This is mouthwatering, heartwarming coziness captured in a candle--a limited edition scent replete with the scent of fresh baked bread and spiced pastries.
A thoughtful blend of meditative, calming palo santo, sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli that creates a peaceful, calming feeling in you and your space.
A wintry candle fragrant with towering pines, ancient firs, and northern spruces. Hand-poured into a beautiful votive decorated with an iridescent, stylized forest.
Like a warm coastal breeze, Coco Coco carries the true scent of the coconut tree - mouthwatering, lightly green and exquisitely natural. A simple yet luxurious gift.
Beautiful handcrafted objets d'art that bring elegantly scented ambiance to any space.
$100 - $210
A set of three wonderfully earthy, rich and evocative candles perfect for the holidays.
Two classic, specially-sized Cire Trudon scented candles in a stunning gift box.
Give the gift of violet (or keep it for yourself!) with this perfectly selected, limited-edition collector's set of three candles featuring this sublime floral.
Cire Trudon presents a new portrait in wax of one of French history's most famous women and iconic Queen:Marie Antoinette.
A candle inspired by Indian tea. A robust mix of spices with a heart of sweet violet, gently smoky incense and steamed milk.
Not just a candle, but also a wax work of art fit for an Emperor, and the perfect conversation piece for any home.
The ultimate, seductive candle. Rich, luxurious, mysterious. Experience the uber-chic atmosphere of Hotel Costes right in your own home.
Candle Wick Trimmer! Perfect for trimming down the wick on your favorite candles. A nicely trimmed wick is essential to a perfectly burning candle.
Art meets function in this modern, stylish incense burner, which allows you to burn one-or both- ends of your favorite incense. Hand crafted in solid brass.
Translating to "Fresh Breeze," Sei-fu is one of Shoyeido's oldest and most beloved incenses. Luxuriously light and spiritual.
A sandalwood fragrance supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex and an earthy vetiver note. A beloved bestseller among the cognoscenti.
Picture windswept nights in the Arabian peninsula, where wanderers rest from long, perilously hot days of nomadic travel under the cooling glow of the stars. Crisp, iced mint tea ...
An aristocratic scent, at once gentle, smokey and leathery, from the always hip tastemakers of Le Labo.
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