Eau de Toilette

by Fueguia 1833

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Inspired by and named for the great naturalist, Charles Darwin, who spent extensive time in Argentina and other parts along the coastline of South America as part of his historic trip on the Beagle. This imagines the scent of his cabin as he explores a place so very different than his native England. This centers on a strong, fresh-cut cedar, enlivened with a splash of bright grapefruit and the deep green earthiness of vetiver. A mere description of the notes does not do justice to this, however. It smells marvelously wild. It is waking up on a new continent far from home and smelling untouched forests and unidentifiable flora. It is the scent of the world before industry moved in. It is green and citrus-drenched and full of possibilities. We love the inspiration for this, and the imaginative spin on the subject, but mostly we love this brisk, rejuvenating fragrance for itself.

Darwin is from the Personajes collection, inspired by people, culture and history of Argentina.

Darwin  Notes

Cedar, grapefruit, vetiver

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