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Ambre Sultan  Eau de Parfum by  Serge Lutens

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Ambre Sultan

Eau de Parfum

by Serge Lutens

The Scoop
Mysterious and strangely moving, Ambre Sultan is the antithesis of the golden, powdery ambers you may be familiar with. This stunning fragrance is deep, resinous scent, loaded with spices, deep amber, earthy patchouli, dark resins and quiet vanilla, all of which combine to make a visceral and raw scent experience. It’s a trip to a Bedouin tent in a desert far away and stealing a look inside…thick incense burning on coal with spices filling the air, mysterious eyes flashing and a very real feeling that you’ve never smelled anything like this magnificent amber perfume before. A devilishly dark aroma that goes beyond sensual or coy, Ambre Sultan is flat out oozing sexuality, deeply exotic and utterly, totally and completely unforgettable. Once you smell it, it will haunt your dreams until you find your way back to it.
Ambre Sultan Notes
coriander, amber, oregano, bay leaf, myrtle, angelica root, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin, vanilla
Christopher Sheldrake2000France
Ambre Sultan - 50ml
  $135 50ml
Samples of Ambre Sultan are temporarily out of stock. Please check back in a few days!
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I am bewitched by Ambre Sultan. This is my favorite representation of amber in my fragrance collection. Amber is at the fore. While the spices and patchouli are a definite presence, they delicately buttress the sweetly raving beauty of amber without pulling focus. Ambre Sultan enchants me every time I wear it, and I reach for it quite often. I love the presentation of the 50mL Lutens bottles, as well. This bottle stands like a simply cut topaz among my collection, elegant and singular.
By Rita - Nursing Student from Texas on 11/16/2014
Amber Sultan is already a modern classic. I have a love/hate thing with Serge Lutens, but this is on my love list. Its a very traditional french amber, but updated. Herbal, and never goes powdery. Perfectly unisex, but may veer masculine. If you are a man and hate powdery amber, definitely give this a try. It took me a few wearings to finally understand Ambre Sultan. I loved it at first whiff, but wasn't sure it worked on me... But now I love it. That's what great perfumes are about. A journey. By the way, the other perfumes in my Serge Luten love list are MKK and Chergui. I really, realyl want to love the Santals, but alas, I dont. Too sweet and sticky. Boxeuses might end up on my love list.
By Anonymous - from NYC on 11/3/2013
This fragrance came highly recommended to me. Serge Lutens makes my favorite perfumes. But I avoided this one for a long time because of some of the notes in it, such as coriander and bay leaf, which I have disliked for as long as I can remember, but I went ahead and took a risk and ordered a bottle. When I first received the perfume and opened it, the first thing I noticed was the scent of Bay leaf which over-powered the first whiff. Once I sprayed it on my skin it definitely smelled strongly of bay leaf on me, but once it dried down...WOW! What a gorgeous sensual scent! It was stunning! I wanted to just sit around and smell my wrist for hours on end! It is the perfect date night perfume. I highly recommend this perfume for the confident ladies or ladies that need a boost of confidence!
By Whitney - from Kentucky on 8/20/2013
All sublime, spicy amber and vanilla on me. Love.
By Anonymous on 8/17/2012
Really loved this at one time . . . More recently this turned to a poo smell on the dry down. Disappointing :(
By Anonymous on 7/25/2012
Grassy notes and herbs sing out above rich warm amber and resins. You'll feel annointed.
By Chrissychrispants - from Melbourne, Australia on 6/26/2012
this is my favorite fragrance and what turned me on to serge lutens. i picked it up by chance in 2000 during a trip to greece. now every time i wear it -- even 12 years later, it reminds me of summer in the mediterranean. it is a heavy, rich scent that actually works well in warm weather. i am a huge fan of amber, but this one is my favorite because it sits right in the middle of the gender binary. well, actually, it leans a little on the masculine side, especially with the top notes... what i mena to say is that there are some ambers out there that are very soft and warm and "feminine" -- very vanilla and baked cookies or kind of flattend out so that the amber doesn't get too rich and overpowering. and then there are the more masculine ambers with the cedars and leather and sometimes a ton of citrus that kind of try to "butch up" the natural sweetness... this one, however, has just enough spice to let you know it means business, and mellows out to a sexy, warm, and exotic amber that still smells complex even at its base. perhaps this is also why it lasts so long. a spritz or two of this will last you, your clothes, and your hair ALL DAY. this scent is for the confident.
By nick - from los angeles on 6/7/2012
Some ambers subtly caress you, like Le Labo's Ambrette 9. This just shouts loudly in your face. The benzoin leaves a harsh taste in the back of my throat.
By Val - Pharmacist from London on 3/25/2011
Thick and smoky. Very intense, which I like. It stays on your skin for hours and hours, so you get good value in a bottle. Would like to smell this on a man ;)
By Anonymous on 3/13/2011
The benzoin and resins are really prominent on me an unfortuantely I don't like my ambers this thick and strong, I feel like an incense shop. Then again, I've never had any Lutens work on my skin, not one of them, so i'm not surprised that this is no different. Also I appreciate theherbs/spices that create a different take on amber but they give this a masculine edge on me.
By Melissa  - admin from melb on 2/2/2011
l really wanted to be wowed by this, but l'm not. lt opens with the strong, medicinal, fresh-cut-wood blast that l've come to expect from a decent amber, but then it becomes very dry, with aromatic herbs & pine needles, before eventually settling into a benzoin-like, but still herbal sweetness, by which time it's fading fast. l respect it's quality & construction, but like all Serge's scents the sillage & longevity are poor on me, & it doesn't have the rich, deep sweetness that l crave in an amber. Not for me.
By teardrop - from southampton uk on 10/14/2010
the birthday fairy bestowed this on me! i am in amber heaven.... this does transport you to a very special place. you OWE yourself a sample
By louise - agent from st pete on 3/10/2010
years ago i had this and it did not react with my body chemistry correctly. just goes to show you can revisit fragrance .. now it is a sexy deep amber which i adore. rich and memorable.
By louise - agent from st pete on 2/25/2010
This was my first SL purchase! from the first smell... I knew I had to have it!! I spay it on my wrist ... right before bed and it takes me to far away places in my dreams...
By sfonativeboy - from SAN FRANCISCO on 1/31/2010
This is the most beautiful amber fragrance I have ever smelled. No suprise, it is another great scent by master, Serge Lutens. I am not an amber lover. I don't think I will be purchasing Ambre Sultan for myself, just because amber is not my thing. I might be buying it for a friend of mine who loves amber notes. I could be wearing Ambre Sultan myself however when I can reach for Arabie or Bois Oriental... I just don't need this one. But about the scent itself? I actually never liked amber in perfumes. As much as I love incense, spices and everything else that's oriental, amber was just never my thing. BUT If I were an amber lover, Ambre Sultan would be my number one HG scent. It is such a beautiful, warm, spicy perfume. As the time goes by it actually deepens leaving behind the cloud of Serge Luten's signature spices. I absolutely agree with everyone who says this is a gorgeous scent... even when I prefer Arabie over Ambre Sultan, still I have to say AS is beautofil and rich. Very well-made.
By Mandarine-Mandarin - from Key West, FL on 11/30/2009
This is an unforgetable scent! After all I have a bottle and it is the warmest perfume I have. The more you ware it the more it flowerishes, it keeps on getting stronger and more sensual as time goes by. I try to detect the notes and it feels like looking down at a deep clove, you want to go there but there is no way down or up again. Ambre Sultan takes you within its wild world. I hope it does it to the ones next to me when i ware it.........
By Anonymous - from Amsterdam/Holland on 9/30/2009
A very close tie with another amber favorite... Warm, a touch powdery, a LOT amber-y; I find the cumin aspect perfect for gentlemen. 4 1/2 stars keep-sniffing-your-wrist delicious!
By Constance - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 4/8/2009
By Anonymous - from CHARLOTTE on 2/21/2009
:p very strong and intense ........ sensual,sultry,mysterious .... tis one is the type of unisex fragrance i think :) rich and deep as well
By cela marsela - from jakarta on 1/22/2009
This was my first SL purchase a few years ago and I love it. Its probably my second favorite perfume ever (only after Serge's Chypre Rouge). It stays on forever. The scent is intoxicatingly warm and spicy and reminds me of living in the middle east. Very sexy. I'm not sure how it would smell on a man - I think its definitely more womanly!
By Anonymous - RD  from San Diego on 10/14/2008
A true perfume for men or women. Pure, deep, rich, and sensual. It lasts for days nut never screams or overwhelms. It's the kind of ambery/vanilla that works in cold and warm climates. It never fails to attract compliments. A classic that will live forever.
By Vialman - Program Analyst from LINY on 8/22/2008
What I love most is the dried herbs in the middle notes, the oregano and bay leaf combined with the sweet amber and vanilla work strange beauty. For about 2 hours, this scent is PURE heaven and about as great as any. It kind of reminds me of Dior's Dune, which has that dry hay smell on top. However, the dry-down is very very sweet. Not the "cheap chocolate" of Dune but a nice vanilla honey sweetness -- but quite sweet nevertheless, which is not really my thing.
By KDain - from Dallas on 6/10/2008
My favorite amber of the ten I've tried. Thrilling, deep, sensual. I kid you not. My next purchase. A scent for colder months, nightime, romance.
By Anonymous - writer from S.F. on 3/20/2008
Deep, rich, silky yet thick--this fragrance is warm, dark and completely yummy. A lifelong favorite!
By Anonymous - bureaucrat from Washington, DC on 12/22/2007
I love this. It really is mesmerizing to me. It has the same strange appeal of People of the Labyrinths but then it mixes with warm, resinous amber. I'm a huge fan of POTL but I think I prefer this. It is not a sweet, pretty scent-its a gorgeous, warm and utterly unique fragrance.
By Anonymous on 12/12/2007
This is my last bottle of SL, therefore, I treasure it like gold. It's a wonderful amber scent. I get lots fo compliments when I wear it.
By Mitsouko on 11/16/2007
This is a wonderful, sultry, long lasting fragrance. The atomiser is not good, though, for the price.
By Lynn Manieri - Instructor from San mateo on 10/31/2007
if you love amber this one is a must. i keep thinking i have had enough of amber... so not true! very rich smooth amber. perfect for fall winter season.
By louise - agent from st. pete on 10/25/2007
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