Sloane Rose

Eau de Parfum

by Atelier Flou

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Sloanes are to the UK as BCBGs are to France, or preppies to us here in the US: a fashion built around refinement, timeless style, and perhaps more than a touch of self-assured cockiness. And who among us doesn't want to feel like that from time to time? Sloane Rose is a fresh, delicate, and yet daringly sexy fragrance ideal for any woman with an indulgent- but never garish- side. Fresh, full-bodied rose from Manilla meets subtle Scandinavian violet and the rare refinement of jasmine sambac absolute for a gorgeously lush fragrance that couldn't go out of style if it tried.

Sloane Rose  Notes

Jasmine, violet, orange, rose, cedar, ambre.

Sloane Rose Sizes Available
100ml $245
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Sloane Rose...
Not a soliflore, but you can sure see it from here; Sloane Rose is a well-made rose so sweet it's practically candied. (The Parma violet and sweet orange notes off to the side add to that effect.) If you're the sort of person whose signature scent has to be rose, you could likely wear this one from your 18th birthday until about two years into the afterlife and be quite content with your choice.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/5/2016
I have been looking for a new rose perfume. I tried this one and thought "nice". Two more tries and I fell in love. It opens with an ever-so-pretty orange and rose. On me, the rose is always first and foremost. Everything else is there but more subtle and in the background. It's beautiful. The silage and longevity are very good on my skin. Sloan Rose is FBW!
By   - Managerial from Manchester on 11/15/2015
Really beautiful and well balanced scent, but disappears in an hour.
By   - from PR on 3/8/2015
I gifted myself a bottle of perfume this last Christmas. To my sweet surprise Luckyscent gifted me samples from the entire Atelier Flou feminine line!:) Thank you so much Luckyscent! This line is quite wonderful. Sloane Rose is my favorite so far. It reminds me so much of Quelque Roses which I wore in the mid 90's. All these years I've searched for the equivalent of that scent. This is it but much better.:) It makes me feel very pretty and refined. Like being lost in beautiful delicate poetry. I'm so grateful for this treasure you so kindly treated me to. I don't think I would've discovered this on my own. FBW for sure!
By   - from Out in Arizona on 2/26/2015
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