Impossibly opulent, Diaghilev is a classical chypre brimming with dangerous sensuality.
All five scents in what still might be Comme des Garcons' greatest series, presented in a wonderfully giftable set. An incense for every occasion.
Featuring a bottle, decanter and even grape vines in place of reeds, this gorgeous and powerful home diffuser is a perfect gift for the oenophile in your life.
Xerjoff's other Qatar exclusive is a unisex fruit-forward floral oud that should please lovers of both sweeter and richer XJ scents. Get one before it's gone!
A fresh, smooth, exquisitely composed men's scent for the most discerning of tastes.
Pure incense sticks pressed from only aged sinking-grade Sri Lankan agarwood. A magnificent and foolproof way to experience the true aroma of burning oud.
Lusciously smooth, soothingly creamy, this semi-gourmand floral will envelop you in dreamlike bliss.
A comprehensive historical collection of scents featured in the inaugural exhibition by the Museum of Arts and Design's Department of Olfactory Art. A true collector's piece.
You could burn this museum-quality wax sculpture, modeled on a genuine bust of France's most notorious ruler...but will you?
The six best selling modern fragrances from Amouage are beautifully packaged in this unique miniature collection of 7.5ml splash bottles for women.
The six best selling modern fragrances from Amouage are beautifully packaged in this unique miniature collection of 7.5ml splash bottles for men.
The internationally beloved Baccarat Rouge 540, now available in extrait strength...bigger, bolder, sexier.
$295 - $425
Make a statement with this oversized triple wicked candle. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, it's made in the famous Virebent pottery studio in the south of France.
The first fragrance in the world to use natural extract of turmeric...a best seller worthy of gifting.
A stunning concentration of natural ambergris in the heart unlocks a fragrance of unparalleled depth with deep, compelling tones of smooth, mineralic leather.
You want rich animalic oud with a sweet orange sparkle? This checks all the boxes.
Probably one of the most perfect agarwood scents we have ever experienced- deep and fresh, with tones of mint and geranium-flecked rose. A true masterpiece.
A beautiful handcrafted diffuser designed to fill any room with the unique and compelling mint, tea, and cypress of Mad et Len's signature Spirituelle fragrance.
For the fragrantly curious, a collection of completely unique scents available nowhere else. 14 atomizers and a detailed booklet, all beautifully packaged in a white boxed coffret.
Pamper your body with Grown Alchemist's award winning Body Cleanser and Body Cream in eye-catching, specially chromed-out gift packaging.
Or give this (also gorgeously packaged) duo of hand wash and lotion, featuring hydrating active botanicals for the smoothest hands you've ever had.
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