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Poivre Piquant  Eau de Toilette by  L’Artisan Parfumeur

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Poivre Piquant

The Scoop
White pepper, the hottest of all, is concealed behind milk. Daring and wild, it comes through softness unexpectedly, as is recommended in the Kâma Sûtra, the most famous of all Sanskrit treaties on love. Burning pepper and sweet sugar mingled, as in the Indian wedding tradition: on the bridal’s veil are mingled both sugar to make life sweet and pepper to make it burning… As a magic love potion for a lifetime of tenderness and passion!
Poivre Piquant Notes
Strong notes of white pepper, slight bitterness of liquorice and velvety softness of milk and honey
Bertrand Duchaufour France
Poivre Piquant - 100ml
  $145 100ml

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  $3 .7 ml
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LOVE IT. it's sweet and strange and, to my nose, woody.
By Laura - from Atlanta on 11/11/2011
I love this perfume!! it is so UNIQUE.The peppery,creamy,woody aroma is just what I have been in search of! try it!
By Anonymous - perfume lover from cincinnati on 6/30/2011
Lovely warm fragrance with a distinctive burst of pepper at the beginning... but faded immediately on me. :(
By Anonymous - attorney from los angeles on 8/4/2010
This fragrance is deep and soft and warm on me. Truly lovely and well balanced. I don't find it to be, "Foody" at all in fact. I wouldn't consider it a unisex scent though. I would think this would be too fem for a man.
By Anonymous - mom from Albert Lea, MN on 6/13/2010
A big burst of pepper that softens quickly into a smooth, not-too-sweet peppery blend. I don't find this too "foody" at all, but there is just a hint of a milky licorice along with the spices in the drydown. Very long lasting.
By Amy - from Santa Barbara on 5/4/2009
Not a sharp peppery smell. I rather find it sensual -hubby does too. Quickly melts into cream and honey but not too sweet at all.
By Julia on 8/28/2008
It smelled peppery, stayed subtle and close to the skin, and then....disappeared. But completely!
By Jennifer - from Philadelphia on 10/2/2007
A good tang of white pepper, with just enough creaminess to keep it from being too woodsy. A superb gourmand fragrance for those of us who don't want to smell like a vanilla candle. It is a mature spice, without being antiquated; none of that heavy, drippingly sweet rose-syrup-incense stuff going on here. It is unique without being weird (CDG tends to go there), clean without being fabric softener, uplifting without the smack of citrus, and it possesses warmth without the weight. Really beautiful. It will make you feel comforted and energized at once. You must try this!
By A Little Brittle on 8/11/2007
Wow--an interesting pop of pepper. It is like Italian perfumes, but has a cool come down. I do not like it enough to buy it, however. I would like to send it to my "EX". He might like it. He was all pepper and no love!!!
By Lynn Manieri - Instructor from San Mateo on 12/12/2006
This scent helped me through my MA. Seriously. It had a clean quality, a peppery smartness and yet a soft grounded slightly floral middle. I love it and I will purchase a big bottle. If you like sweet, girly fragrances steer clear. If you like a complex, challenging, cologne-y sccent with a rebelliou s streak, buy it.
By D - internazionale zenzation from Cambridge, MA on 10/19/2006
OMG I smelled like a seasoned chicken waiting to be roasted. Seriously! This smelled like salt, pepper and herb seasoning. Strange! Husband hated it!
By Anonymous on 9/29/2006
Eeek - not as sour or pungent as Piment Brulant, but certainly not as easy-to-love as the softly floral Safran Troublant. Interesting, but slightly nauseating. These non-sweet foodie scents are tres bizarre...
By Anonymous on 9/2/2006
yum! really special, unusual, and surprisingly delicate and feminine. my husband loved it on me. however, sadly, as with every l'artisan scent i have ever tried, it disappears without a trace on me in less than an hour. it would be great if they made EDP or pure parfum of their scents.
By rima - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
I usually avoid milk based fragrances due to an allergy, but this one is simply captivating! It will get strenuous further testing to see if I have any problems before I purchase, but WOW!
By JK - from LA on 6/8/2006
creamy as milk wild as pepper...truly an original
By stella - from athens greece on 4/28/2006
Ok, so I kind of like the scent, but it literally only lasted on me for minutes. Maybe a full hour, but still, I would have to bathe in it to make it work all day....
By Jen on 4/13/2006
I love this scent! The first surprise burst of white pepper that then mellows to sweet and creamy is absolutely wonderful on me.
By Desmodus - paralegal from Springfield, MO on 2/16/2006
very clean fresh and crisp on me. smelled like white linen by lauder. artisan does not last on me but my sis loves it all and does last on her so this one is worth a try.
By louise - agent from st pete on 2/6/2006 first whiff, I get a very light creamy sweetness like the vanilla lattes that I so love at Starbucks. And then the pimento comes through - just a dash of pepper. There's something very gentle and comforting about this scent from beginning to end. Too bad the lasting power is very weak on my skin, but I still love the fragrance enough to buy a full bottle.
By Elaine M. - from South San Francisco on 1/19/2006
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