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Homage Attar  Perfume Oil by  Amouage

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Homage Attar

Perfume Oil

by Amouage

The Scoop
Created by Amouage for its 25th Anniversary, Homage is centered on rose Taifi, the precious rose oil revered in the East for its rich and sensual aroma. The striking beauty of the rose is illuminated by the rich background of the finest silver frankincense, for which Oman is so famous. The floral, feminine side of the composition, lead by rose, is enhanced by Tayyiba, a luxurious blend of jasmine, sweet amber and white musk, while silver oud and Al Andalus, a subtle blend of orange, lemon and sandalwood, enrich the darker, masculine side of the blend built around frankincense. This enthralling duality, this rose cocooned within a resinous accord makes us think of the legend of Taif, where roses were guarded by the Kings as an invaluable and rare treasure.

The ingredients in Homage are exceptionally concentrated, so much so that an entire field of rose petals is used to extract enough oil to fill just a tiny bottle, similar in size to the one in which Amouage’s attar is presented. A small drop is applied to the pulse points, and the extraordinary, multi-faceted fragrance will develop over many hours.

Due to occasional leakage issues, we are now unwrapping and inspecting each bottle before shipping to you, in order to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.
Homage Attar Notes
Rose Taifi, Silver Oud, Silver Frankincense, Jasmine, Amber, Citrus, Sandalwood
Homage Attar - 30ml
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  $665 30ml
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I love Homage, best ever quality attar I ever tried, fresh and beautiful but a little bit too masculine for me, and the price is too high for me, but if you are a man and can afford, do not hesitate, buy a big bottle , it is a best ever attar and will last you forever
By Anonymous - from Fort Myers on 12/14/2013
Why do I have to LOVE this fragrance!!! Of course it just has to be one of the most expensive fragrances on the market. Just sampled it and this could be THE one!! At first I smell a very different kind of rose, then as the fragrance warms on my skin it's something incredible..... very warm and sexy.
By Fran  - Marketing from Woodstock on 9/11/2013
Regarding batch variation - my newer bottles are all different and it may be that the reduction rose Taif, is a problem? It is certainly less prominent in my more recent (red box) bottles. One has more oud (white box), one is just generally weak & one has more Al Andalus. I notice that a similar sounding limited edition Amouage attar called Taif Rose (hugely more expensive) is currently available and would be interested to try a sample! Still adore Homage and hope that the formulation might be stabilised in the near future, particularly as Taif rose oil is not easy to find at present....
By Anonymous - retired from u.k. on 11/25/2012
The best rose fragrance in the world.
By Jermel Kidd - Jazz Pianist from Pensacola on 6/30/2012
I am not a rose scent lover, but Homage Attar made me fell in love. The best rose fragrance I know. Very sensual, multi-layered, fantastically rich. Worth the money!
By Sensitive Nose - from New York on 1/19/2012
Wow...this is amazing on me!!! I need this in my life. Its so beautiful, sensual, perfectly!!!
By Divina - Dancer from NY on 12/21/2011
The first time I tried Homage I was intoxicated, a creamy perfectly balanced Taifi Rose. I ordered a sample again before moving to purchase a bottle and I was met by a very sharp soapy Rose. I've came to find out that Homage greatly varies in batches, and it could be the best $300 dollars you spend on a perfume, or the worst.
By Anonymous - from Miami on 8/10/2011
I feel this is really a feminine scent that captures everything that enchants about a rose. It is a floral like none other. The other ingredients are there to support, embellish and nuance the roses. So its like the Silver Oud, Silver Frankincense, Jasmine, Amber, Citrus, Sandalwood are singing a chorus of "rose!!". Very special, but it is not something to wear on a daily basis because of its cost and its intensity. Worth having a sample in your cabinet for an occasion that calls for a rose with a million petals.
By Abeja Perdida - from NYC on 7/22/2011
This one is one of my favorite fragrance. I get many compliments everytime I wear it which is a bonus in my book. It will be a staple in my wardrobe as long as I can get my hands on some. Simply outstanding fragrance.
By Anonymous - Physician Assistant from Atlanta on 6/1/2011
I'm really sad to say that on me this was sharp and unpleasant. The flowers were not there.
By Maya on 5/7/2011
I die a little each time I open my sample vial to smell this, because I will never be able to afford the full bottle. I expected this to be heavy, but no. It is bright and shimmering, if I may use the terms for a fragrance. This one's the stuff of legends. I imagine this is the scent of the opulent castles in Arabian nights. The ones decked out from ceiling to floor in gold, jewels, and the finest silks.
By Anonymous on 3/8/2011
I loved my first bottle of Homage Attar. Bought a second bottle eventually expecting the same lovely fragrance and was really disappointed. As another reviewer said ... it is almost as if there was a difference in how the batch was made, something was just not the same. For the price, it was a huge disappointment. The original bottle was awesome.
By Anonymous on 9/30/2010
On me, this one is STRONG, soapy, very masculine -- alot like someone else's aftershave. The drydown took 3+ hours but I still didn't get anything rose-y or even feminine. Staying power was not anything exceptional although the aftershave part did affix to my shirt. I guess this one just doesn't work for my skin chemistry... total bummer! I really wanted to like it.
By Anonymous - PMM from Chicago on 4/15/2010
I want to smell of Homage forever! True classic quality in the tradition of 'Joy'. Amouage still use real ingredients, not tested on animals along the way according to the labels, and the sort of stuff that the French houses are shying away from due to meddling from E.E.C. do-gooders who think that we're too dumb to read the labels & work out if we're allergic to the ingredients. This is a seamless blend of Rose Taifi, silver frankincense, silver oud, tayyiba (jasmine/sweet amber), al andalus (citrus & sandalwood). When Eastern & French traditions collide in this way perfection is unsurprising.
By L - from U.K. on 3/11/2010
OK. I like this fragrance. I wore it several wearings to get a good feel for it and it definitely wore very different from the other reviews I've read - for me anyway. I realize all these bottles are hand blended in a fairly small fragrance shop and it is possible that there is some variation between batches. My bottle of Hamage was very far from a rose attar - but was a blend. The roses and the oud played a much smaller and less prominent role in the blend than I thought they might. Nothing like any of the Montales or any other rose fragrance I've tried. It is a blend of notes put together very harmoniously. Equal in smell to the rose is orange (possibly neroli) along with a beautiful frankincense note as well. Homage is an attar of equal parts rose, orange and frankincense that is very concentrated and intense, but still is soft. A nice oil that is not ground breaking - but it is pleasant enough. Worth the money??
By buzzlepuff - artist / entrepreneur from Oklahoma on 8/13/2009
homage attar is a pure perfection, real diamond, your exquisite nose gonna love it just like mine....
By Anonymous - teacher from Ny on 8/6/2009
this is pleasant, I think the hype is really clouding peoples' brains over it though. it really dries down to a kind of meh white flower... lyric for men seems a much smarter better choice if its rose you seek
By Anonymous - anonymous from anonymous on 6/8/2009
this is absoultely fantastic,,, I am from Oman where they make this fragrance and I go everyday to the factory to put some on my skin for free!
By Anonymous - Engineer from Oman on 4/23/2009
This is literally to die for. I remember la sierne by carthalugia. It is the same breathless beckoning. I wore it and this man stuck his nose in my neck and sheepishly said "excuse me, Ma'am but I need to know the fragrance you have on because I am sure it could save my marriage". That was a first and I am sure Lucky scent will have this gentleman as a client for life.
By Lynn Manieri - Instructor from San Mateo on 4/21/2009
I recently sampled this and initially did not get it. That changed in a hurry. This is one of the most special scents I have come across. Once the scent stabilizes, it is simply magic. I can't wait for my bottle to arrive.
By phil - from cali on 4/15/2009
very, very special. BUT so is Ormonde Jayne's Ta'if pure perfume, and for my money i would go with the latter.
By Anonymous - journalist from NYC on 2/22/2009
I have the lyric so I thought the homage attar would be as nice. Not so. Smells like my grandfather's sweater, tobacco and leather. I am glad I bought a sample.
By claire - perfume addict from midwest on 2/3/2009
astonishing cocoction! This scent has the subtlety I wanted in gold which is a bit strong. The rose is the only version that can be worn by man- the rest of the ingredients develop as times moves on until a slightly sweet smoke remains at the end of the day. Try some and monitor your experience. I think you will be amazed. The scent complexity seems to merge my male/female identities to the point of confusion and I don't care. This stuff should be a restricted substance, in fact it is by the price! Worth every cent for such a high quality and amazing scent.
By Sultan05us - Textle specialist from New York on 1/10/2009
I sample about 300 samples a year. This is absolutley one of the top 5 currently made fragrances on the planet. I actually can't think of another 4 that are in the same league, but that's just my opinion. Amouage has failed to impress me with the rest of their line. You can't possibly prepare yourself for how incredible this Attar effects your senses. It's sexy, masculine, feminine, sultry...............and just mesmerizing in the way it makes you feel inside when your wearing it. The quality of the incredients will just make you realize how inferior the rest of your wardrobe is by comparison. Most scents have very little sillage and lasting power on my dry skin. I applied one single small dab on one wrist. This stuff will fill an entire room with one dab and the lasting power is excellent. The high price of $350.00 for 12ml seems high until you experience it - then you realize it's a steal. I thought my Wife might get a little upset with me if I bought a bottle - so I bought a bottle for her for Christmas and I'm planning on sharing dabs with her. Homage is marketed for women, but I don't care- I love this one so much I'm not going to deprive myself of the pleasure of wearing it.
By KEN - from RENO,NEVADA on 12/2/2008
Absoulute poetry. A masterpiece. Amouage can do roses like no one else.
By Steve S. on 11/14/2008
This is such a gorgeous fragrance! I'm so glad that LS offers samples...just a dab is all you need. The opening was odd on me...but only briefly. It had an undertone of lemon soapiness then transitioned nicely into the floral/incense. This smells pure and light though...not heavy. Much more ethereal than the earlier Amouages. The lasting power was also great given my 2 small dabs. If I had to choose between this and would be a tough choice!
By Brooke on 11/12/2008
If you can afford it, buy it. Even if you're not a rose fanatic, this is one of the loveliest floral blends I've ever come across. It's surprisingly light and ethereal on skin (Ashley at Scent Bar was kind enough to apply a drop on my arm). The rose is oh-so-refined, the amber and musk give it an almost edible edge, and the sandalwood keeps it smelling sophisticated and expensive. Beautiful ... beautiful ... that's the only way to describe Homage Attar.
By Therese - Beauty editor from Manila, Philippines on 11/5/2008
I have bought several Amouage perfumes in the past and even the 350$ cost would not have stopped me had the quantity not been so little. I just cant bring myself to spend that amount of money for just 6ml of the perfume. No way.Sorry i meant 12ml of the perfume. My bad.
By Anonymous - homemaker from san diego on 11/2/2008
I have bought several Amouage perfumes in the past and even the 350$ cost would not have stopped me had the quantity not been so little. I just cant bring myself to spend that amount of money for just 6ml of the perfume. No way.
By Anonymous - homemaker from san diego on 11/2/2008
If there is a Mount Olympus of fragrance , amouage homage would be immortal. The most wonderful rose scent ever created. Bite the bulet and buy it!
By  Michelyn - from NYC on 11/1/2008
Beautiful piece of work -- the rose is probably one of the nicest I've yet run across. The life span is shorter than I would prefer, but it's definitely a scent to be experienced. Bears some similarities to Lyric for Women, but the spices are lighter and the rose is more pure.
By Nathan - from Dallas on 10/17/2008
OMG..... I gotta have it!!!!
By JCParodi - Colorist from NYC on 10/13/2008
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