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Attar de Roses  Eau de Parfum by  Keiko Mecheri

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Attar de Roses

Eau de Parfum

by Keiko Mecheri

The Scoop
A lush, sweet rose cradled in soft musk and warm, gentle woodnotes from the queen of rose scents. Nobody loves roses more than Keiko Mecheri, and this fragrance features her favorite rose of all, the intensely scented Taif rose, in a blend with two other roses, Shiraz and Anciennes. The result is a dream rose - exquisitely fresh and full of a promise. A single perfect rose given to you by a brand new love at a magical romantic moment. The sort of rose you press in a book and keep forever. This is a very wearable take on rose – warm and soft, with delectable berry-like undertones. The base of musk, wood and leather is understated and gives this a bit of a skin-scent feel, as if rose petals had melted on your skin. While many rose scents are quite grand, this one strikes us as fresh and pretty. It’s not the whole garden – it’s a single, honeyed rose, newly picked and drenched in happy memories. Simply lovely.
Attar de Roses Notes
Taif rose, Shiraz rose, Rose Anciennes, jasmine, warm wood notes, amber, leather

Yann Vasnier2010United States
Attar de Roses - 75ml
  $140 75ml
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  $3 0.7ml
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Attar de Roses is almost magical. I’ve been testing a lot of rose fragrances over the past few weeks, and this is worlds away from the summer-bright kind of rose I thought I wanted. It’s also not what I feared it might be when I saw leather listed among the notes. It’s unlike anything else I’ve tried, a womanly rose that melts into what’s almost more of an aura than a fragrance. There’s a honeyed warmth here that makes me feel as if I’m wrapped in a golden haze. The description of the way this fragrance melds with your skin is completely right. In the first couple of hours I enjoyed Attar but didn’t find it a must-buy; after that, though, as wave after wave of luscious warmth rose from my skin, I knew it was one of those rare fragrances that mix with my chemistry to become something so much more than the sum of their parts. This is sensual but not brash, feminine but not cloying. A true beauty.
By Amanda - lady in waiting from Atlanta on 8/8/2014
I bought Attar de Roses of the shelf of my favorite perfume shop without reading reviews or seeing descriptions on blogs. When I got home I sprayed, waited and sniffed. It was...really nice. After about a half hour it was REALLY nice. The juice goes on like a heavy rose at first, the kind that one might get uncomfortable with after a day wearing it. Then it starts to, just like the description says, melt into my skin. The rose nestles into its woods and musks and becomes part of me. There are several roses showing themselves moment to moment but they never turn heavy. The fragrance stays bright - hovering just above the sultry line. I keep waiting for it to turn on me but it just keeps up for a good long time.
By Perfumen - Writer, artist from New York on 2/15/2013
I have tried several rose perfumes in search for one I can wear and enjoy being that I adore perfumes in general. Usually I don't like rose perfumes cause they are so strong, so "elderly smelling", or just too overpowering and musty. I had pretty much decided that rose perfumes weren't for me until I tried this one. It's one of the best rose perfumes I've tried cause the rose is calmer than usual and doesn't give me a headache or smell like potpourri even though the rose is the star player. I find that the rose here smells exactly like a good bottle of rose water toner. It's pure rose but more subdued than most. I won't be buying a full bottle but I'll wear this every now and then. I think it would blend nicely with certain other perfumes btw. Pretty.
By sarah - from Puerto Rico on 5/16/2011
not rose enough!! a bit washed out, too light and a bit too fruity rather than the full-on rose i expected.
By loulou - from melbourne, au on 5/11/2011
I hate florals, don't like roses. But after a perfume friend gave me a decant of this I FELL IN LOVE!!! This is such a luscious, almost gourmand rose. It will be my signature scent till winter.
By PrincessMM on 5/6/2011
A nearly drinkable rose, similar in succulence to Ormonde Jayne Taif or Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais. A bit overpowering at first, but luscious on the drydown, and retaining a touch of the same dusty sweetness of Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum.
By Anonymous - from Chicago on 2/28/2011
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