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Miss Charming  Eau de Parfum by  Juliette Has a Gun

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Miss Charming

The Scoop
Miss Charming bats her eyelashes with innocence and virginal sweetness, a gentle rose scent sweetened with a burst of wild fruits and set upon on a bed of cream colored silk. Happy go lucky and bouncy, Miss Charming is instantly pleasing and ripe with enthusiasm, a delicious fruity floral that radiates smiles n’ sunshine. Its modest rose is coupled with perky and fresh berries, resulting in a wispy and flirty perfume that brightens any occasion. We bet your friends and coworkers will stand a little closer when you wear this, smile a little more and chat a little longer. Perhaps it might be your sparkling wit and scintillating conversation, but we suspect it’s just Miss Charming working her sweet, sweet magic.
Miss Charming Notes
Moroccan rose, musk, wild fruits.
Francis Kurkdjian2006France
Miss Charming - 50ml
  $90 50ml
Miss Charming 100ml
  $120 100ml

Curious about this fragrance?
  $3 .7 ml
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MISS CHARMING by Juliette Has A Gun Gloriously beautiful fruity rose! Opens with a mouthwatering explosion of ripe, tart, fresh wildberries and strawberries from a new crop just gathered in the fields, fully-ripened litchi, and newly blossoming garden roses in the summertime. Dries down to a clean and subtle musk. Like biting into a ripe, tart berry at breakfast with the juices popping in your mouth! Then devouring a ripe litchi fruit, and sniffing the fully opened blossoms of red roses on the bush near the breakfast nook! This is no wallflower shy rose! This is a woman full of life, joyously running through a summer meadow laughing in delight at the beautiful day, with delicious wildberries overflowing in her basket, roses woven in her hair, and celebrating the happiness of life itself! I find this perfume to be very jubilant in nature and it makes me smile to wear it! There is nothing to weigh down the ultra-fresh juicy goodness here. This is totally delicious from the opening through full dry down on my skin. No added sickening sweetness other than that which is naturally found in the ripe plants themselves. No overdone musk, or woods, or spices to cloud the freshness of the fruit or the clarity of the rose. On my skin I get no soapy detergent notes at any stage in development either. Much richer and fruitier than Paul Smith Rose. Much more berries than Rose 4 Reines. This is by no means a soliflore. No nasty patchouli like Lady Vengeance. No heavy musk like Stella. Denser than Chloe Intense with the fruit mélange. Less smooth but much more tartly flirtatious and fun than Fille de Berlin. Not quite as powerful in pure roses as the Montale Highness Rose, but then nothing else is either. Much more rosy clean and fresh than the Bvlgari Rose Essentielle. Far more beautiful on my skin than Rose The One. All in all, a very unique rose that is opulently fruity and mouthwateringly gorgeous. I have a full bottle and plan to buy more. I find it hard to tear my nose away from my wrists with this one! Absolute Rose Love here!
By RosaMilena - from Philadelphia on 7/16/2013
Gorgeous rich blooming roses with succulent fresh berries and litchi. A touch of clean and subtle musk to ground it all. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Much cleaner and fresher and far more beautiful on my skin than STELLA. Totally feminine, elegant and fun, charming and absent any patchouli dirtiness that is so evident in Lady Vengeance.
By Anonymous on 4/5/2013
I didn't get fruity, just a peppery fresh tobacco smell.
By Rhiannon - from Portland on 10/19/2011
LOVE IT! Ahhh.........
By Anonymous - from San Francisco on 4/14/2011
I have a sample of this one and I like it. I agree with other reviews here that it smells much like Stella. I like this alot better though. It's a little sweeter, and lasts longer. Very nice.
By Anonymous - IT Management from Pennsylvania on 2/17/2011
Not as nice or complex as Lady Vengeance, this is a sunny rose fragrance which is a little too pungent for my tastes. It reminds me of Jo Malone's Red Roses.
By Val - Pharmacist from London on 1/25/2011
I can't put my finger on which one, but it smells like a cheap, mainstream department store perfume.
By Anonymous - from Belgium on 12/27/2010
Very nice rose! Great scent!
By Sandy - from Pittsburgh on 6/4/2010
Smells heavenly and Charming like it's name. It's a sparkling fruity, uplifting perfume. My mom just got this one, which I keep stealing. I will be buying a bottle of my own very soon!
By Mel on 4/27/2010
By Anonymous on 2/2/2009
Not sure what it is about this one, but I loved it. Its sweet and sassy.
By Mandy - from Eyota on 11/28/2008
i love the way this scent works with my chemistry. its sweet and delicious. i think if this scent were a person, she would be Marie Antoinette. Young, sweet, soft and beautiful. Its the opitomy of fragile femininity! I love it
By Anonymous - business owner from budd lake on 11/24/2008
By Anonymous - business owner from bud on 11/24/2008
By beth kesselring on 11/24/2008
The lightest of the three scents offered by this house on Luckyscents. It is pretty and soft. Nice but not as wonderful as Lady Vengence.
By April on 11/17/2008
I'm utterly confused by Miss Charming - either it's not working with my chemistry, or my sample is off; it smells very odd when I put it on my skin, and I detect NONE of the listed notes whatsoever. Lady Vengence, however, was fabulous, and very close to what I expected it to be. I'm quite certain that what I'm smelling in Miss Charming is not at all what it's supposed to smell like (based on other reviews), and if it IS, then dear oh dear. Be warned - it seems this one may be a bit finicky with chemistry. Sample first!
By bugbee - teacher from Portland on 11/6/2008
Normally I hate fruit scents and rose scents so I give Miss Charming 5 stars becuase this smells beautiful. It still insnt 'me,' but I would wear it if it were a gift!
By julie age 28 - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 9/4/2008
While this is quite similar to Stella, I conducted a comparison study. This has a fuller scent and lasts for far longer.
By Anonymous on 8/20/2008
Sparkling, amazing!!! It smells like a cherry with icecream!!!
By Olka on 4/24/2008
This is a cute rose scent with a hint of berries and musk. It's a little high-pitched, and there are other rose scents that I prefer (Eau Suave and Amaze). It's not that there's any serious flaw to Miss Charming, it's just that it's not blowing me away.
By Erica - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 2/6/2008
I like THEME FRAGRANCE LOVE LETTER better than this
By Anonymous - from new york city on 1/10/2008
Well, what can I say? It is a slight scent, but its sister is to die for---go for lady vengeance!!
By Lynn manieri - Instructor from San Mateo on 1/10/2008
I agree with the comment below. Not an original fragrance at all. For all the hype, I expected something more.
By Lisa - RN on 12/22/2007
This smells exactly like Stella by Stella McCartney.
By Anonymous on 12/21/2007
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