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Wode (Scent)  Eau de Parfum - contains No Paint  by  Boudicca

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Wode (Scent)

Eau de Parfum - contains No Paint

by Boudicca

The Scoop
Wode opens with spices and green – coriander, cardamom, clary sage and juniper berries. There is clean earth and a hint of flowers and ocean and it all seems quite brisk and pleasant, until the black hemlock kicks in, bitter and unsettling and hopelessly attractive. A stroll in the woods becomes a trek through a primeval forest with a few glowing yellow eyes peering at you from the shadows. A dark and ethereal swirl of resins and animalic notes dances around a heart of leather and musk and there is an intriguing undercurrent of something raw and untamed, softened by a soft whisper of sweetly narcotic tuberose. The overall impression is not heavy – but airy and elemental, like the landscape after a fierce and cleansing storm. Iconoclast perfumer Geza Schoen (of Escentric Molecules fame) has taken his inspiration from the scent of raw opium and, to be frank, we don’t have a lot of experience with that, but we do find this unique blend appropriately addictive. It reminds us of wet stone, and the way rain unlocks mysterious scents from the earth -- imagine dancing around Stonehenge while thunder rolls through the sky. The inspiration is ancient, but the scent itself is very modern–unusual, intriguing, and subtle enough to make it easy to wear, for both men and women.

Wode (Paint) - Eau de Toilette
This is the lighter version of the Wode (Scent) and it’s a true collectible. Paint comes packaged in the manner of modern war paint – a spray can, a nod to guerrilla street artists, with a sterling silver label tied with black silk. In the can is the magical juice that is bright cobalt blue when it is first applied and then…vanishes. Magical, mystical and fierce. Whether you are having a Braveheart moment, or just need to add a little wonder to your day – Wode (Paint) is just the thing.

Wode (Scent) - Eau de Parfum
As fabulous as the whole blue thing is, the most wonderful thing about Wode is the scent itself, with its play of dark and light - soft musk and dry spice and brooding black hemlock. The EDP is the more intense version of the Wode fragrance with a higher concentration of rare oils-- and of course, formulated without any blue paint.

Wode (Scent) Notes
Juniper, Cardamon, Nutmeg, Clary Sage, Corriander, Angelica Root, Saffron, Tonka Bean, Styrax, Amber, Treemoss, Musk, Leather
Geza Schoen2008United Kingdom
Wode (Scent) - 150ml
  $170 150ml
Wode (Paint) - Eau de Toilette - with disappearing Blue Paint
  $145 150ml

Curious about this fragrance?
  $3 .7 ml
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I haven't received my perfume yet, but I found it for 116.81 (with 24hr courier shipping included in the price) dollars on the boudicca wode site. I wish I would've gone through there and saved myself 28.19. 3 stars because I'm so excited to get my scent. Not 5 because I got ripped off by 28.19 dollars.
By Anonymous - Scent Stalker from Price Check on Aisle 9 on 11/7/2011
From the previous reviews, I REALLY want to try this. Wish they offered a sample. (HINT! HINT!) 3 stars because I have not tried it.
By Anonymous - from Mpls on 5/27/2011
Very impressive, light but luxurious! unexpected. i didn't tought it was possible to make a fresh perfume by adding leather and amber . the unisex feeling comes more from the "ocean breeze" smell than the woody spices i think. But still, it's becoming more "feminine" after 40 minutes. a "must try" perfume if you like to find a fresh day amber-leather perfume (i've try "scent" not "paint").
By Mme K. - On a quest (THE perfume) from Montreal on 12/6/2010
Used to essential oils I applied a tad too much and experienced that "marinated in perfume" sense for a while, but 8 hours later I am INTOXICATED with the scent!! Oh my..... the tones on my skin are a musky leather-like amber with the faintest floral overtones! It's earthy and sensual and reminds me of midnight walks through the magnolia trees after a thunderstorm in Virginia! It really does go through an array of fragrances as it blends with your skin and personal musk. It's fabulous, nymph-like! I accidentally spilled a drop of Lavendualla over the wode while taking a sniff and I like the combination so much I might have to wear it more often!
By mystkblu - from southwest colorado on 10/15/2010
Fa Bu Lous. on so many levels. wish it were cheaper, I'd give it as gifts.
By Anonymous - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
A very intriguing incense fragrance with an Old Soul aura. Opens with green transparent incense woods that smells like freshly cut lumber or fallen trees deep in the forest. On top of the incense green is a resinous frankincense/leather note with a bit of musk which adds a nice presence of mankind. Another dimension at the drydown is a sweet soft of tonka that almost makes it too sweet and civilized. This is a well blended and mysterious incense fragrance. One of the best I've smelled.
By Buzzlepuff - Art perpetrator from the anonymous southern midwest on 3/19/2009
Starts very green, like being slapped in the face with a wet branch, then grows into something softer and citrusier. Drydown is really sumptious and it stays complex, and truly unisex. Fresh, sharp, less cologney with time.
By corinne - writer from chicago on 2/17/2009
Please, don't beat me down those who knows all about perfumes, but i am confused: is this a fragrance for men for or women?
By BerryB - from Sacramento on 2/15/2009
Amazing scent. Cannot live without it. Next level from Molecule 1 and 2.
By outline - from NYC on 2/12/2009
For my skin, this is positively the best green scent I have found so far. The opener was a bit jarring and just OK and I didn't expect to like it, but as it wore on and melded with my skin I found it to be both odd and extremely beautiful. **If department store perfumes smelled this good I could save myself a small fortune.
By JK - lighting tech from Lost Angeles on 2/4/2009
I positively swooned from the sample and couldn't resist getting the "Paint". But then I was disappointed. I really wish I had spent the extra $25 and gotten the EDP. The EDT is just s shadow of the marvelous fragrance it ought to be, even though the disappearing wode is fun. So if you love the complex, woodsy, green, scent of strength and warmth from the sample - resist the urge to get anything other than the EDP.
By Diane - Massotherapist from Cleveland, OH on 1/17/2009
I have to agree. Does not smell like anything special. Reminds me of a department store fragrance. Very "mainstream".
By Arthur - Marketing from Los Angeles on 1/7/2009
I wrote the review referring to the REN Cologne and it is the only one I wrote. So who are you that you are so paranoid about a bad review "ruining" a brand?
By Anonymous on 1/7/2009
Hello, I am the person who wrote the first bad review, and can honestly say i did not write more than one. That is just silly, and i am sorry it upsets you to see others who do not like this fragrance, but to each her own, right? Isn't that the point of being able to review a fragrance?
By Anonymous on 1/4/2009
why do I get the sense that one person determined to ruin this brand has written a few of these reviews?!!?
By Anonymous - ?? from london? on 12/23/2008
The blue does not smell of anything whereas the stronger one smells like any commercial men's fragrance you can find for a fraction of the price in every high street department store. To me these fragrances are merely marketing tricks. Sad that Geza Schoen lets his talent go to waste... To me his Ren Cologne is one of the best fragrances around.
By Anonymous - from London on 12/18/2008
Dare I say a copycat of Estee Lauder's Alliage or Aramis Devin?
By Aaron Kurlander - Porn Actor from NYC on 12/14/2008
YIKES... i relly wanted to like this one too, but no way, harsh, wanted to scrub it off as fast as i put it on. Not even the "Blue Paint" special effects would make me want to buy this unpleasant experience. I realize others may love it, but i found nothing to love here.Nothing smooth about it. :(
By parfumnut on 12/13/2008
I really wanted to like this one based on the description but I just can't, no matter how hard I try. From the vial it smells very "hot" and spicy-sweet, the only way I can describe it is that it reminds me of the ill-mannered girls I went to school with that talked back, wore jellies and hotpants and had kool-aid stained fingertips. The ones who acted waaay more "adult" than any 12 year old should. Smells very cheap on first sniff. But after applying it on a scent card, it changed. Now it smells a bit powdery and dare I say it, a bit like pee. I guess that's the "animalistic" notes. I can smell the spices as well, but they all smell a bit rancid (I cook a lot, so I know what that smells like) Needless to say, I was deathly afraid to test it on my skin for fear that I would not be able to get rid of the smell. Sorry for slamming it when so many others seem to like it, but I wanted to be honest.
By Anonymous on 12/8/2008
Wode's a rare beauty. Warm, earthy, sultry, invigorating. It does smell like wet stone intially, but after a little while warm sensual amber and animalic notes meld with refreshing green notes that does make one think of a wild eyed fierce warrior woman, the musky warmth of her skin hot from battle and the scent of the forest where she's been fighting. This one may be a little too androgynous for an everyday scent but definitely something to kept in my scent wardrobe.
By Heather on 12/1/2008
Whoa. This one is very nice. Exotic and pulls no punches.
By Mandy - from Eyota on 11/28/2008
It is an incredible scent. An innovative scent. A scent so incredibly true to the work they create. Intensely emotive,strong,romantic,refined and subversively imposing. i have never smelled anything like it.
By Scott on 11/15/2008
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