Coming to My Senses


by Alyssa Harad

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From the back cover:

At thirty-six, Alyssa Harad's life and career are at a standstill when a few stray clicks lead her to a perfume blog. A stranger to beauty counters, she is surprised to find herself entranced by precise, witty descriptions of scent. Soon she is chasing the fragrance of everything from fresh tar to summer plums as she stumbles into a sensual underworld full of quirky characters. But perfume is just the beginning--in its wake come intimate questions about what it means to be a woman.

Whether she's sniffing through a private museum of rare essences in Austin, Texas, touring the glamorous fragrance showrooms of Manhattan, or returning home to Boise, Idaho, to her bridal shower with the women who watched her grow up, Harad's inspiring memoir awakens the senses and opens a door to unexpected pleasures.

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