Both elegant and fresh, this cult classic is a burst of bright green brilliance that must be experienced to be believed.
Aan all natural shave cream that lubricates and protects, moisturizes, fights redness and reduces annoying razor clogs. A perfect gift.
Italy's best barbers say there's not a finer shaving brush in the world, and we're inclined to agree.
A 2018 phenomenon that redefines the "sporty oceanic" masculine into a thing of sunkissed elegance.
Robust cedar wood and ultra-bright citrus, an easy wear for any true gentleman.
$145 - $235
10 years after its heralded release, the fresh, vibrant, everyday-perfect Escentric 02 gets its own aluminum cased special edition. Limited availability.
Madagascar black pepper and Somalian incense, with essences of leather, licorice? Sound like a winner to us.
The iconic, ambroxan-based minimalist classic Molecule 02 takes its place in the pantheon of anodized aluminum-cased anniversary editions. Limited availability.
Perfect choice for a beauty-obsessed loved one. Sweet Orange, Sage, & Cedarwood Hand Wash and Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream will keep 'em clean and moisturized.
A highly-concentrated, ultra-slick, no-foam layer of protection between the razor and face- everything you need to ensure perfectly shaved skin.
Invigorating, elegant Italian aftershave to please even the most discerning of gentlemen.
Big city neon energy meets old world in a fragrance that truly captures the essence of Tokyo: dynamic and exciting, yet soothing and contemplative.
Juicy bergamot, rich florals, creamy vanilla-oud base- a perfect scent for a man who lives life to the fullest.
An earthy masculine fougere for a man who loves the rustic vigor of herbs, fruit, oak, and good clean dirt.
The six best selling modern fragrances from Amouage are beautifully packaged in this unique miniature collection of 7.5ml splash bottles for men.
A vibrant, fragrance-rich lather revitalizes the mind and plant-based moisturizers gently cleanse the body. The ultimate luxury showering experience.
Bowl them over with your stunning intellect instead of your colorful breath. One of the best mouthwashes we've ever tried...and alcohol free.
Mouthwateringly rich and intriguingly gourmand fragrance inspired by an age where pirates, admirals, and merchants all sought their fortune on the high seas.
A smoky and rich but balanced campfire scent. Smooth leather and incense tones round out one of our favorite smoky masculine scents.
L’Artisan Parfumeur’s miniatures set is a selection of the house’s most emblematic oriental fragrances, in 4 x 5ml miniature bottles.
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