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Stephen Jones  Eau de Toilette by  Comme des Garcons x Stephen Jones

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Stephen Jones

The Scoop
What if you could take tea with Queen Victoria in a garden of Richard Serra sculpture? Or follow Alice down the rabbit hole, but while riding a rocket ship? There's something about the old-new whimsy of Stephen Jones that brings these kinds of images to mind. Stephen Jones opens with a tumble of violets that smell as if they're lying on a chilled chrome platter sprinkled with cloves. Soon, the metallic underlay gives way to the warmth of gaïac wood and clean, fresh vetiver. The resulting fragrance is a lush, long lasting spicy-floral blend that tickles your nose and your fancy. This juxtaposition of retro and modern, tender and strong, mirrors the longstanding creative relationship between British milliner Stephen Jones and the avant-garde Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo. It's also what makes it perfect for a man or a woman. Fragrances like this remind us what a crazy and wonderful world it is.
Stephen Jones Notes
violet leaf, meteorite, cloves, carnation, rose, violet, jasmin, heliotrope, gaïac wood, magma, black cumin, vetiver, amber

Antoine Maisondieu2008France
Stephen Jones - 55ml
  $150 55ml
Curious about this fragrance?
  $4 0.7ml
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I am not as impressed by this as I had hoped. I am still looking for lavender perfume that is age appropriate. Tocca has a new one at anthropologie that I am excited to try. This one is far to old for me. I think of someone in her seventies and not in an appealing vintage quality to the perfume (which I love). Just not impressive and the layers to me of the perfume are not evident. I am sad to write this review, because I had such high hopes for this sample.
By Brittany - teacher from Columbus on 5/21/2012
This is magnificent! I did not find it a unisex perfume, however. It is a bit mysterious and I guess that is what makes the scent. The bottle is a total work of modern art! GO for it!
By Lynn Manieri - Instructor from San Mateo on 1/23/2012
Most unusual scent from the line, not about wood or spice, but, blinding aldehydes, give the illusion of walking into a white room, a glowing antiseptic white, followed by a metallic violet, it then morphs into an inky kind of note, followed by a pepper, something green or red, spicy and fresh, all highlighted by the aldehydes, no one since Chanel no5, has used an overdose of aldehydes in this manner, more for fall and winter, very concentrated, it's billed as an eau de toilette, on the box it says that it's 22%. definetly feels like an eau de parfum.
By JCParodi - Color from Brooklyn on 9/3/2011
Amazing!!! like soaped up skin in a cast iron bath tub Smells just like sunlight soap! FB worthy for sure
By rhis - from syd on 6/23/2011
By rhi on 6/23/2011
While this may smell amazing on someone else on me it simply smelled horrendously like sweaty leather and bad B.O.
By Anonymous - librarian on 10/31/2010
this is quite sensual, although not bottle-worthy for me
By Anonymous - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
I just tried it this morning.. it is very soapy on me.. it was no depth, feels very shallow. Its a no
By Ivona - Manager from NYC on 8/16/2010
I agree with KL - this is a one off masterpiece. Very unusual. A warm, soapy, multilayered sexy fragrance. It lasts for ages getting warmer and sexier as time goes on which is a good thing cos I can't get enough of it.
By Maggie on 11/22/2009
Great for those Oscar Wilde/Jules Verne/Ziggy Stardust days! The meterorite note is fabulous, like hot sauna rocks and metal. Regarding the bottle - this came out long before Secret Obsession.
By Anonymous - from Philadelphia on 10/19/2009
I adore the meteorite note. Does it sound like hype? Yes. It this a stunning futuristic scent? Absolutely.
By Anonymous - student from NYC on 7/13/2009
this is VERY unique and unlike anything i've smelled before(and i've smelled alot). kinda reminds me of sweet book pages. not sure if it's fb worthy but i have a feeling it is going to grow on me like weeds.
By Anonymous on 6/20/2009
Love it. Fresh and quirky. I am getting a bottle.
By Perfume Afictionado - from Seattle on 4/7/2009
n exact copy of Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession bottle only in another color and with the addition of the bow. I can't believe the CK PR people didn't notice this. Hey, CK! Anyone paying attention out there?
By Anonymous - from Boise on 3/3/2009
Imagine the smell of ivory soap mixed with cloves. Dry. No sweetness.
By Anonymous on 2/17/2009
Paranoid android indeed!
By Karen - advocate from SoCal on 2/16/2009
I think this is most unusual, yes, its predominately violet but with great depth and with other unusual elements in the mix which really makes it has this ability to remain a warm scent and lasts a long while..gets slightly more woodier and sweeter with an overlay of clean soapiness.. and is really adorable as time passes...its a one off masterpiece.. i have not encountered anything like it so far....of all the scents ive tried and continue to try this will be one i will be buying again...a fabulous discovery....
By KL - shipping clerk from U.K. on 2/6/2009
I can't believe I love this....I HATE violet scents (old ladies and sachets), really I do...but! Violets on a cold, metallic slab made of steel and hardwood. Very hard to describe, but the initial blast of frozen violets settles to a sultry yet fresh walk in a snow-laced alpine meadow with fresh spring violets poking through. Floral, metallic, cold, woodsy, very slight soap quality.... I don't pretent to be a poet whatsoever, but this is the vision that comes to my mind when I wear this fascinating scent....
By Aimee - from Maui on 2/5/2009
Paranoid android :) Cold. Metallic. Floral. Smoked. Clean. Crazy and very original. 200% unisex.
By trentee - video artist on 12/22/2008
CdG seems to be hit or miss. And this seems to be a big miss. The top notes are definitely floral - sharply so - although I am reminded of old school Charlie by Revlon. Once it warms however, there is a definite clove presence. Although the end result is not pleasing at all, and the sharp hard florals which push through all the more interesting undernotes hearken back to the fragrances our mothers and grandmothers were wearing. I think this fragrance is more about concept than delivery, and IMHO is not worth the hype, or the price.
By Christopher on 12/12/2008
I ordered a sample of this & so far, I like it. It smells clean, almost a little soapy, but there's also a peppery smell mixed with a little bit of cloves. Really, it's different each time I smell it. Quite interesting.
By Rachel on 12/7/2008
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