gravel.
Anyone with a love of barbershops will surely appreciate the clean, distinguished, gently powdered profile of this Italian niche favorite.
It may get compared to a certain Creed powerhouse, but Aventus lovers, haters, and agnostics all agree: Hacivat is a smoky pineapple delight all its own.
$240 - $380
A new take on the all-world bestseller that features a spicier, less fruity opening and a refined, musky base.
$325 - $435
A highly-concentrated, ultra-slick, no-foam layer of protection between the razor and face...everything you need to ensure perfectly shaved skin.
Bright, smooth, and unique, this blend of refined lavender and sensual orange blossom makes for a rare variety of masculine scent.
$215 - $310
Both rugged and refined, Nicolai's newest leather scent should appeal to both mountain men and city slickers alike.
$67 - $202
Soften and tame that beard! From the softest to the bristliest, this classic oil provides shine and long-lasting protection with an alluring, light bitter orange fragrance.
Three of the world's most treasured men's scents in a distinguished collector's set sure to impress.
An all natural shave cream that lubricates and protects, moisturizes, fights redness and reduces annoying razor clogs. A perfect gift for the traveling fella.
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