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Burning Leaves  Water Perfume by  CB I Hate Perfume

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Burning Leaves

The Scoop
Burning Leaves is a tribute to Christopher’s experience of raking and burning the autumn leaves with his father…those chilly days spent making leaf forts then watching the leaves crinkle up in the flames and smoke tickling his nose are recreated in the aptly named Burning Leaves. Piles of sweet, dried maple leaves are set ablaze in this evocative perfume, unleashing a smoky blaze of a scent that brings smoldering, sweet and raw smoke to delicious heights. It reminds us of so many things depending on where you grew up…for some, it’s the incredibly vivid smoke smell of a campfire on your clothes after spending a weekend camping with your friends, and for others it’s heaps and heaps of autumn leaves burning. It’s calming and invigorating at the same time, a sweetly familiar and wildly unpredictable smoked cinder of a scent. For lovers of incense and smoky fragrances, this is a must-try!

Burning Leaves Notes
The smoke of burning maple leaves
Christopher Brosius2005United States
Burning Leaves - 100ml
  $100 100ml
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gotdam love this sh*t . smells like campfire , smokey but NOT cigarette smoke which i hate . its a smooth somewhat richly sweet smoke kinda like a burning house . whenever i used to smell a house on fire somewhere in the neighborhood id always tell my friends how much i loved that smell . this is a personal kinda frag , personal cos those who wear it probably do so cos it resonates with them on some deep level . some people on the train mite dislike this smell comin from u , others mite love it also ; remindin them of camping with their mates or just as the name implies burning a pile of leaves or wood . i layer this with wild hunt to create what i call "campfire" . btw i have only used the water perf , the sillage is decent (the 2 rows directly around u on a train/bus can smell this) and longevity is about 3.5ish hours . i have some in a small atomizer so i can carry it with me to reapply as needed
By dirtyboi - horny lad from chicago on 3/23/2011
Awful! I tried a sample of the water perfume and smelled like a barbecue until I scrubbed the perfume off!
By Val - Pharmacist from London on 2/18/2011
A fantastic scent that magically captures the remembrance of the autumns I spent in Colorado growing up. I love this scent. I spray a light dusting on new freshly washed sheets and it makes me soooo sleepy...
By RICH - from Los Angeles on 11/23/2010
Are you kidding??? horrible,nasty,mesquite aroma,not at all what I expected. Dementers mesquite all over again,,BUT a lot more $$##!!
By Anonymous - perfume lover from cincinnati on 11/4/2009
Madness, madness... my favorite smell in the world. Even better is the smell of cat's fur when they have come in from the cold on a late Fall or Winter night and their fur holds the smell of the cold and woodsmoke. Bottle this please!
By Anonymous on 10/21/2009
I received a sample of this many years ago, and adored it. I find smoky fragrances difficult to buy. Too much of the tar element and I feel nauseous (Exhale and Breath of God to name a couple). Burning Leaves felt properly autumnal - like sitting next to a bonfire wrapped in a warm cashmere blanket, the smoke softened by the maple note.
By Nichola - from London on 4/3/2009
Love this scent to death. I wish my life could smell like this. I sporadically huff the atomizer while sitting at my computer. Unfortunately, for me, I find that only after several minutes it's scent has worn considerably and after hours is barely faint. The scent is fantastic though. Makes me long for fall, or a wooded area, nice and smokey but just a little sweet. It's very seductive.
By Jonathan - Artist from New York on 3/26/2009
It's not an insult to say that many of the CBs are high-end, more nuanced Demeters that last much longer. This is one of my favorites. I've hardly made a dent in the bottle of the absolute I've had for several years, because a little drop on my wrist on a cold night is enough to make me snuggle under the covers and fall quickly to sleep. Burning leaves isn't legal in many US cities, but the gorgeous smell lives on thanks to CB IHP.
By pitbull friend - lawyer from St. Paul, MN, US on 2/26/2009
All I can smell is something like maple-scented catsup. Not a bad smell, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to smell like maple-scented catsup.
By BBJ - from San Francisco on 8/4/2008
I gave this one as a gift to a friend who loves fire, figuring that if she didn't like wearing it she could always use it as an enigmatic room spray. The scent is lovely, but not the woodsy smoke I was expecting, instead it has a sweet maple note and the wet ozonic quality of something still moist burning. It's strange and haunting. The CB scents are beautiful, lighter but more nuanced than the current Demeters. I find the best ones invoke earthy elements to conjure up a framed reality rather than the stylized luxury world of conventional perfume notes. More contemporary German photography than baroque painting but with a vivid beauty all the same.
By Anonymous - student from NYC on 4/30/2008
Love the smell of burning leaves but if I wanted to smell like them I would purchace a $5.00 Demeter mini fragrance. I enjoy the concept of the unique fragrances but most are not wearable enough for me to spend the money for the CB brand.
By Anonymous on 3/1/2008
I too really wanted to like this one. The smoky smell was definitely there, and very nice, but it is dominated by a weird metallic note. It's not altogether unpleasant, but not something I'd want to smell all day (and I like unconventional fragrances!)
By Anonymous on 2/10/2008
I wanted to love this, because I dearly love the smell of smoke. But I got a very acrid scent from it. I'm trying layering it with sweet vanilla scents, with some decent results, but not something I'll get again.
By Rachel on 9/10/2007
These *are* more expensive demeters! Same guy, same concept. True-to-life yet innovative scents. These are supposed to be more concentrated, complex, and lasting. I really like this one.
By Anonymous on 8/3/2007
The first spritz held so much promise. For just a moment of the initial dry down there is the true smell of burning leaves cut by what I thought might be vanilla. Unfortunately that heady scent lasted mere seconds before devolving into the acrid smell of burning tires. Not for me.
By Claudia - from Cross Plains on 7/20/2007
Oh, come now. In the Library? Burnt Leaves? What's this, a more expensive version of Demeter Fragrances?
By Mitsouko on 7/15/2007
This is something that will remind you of sitting in a log cabin in the woods during winter while the fire crackles and warms you to the soul. And if you do not know this feeling, trust me, you will feel cozy and warm. Best for fall and winter, but, like any scent, it's up to the wearer...for me, it all depends on my mood
By Daniel - from Topanga on 7/13/2007
This is very calming and spiritual scent for me, and so comforting. Smells just like smokey sweet burning leaves. I love to wear this during yoga - it is so grounding. I can't get enough of it.
By Kate - from Philadelphia on 6/29/2007
a wickedly delicious scent, perfect for a boy who you want to snuggle with.
By eb - from seattle on 6/24/2007
There is something so comforting to me about this . Fall is my favorite season so i really enjoy this. Not something I would choose to wear during the day but a fun mood brightener.
By Anonymous on 6/23/2007
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