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No. 2 by Tristan Brando  perfume oil by  UNTITLED

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No. 2 by Tristan Brando

perfume oil


The Scoop
Perfumer Tristan Brando undoubtedly the reining queen of capturing a 'vacation in a bottle' has done it again, with a completely unexpected twist on a tropical getaway. Forget what you know about vanilla and coconut scents-- this is a uniquely refreshing surprise. Think fresh, exotic aromas with a subtle hint of floral-- this could quite possibly be your signature warm-weather scent. Top notes of fresh green coconut create an almost tea like essence; so elusive that once you get a hint it escapes your grasp and becomes an invisible note that dries down into the deeper, richer smokiness of creamy black coconut milk mingled with exotic vanillas and white island heliotrope blossoms. Sicilian Tangelo zest spikes the fragrance with the perfect amount of tang, recreating that first burst of sunlight at sunrise. Driftwood musk balances the fragrance making sure that no one note overpowers the other creating a perfectly harmonious blend, washing the fragrance with a light aquatic touch. A truly unique take on an island escape--think early morning sunrise, a breezy moment at the sea: light, crisp ocean infused air, aqua skies and the freshness of gently budding fruits and florals. The day filled with endless possibility...
No. 2 by Tristan Brando Notes
black coconut milk, green coconut, tahitian vanilla, madagascar vanilla, heliotrope, light driftwood musk, Sicilian tangelo zest
No. 2 by Tristan Brando - 8 ml
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The tangelo is quite strong in the opening and dies down to nothing over about 15 minutes or so. There is something in this that is making me think of airfreshener - not sure what maybe the heliotrope mixed with the coconut.....after about 2 hours this smelt best, a nice creamy drydown that was somewhat sweet and slightly woody. Very nice but not enough sillage for me. I want to be able to smell it wihtout my wrist stuck to my nose!! A unique summery tropical scent but will not splash out for this one.
By Melissa - admin from melbourne on 5/17/2009
This is a fun, sweet and tart scent with a stiff woodsy dry down. Kept me interested for a while but base note wasnt what I was looking for. Still on my quest for it! Worth sampling.
By Trin  - Event planner from NJ on 12/15/2007
My first impression was that it made me feel a little angry - the kind of angry you get at a Cost Plus World Market or a Pier 1 Imports when the music is too tribal, too loud, too confrontational, and you just want to get out, you wish you'd gone someplace else, but you're in line already so you're locked in, so to speak. Then the aggression died down quickly and I was left with a mouthful of gritty instant iced tea powder (lemon flavored, not the real stuff but the generic store brand). As I took a few hits off my wrist, my throat got that nail polish inhalation burnt feeling. A toxic scratchy kind of grate. But then the vanillas pulled up in a beige sedan, slowing down to give me a good long look. Mega vanilla. Baking vanilla mixed with warm milk. Real nice and secure - old money, crinkled bills from the pocket of your granddad's favorite indoor coat. I'm not mad anymore, but I still remember what the fight was about and don't think I should have to apologize first. But now my wrist is wrapped in baby blue cotton candy and I give in like I knew I would. The coconut drove by but couldn't find a place to park. Either something's missing or there's one too many of something in this scent... It's calmed way down to a tapioca pudding now. It's become a new mommy smell, reminiscent of formula and teething biscuits. But now it's clear that there's a hole in it, it smells undone, and it's given the best it's got. Game over.
By Cillar - Recluse on 8/8/2007
I didn't find anything special about this. It smelled like vanilla air freshner.
By Anonymous - from chicago on 6/5/2007
I LOVE this fragrance.
By Anonymous - teacher from Tampa on 5/31/2007
I love green coconut! (This reminds me of one of my favorite summer scents, which is a hand-blended oil I bought in Newport that is simply green coconut and coriander. The coriander makes that scent more masculine, and my boyfriend pulls it off much better than me.) Untitled #2 is a more feminine version, but is still balanced out with spiciness and a little citrus zest. Surely for warmer months, in the winter it just isn't matching my outfits. : -) Definitely a scent you should try if you want something warm and playful with a wink of sophistication.
By Erica - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 2/5/2007
For a while I thought it was Fabulous; put me in the mind of Miami. But after an hour or so, I started getting a headache and felt closed in like it was too much vanilla or something. If you don't get perfume headaches, you might just love it.
By klm - from austin, tx on 10/20/2006
I actually like this better than Monyette Paris, a "tropical" scent that is actually too dense for tropical weather. This doesn't have Monyette's heavy nag champa note. It's a sun-filled, light floral that is wonderfully feminine and as carefree as a summer day. Men also notice this and lean in for a closer sniff.
By Therese - journalist from Manila on 10/13/2006
Great scent if only it lasted. Within half and hour I could barely smell it on my wrist! Not worth the $$, perhaps if it was in oil form it would last longer.
By Vanessa - Counselor from San Diego on 7/7/2006
I have to say, I had high expectations for this one, but to me it smelled like a car air freshener.I'm glad I only got the sample.
By Kendra - from Boston on 6/27/2006
I love the scent- but it has no lasting power and I can't smell it afterthe first moment unless my nose is on my wrist. I almost bought it unsniffed because I love Coquette Tropique and this sounded perfectly me. Too bad about it being one of those nonexistent past the first fleeting moment scents.
By Anonymous - from bahamas on 6/8/2006
for a tropical island scent this is very light and discreet. it's very easy to wear at work and it releases a breezy vanilla note that's not extremelly artificial.still it has a little staying power and it's an oil.3 and a half stars
By stella - from athens greece on 6/8/2006
I LOVE this fragrance. It's beautiful and reminds me of a day at the beach without being a marine fragrance-- it's warm with predominant coconut and vanilla notes, neither of which seem cheap or overwhelming as coconut/vanilla notes often are. It has just the right amount of floral and a little bit of citrus zest. To me, this is summer perfection!
By Emily on 5/11/2006
I love this! Not too sweet, not too floral, not too fresh, but the combination of all three qualities makes for one unbelievably outstanding scent. Lovely!
By Anonymous on 5/9/2006
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