Naranjo en Flor

Eau de Parfum

by Fueguia 1833

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“She was softer than the water, than the soft water, she was fresher than the river, orange tree in bloom...
And in that summer street, lost street,
she left a piece of life
and she left...“

A sheer and delicate orange blossom layered over the wistful scent of rain in the city. This has hint of warm asphalt, a whisper of ozone – and a lovely wash of dreamy white flowers with a bit of zest from the orange itself. Naranjo en Flor means orange blossom, but it is also the title of a classic Argentine song – an achingly beautiful tango that speaks of love, loss and regret. The haunting lyrics reference the river, the city street and the orange tree in bloom – all captured in this fragrance. The neroli is transparent and lovely, the mimosa is fresh and soapy and we get a sense of soft woods in the drydown, but it is the subtle and mysterious whispers of pavement and rain that make this special, giving it the haunting quality of its namesake song.

From the Armonias collection, which draws its inspiration from music and the concept of juxtaposing disparate elements in order to create a beautiful chord.

Naranjo en Flor  Notes

Neroli, mimosa, petitgrain

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100ml $240
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Here's what other people are saying about Naranjo en Flor...
Naranjo en Flor is much more orange than flower. More specifically, it's got a very tart aspect of oily tangerine rind, to the point that I really have to think hard about orange blossom to pull that note out. However, this is such a highly nostalgic scent for me because it's the exact timbre of those highly fragrant mock-orange trees that grow all over Tucson where I went to grad school-- with their wickedly enticing yet super-acid desert citrus fruit so very saturated with themselves. Mmmhmm.
By   - education from DC on 9/20/2015
It opens with neroli and woods, but a 'green wood', as if you break a young twig and you smell the fresh sap coming out. The mimosa gives this composition a strange component, like a wild weed. I was expecting more orange, but I get a green/bitter slightly floral/sweet mix. Makes sense? Like most Fueguia fragrances, Naranjo en Flor is simple and complex at the same time. Although this smells unique and is intriguing, Naranjo en Flor is not one of my favorites.
By   - from Houston on 7/11/2013
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