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Mure et Musc  Eau de Toilette by  L’Artisan Parfumeur

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Mure et Musc

The Scoop
Fresh, lovely and a bit naughty. This groundbreaking blend of wild blackberries and clean musk has become a L’artisan classic. Since its creation in 1978, the enchanting fragrance of “Mûre et Musc” has never ceased to cast its spell. Those who have chosen it are so attached and faithful to its scent that it has remained one of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s all-time greats. Some, bemused by its powerful charm, have tried to imitate it, but none have succeeded. Elegant, playful, sexy.
Mure et Musc Notes
wild blackberry, musk, citrus
Jean Laporte1993France
Mure et Musc - 50ml
  $100 50ml
Mure et Musc - 100ml
  $145 100ml

Curious about this fragrance?
  $3 .7 ml
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This scent is as described: blackberry, musk, and citrus. Blackberry jam with a hint of orange zest, balanced by a powder (not animalistic) musk. Subtle for a fruity scent; also reminds me of bath bombs.
By Karen - Grad Student from Boston on 11/24/2014
This is one of the only "fruity" scents I can wear that does not turn stale on me. It's soft, subtle and sexy without smacking me in the face. It happens to work well with my body chemistry, and I am glad it does. I love clean citrus and musk fragrances and this is a perfect addition to my fragrance wardrobe.
By Anonymous - Account Executive Cosmetics from NYC on 7/5/2011
I tried this on four years ago in Paris and absolutely adored it. It had amazing staying power and was the perfect combination of fruity and deep - very sexy. Finally this past year I received it as a Christmas gift and it... smells different? Very little staying power and less depth. Who knows, maybe my body chemistry changed. I still like it a lot and would recommend it if you find it has staying power.
By KL - International Rep from Santiago, Chile on 6/8/2010
After reading so many laudatory comments about this fragrance, I'm sad to say that I found it rather sickening. To my nose, it's cloying and cheap-smelling.
By Poucette - Art Director from Pasadena, CA on 7/16/2009
Smelled like pure, masculine musk to me. My uncle said "It smells like a brothel!". I'm not much of a musk person, but Trish McEvoy's #9 is much better.
By Rachell - from Milwaukee on 7/5/2009
Sadly, for me, green plant-like top note, dry down to musk, kind of like stale pee. a most unfortunate combination. Yet I have smelled this on others and it's absolutely fruity-musky gorgeous. Body chemistry is truly unique after all . . . 2 stars for smelling good on my friends, otherwise zilch.
By Constance - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 6/2/2009
I find the staying power of this perfume to be fine. I Could still smell a light musk scent after several hours/next morning. The scent is not overpowering, rather very light and refreshing. I get lots of compliments when I wear this perfume. It will be an excellent scent for the hot summers in Arizona.
By Susie C Shore - Designer/Engineer from Surprise, AZ on 12/15/2008
I really love this scent, but it only lasts on me for about 30 minutes max! Sad. It is a subtle, refined musk, and the blackberry isn't overly sweet or girlishly fruity. Maybe I need to try the "extreme" version in order to get some staying power on my skin?
By xtine - film editor from NYC on 12/21/2007
So disappointing. For a much better scent and certainly more affordable, I'll stick with Trish McEvoy's Blackberry Vanilla Musk. Now THAT'S yummy.
By Kate - Domestic Goddess from North Bergen, NJ on 8/14/2007
I wanted to love this, but sadly, I don't. On me, it was all berries and no musk with very little staying power. I only got about a half hour of scent time and then poof! It was gone :-(
By Anonymous - from Brooklyn on 7/23/2007
Smells like men perfume on me. I do not feel any berries here...:-(
By Katerina on 7/13/2007
i love this scent. i am not a fan of synthetic, cloying fruity smells and i was not disappointed here. the top notes are fresh and keep the musk from being too... hippy or masculine. but the dry down is so sophisticated and sexy. the blackberry and musk meld beautifully.
By amelia on 11/13/2006
ick! smells like cedar on me...nothing else just cedar. Really disappointed.
By Anonymous on 9/8/2006
Mure et Musc, so now I know. I don't tend to lean toward fruity scents, although I must say the addition of musk makes this one much more palatable. Certainly this scent is fresh and pleasant enough, a bit sweet for me, but nice. Though I do not need Mure et Musc for my collection, I must confess to several wrist-sniffings after application! Very darn decent.
By Constance - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/12/2006
I bought this one years ago for my mother at the Artisan counter at Bergdorff's. It's a very crist, fresh and sophisticated scent - not the succulent berry scent one might expect but rather a crisp scent of fresh leaves, moist earth and cold air. The musk is soft and subdued, and the dry fruit mixed with green reminds me of Mitsouko. It has that classic Guerlain style with a dark forest sensibility.
By Anonymous - Student from New York on 6/9/2006
Smells like my dad's aftershave on me. All citrus, no blackberry. sigh....
By Anonymous - from New York on 4/17/2006
I like it, but it doesn't seems to me anything to rave about. I like the musky note, while the blackberry stands out too fruity and childish, in a way, too reminding of TBS Wild Dewberry, even if definitely better quality.
By Lena - Press from Milan on 3/6/2006
Clean and sophisticated, but smells a bit "old" for me. Not sure what the hype is about.
By Anonymous - grad student from Chapel hill on 2/22/2006
MUSC DE JAVA by Les Nereides is nicer, and a better price.
By Anonymous - work at home from lincoln on 1/26/2006
I don't really see what the big deal with this is--nothing like the description! Crisp clean blackberry, very fleeting and VERY light~ (on me at least)
By Sab - student person from chi-ca-ga-land on 11/7/2005
I had a friend who wore this in the 1980's, and because I hadn't smelled it in years and remembered it fondly, I recently got a sample. This is the perfect fragrance for daytime situations where you have to be PC and inoffensive. It's simple, clean and uncomplicated. It successfully avoids the sweet vanillic-type notes that typically make fruity fragrances jammy and cloying. A more recent fragrance with a significant overlap would be Stella (just add fresh rose).
By Daisy - from San Francisco on 9/28/2005
For me, one of L'Artisan's Top 3, including Papillons and Vanilia. When I first tested this I thought it leaned towards the masculine, but a year later I find it wonderfully subtle, sexy and refreshing, and my husband says it smells totally feminine. The EdT formulation is just right for summer weather, too. A holy-grail scent for musk lovers!
By Therese - journalist from Manila on 7/21/2005
This is so fresh, subtle, and clean-smelling. It's been my signature fragrance for over 2 years, and I love it. Just a hint of blackberry and citrus with a cool, elegant musk. I prefer the original version, since the Extreme version was too sweet for me (like rotting fruit).
By Anonymous - student from NYC on 2/17/2005
I thought that the Mure et Musc Extreme was better than the original Mure et Musc. It was more blackberry smelling, however, even that one was not great. In my opinion, not worth spending big bucks on the Extreme.
By JT on 12/5/2004
Absolutely delicious! A hint of lime compliments the warm musk and fruity blackberry notes. Decidedly NOT for lovers of synthetic, big name brands. This is truly a signature scent for anyone who appreciates subtle sophistication and the artistry of superb essence-blending.
By Marina - from NYC on 12/2/2004
Tried this at Saks the other day and does not live up to the David Letterman hype over Kristin Davis' wearing the scent on his show. Letterman needs to get his nose examined.
By Rita - from Chicago on 11/23/2004
well, hate to say it, but it smelled like diluted dandelion water to me.
By shel - massage therapist from aspen on 8/5/2004
The 2nd best "fruit inspired" fragrance that I have come across to date (and I have smelled a lot of perfume). Think of a fruity Bath and Body Works scent that you have smelled....well, this fragrance is nothing like that. It is fruity without being sweet and overpowering. Also, many scents that contain musk turn sour when applied to my skin but this one did not. Almost perfection! I may have to purchase a full bottle. (P.S. For my #1 fruit inspired fragrance see "Miss Marisa, " also available at
By Linda  - from Atlanta on 6/5/2004
This is the most unique scent I've ever tried. It's almost unisex. The berry is VERY subdued, not very sweet. The musk and citrus elements are also semi-buried. The blend itself is mystifyingly indescribable. I would call it clean with a hint of sweet. It makes me think "sophisticated" and "elegant", and it reminds me of autumn.
By Emily - Research Tech from Seattle on 4/5/2004
This fragrance is similar to Falling in Love by Philosophy which is a blend of blackberries and musk, which I have and ocassionally wear. My husband loves Mure and Musc on me and I had him wear it and I liked it on him better .
By Pia - from Creamridge on 2/27/2004
This is the type of scent that works well in any situation -- daytime, office, evening. It's musky, but not heavy. The overall effect is a "clean" type of fragrance that manages to be sexy. One of my favorites.
By A fragrance junkie - from Chicago on 12/9/2003
Subtley sexy, slighly unisex. Melds to your skin to make it smell freshly washed, but a bit like the description suggests...naughty.
By Tamsin - from UK on 11/26/2003
LuckyScent does a wonderfully delicious job of describing this fragrance! Mure et Musc is a treasure, to be appreciated more with time. It's so subtle and almost sheer, but then unexpectedly-"What's this? It's so suddenly sexy..." Beautiful and comforting for Autumn and Winter.
By Delighted - Writer from US on 7/9/2003
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