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Paper Passion  Parfum by  Steidl

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Paper Passion

The Scoop
This tells the story of a passion and a twisting plot to put the particular bouquet of freshly printed books in a bottle. Gerhard Steidl was first alerted to the importance of the smell of a book by Karl Lagerfeld, prompting a passion for paper and the composition of a scent on the pages of a book. To Wallpaper* magazine the pairing of the publisher with the perfumer seemed a natural partnership and so the idea for Paper Passion was born. Wallpaper* magazine commissioned master perfumer Geza Schoen to create a fragrance based on the smell of books to be part of the Wallpaper* magazine Handmade exhibition in Milan.

This is an opportunity to celebrate all the glorious sensuality of books, at a time when many in the industry are turning against them. The idea is that is should relax you, like when you read a book, to a level of meditation and concentration. Paper Passion has evolved into something quite beautiful and unique. To wear the smell of a book is something very chic. Books are players in the intellectual world, but also in the world of luxury.

Hidden inside the pages of a book, Paper Passion is accompanied by texts from Karl Lagerfeld, Günter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers.

“You have a book, you open it, there’s a bottle inside and it smells of a book. It might be quirky, but the idea has a simplicity, a linearity.” Geza Schoen
Paper Passion Notes
osmanthus, copaiba balsam, amber accord, air accord, paper accord, musk accord
Geza Schoen2012Germany
Paper Passion - 50ml
  $98 50ml
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  $6 .7ml spray
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oh my....there was no way to sample this for me so it was a blind buy and i read review after review and thought there is no way i wouldn't love this. i spent 6 years of my college life in used book stores and as soon as i was old enough to walk i was in a library. it took me years to finally submit to purchasing a kindle when i realized that i could bring 6 books with me on vacation at 1 lbs versus having to cart around 60lbs worth of books. sadly i hate this. i hate it so badly i don't even know where to start. maybe i shouldn't since all the other reviews here say it in a nut shell. beautiful presentation. lovely concept. this does smell like old books but in a migraine inducing way that makes me want to throw up. like factory processed glue. i was expecting something softer. no atomizer on this. why? i almost spilled the whole bottle when i first opened it which would be a total disaster. so sad. expensive mistake. hoping that laying it with something else might make it work for the price i paid. phaedon cotton egytptian for which i got a sample of is a prettier interpretation of paper.
By Lizzie - dental billing and accounts from Napa on 9/11/2014
So glad they finally offered a sample of this one! There's something in this formula that really gets my attention and holds it. Definitely FB worthy to me.Fighting the urge to splurge just yet. Have far too many samples on the way.
By Chrisopher - from Evansville on 10/18/2013
Loved the concept, but this juice is very rank and industrial smelling, more like petrochemicals than paper adorned with ink. The printing press I operated in the 1980s smelled better.
By Bluepinegrove - Librarian on 10/1/2012
I was initially scared Paper Passion might not be wearable, but it smells great and it's easy to wear. It's like walking into an air-conditioned book and magazine store. There's a large dose of Ambrox in it too (see Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules). It's very similar to Another 13 by Le Labo, but Paper Passion smells cleaner and more like a mix of books and magazines, as opposed to just the latter. I really love it. Give it a shot! As a side note, if you're looking for something that smells like an OLD book store (that vanillic, paper smell) I'd suggest trying Patchouli 24 by Le Labo or Dzing by L'Artisan Parfumeur.
By Daniel - Student from Montreal on 9/14/2012
By Daniel - Student from Montreal on 9/14/2012
since I make paper this gives me an extraordinary relationship to the whole process from the ground up! I love the smell of a stack of dried freshly made paper!! Nothing added, just the pulp and water to the vat. This perfume captures that fragrance quite perfectly and it smells wonderful on my skin for quite a long time. Thank you for a wonderful connection to the craft I love!!!
By Anna - Papermaker from Portland on 9/12/2012
I spend a lot of my time in libraries, and when I saw this perfume, I was beyond thrilled. Now, however, I'm glad I started with a sample. I love woody, bookish, paperish scents...but this wasn't one of them. It started with a very very sharp ethanol smell for almost thirty minutes, before settling into an epoxy/glue type smell. I never got anything but sharp chemicals, nothing like a book at all. Heartbreaking.
By Anonymous - graduate student from Phoenix on 9/7/2012
Looking forward to sniffing this one, as I respect the perfumer and am a huge fan of the smell of fresh books and paper. For me, CB I Hate Perfume's In the Library is the HG on this one... slightly damp paper, book leather, polished mahogany, and a touch of metal and fire smoke from the grate. Yum!
By Catherine - from Boston on 9/6/2012
Two stars for the overall uniqueness of this fragrance. Paper Passion is indeed a literal interpretation of the scent of books, right down to the letter (pun intended). The perfume imparts notes of ink, oil and the heat of the printing press; it's highly industrial in nature. Low silage and compact throw, which is a good thing, as it might befuddle innocent bystanders standing in close proximity. This is a creative fragrance, but I'm not sure it was designed to actually be worn by human beings!
By Lisa Marie - Novelist from Austin on 8/31/2012
Just rec'd sample today. All this is, is Escentric Molecule 01 re-bottled and given a new name; Paper Passion. Really disappointed. I already have the EM01 was hoping for something unique and different.
By Anonymous on 8/31/2012
as soon as i read this was made by the same artist that made escentric molecules i should have seen the writing on the wall. i can't get the "air accord" out of my nose. it seems very singular in note, lasts all day (of course) and just NOT for me. i don't get ANY of the other notes. cool presentation though...
By deb - clerk from burnt hills on 8/14/2012
If they were trying to capture the smell of old books, they did succeed. However, I'm shopping for fragrance, not books. I don't think this will turn heads in a positive manner.
By Anonymous on 8/3/2012
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