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Kinski  Eau de Toilette by  Kinski

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Eau de Toilette

by Kinski

The Scoop
KINSKI the fragrance is a richly decadent, textured scent produced under license from Kinski Productions, to mark the 20th anniversary of the legendary actor's death. Effervescent notes of cassis and juniper provide an uplifting contrast to the dark notes of madness evidenced in castoreum, smoky vetiver and dark woods. The image of Kinski portraying Count Dracula in Werner Herzog's expressionistic cinematic masterpiece Nosferatu The Vampyre emerges, as the heady notes of blood-red wine rises from the dusty, dirt floors of an unlit cellar. Dry herbs crackle softly as they crumble in hand. Salty oceanic notes reveal themselves in the heart, inspired by Kinski's love of the sea. The animalic and woody base of the composition reflects Kinski's almost feral sensuality.

The simple and bold graphic design of the bottle hints at an essence of fragmentation, echoing the actor's famously splintered personality. Utterly unique and complex, KINSKI ignites an obscure passion in the wearer.
Kinski Notes
Cassis, juniper berry, schinus molle (Peruvian pepper), castoreum, marijuana acccord, nutmeg, plum, orchid, magnolia, orange flower, rose, benzoin, vetiver, cedar, patchouly, styrax, cistus, costus (ginger), musk, moss, ambergris
Geza Schoen2011United Kingdom
Kinski - 100ml
  $140 100ml
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  $4 0.7ml
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Oh it's the hempy, mary jane smell that I love--when pot was breaking the law and fun. This scent is also very sexy, very masculine but I'm not sure it's long lasting. I need to wear it some more.
By Joseph - from Chicago on 2/3/2015
I received a sample of this and to my surprise, I was so disappointed. It resembles the smell of cheap elderly female perfume in my opinion. Strange and a turn off. Never would I ever purchase this. Nothing like the Escentric Molecules that I am fond of.
By Taskphorce - Street Cop from Niagara Falls, Ny on 6/12/2013
This one is unique! I really enjoy this scent, it is dark with a certin freshness to it. There are many different notes in this fragrance but off the top I get a smokey woodiness followed by a very nice dark earthy vibe. This has a very green base (almost jade if you will because it is green yet very dark). Sadly this scent does not have staying power (at least on my skin). It is only noticible for the first hour or so and after that you it pops up every once and a while to say hello. The longevity and projection could be kicked up quite a bit (once again it could just be my skin, as I've heard other people have success with it). Scent I give a 4 longevity and projection 2.
By Colin on 4/3/2013
The very instant I smelled this, I immediately thought "Damn, this is good! Oooh, this is my signature scent: a woody vetiver animalic masterpiece. This scent has some serious clout on my skin and thank god for that.
By Rangel - Music Producer from Toronto, Canada on 2/15/2013
The ultimate masculine fragrance. Boozy, Woody, & Animalic.
By X fragrant - from Canada on 1/5/2013
Smelled this in the store and got a sample. It is an amazing scent that is complex and rich and totally unique. It has moderate sillage but will make people want to come up close for a smell. Will be buying a bottle soon!
By Ross - from LA on 1/22/2012
Received an unexpected sample of this and was so pleasantly surprised. Very complex and peppery, with a great animalic drydown.
By Joe - from Santa Barbara on 1/12/2012
Marijuana accord kills this thing, it doesn't even smell like good grade ganga, why would anyone wanna smell like this??... too bad, really wanted to like it.
By JCParodi - color from Brooklyn on 12/29/2011
hmmmm... might like this one.. sofarsogood
By ghostranchguy on 12/23/2011
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