A Rebours

Eau de Parfum - Atomizer Spray

by Friendly Fur

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The Scoop

À Rebours (“against the grain”) is a naughty roll-around on a lush forest floor... yet it comes up clean, pristine and without a speck of dirt. Young, green notes brighten the opening and, together with a not-quite-tart mandarin, (barely) tame the undercurrent of the animalic civet, leather and castoreum. It's a dirty sort of clean and a rough kind of smooth, a fox so charming the henhouse never even stirs. Dark roses and crushed violets are pure art here, lending a pop of color and emotion to the majestic woods with the hand of master perfumer Mark Buxton apparent throughout. The fur covering the flacon is made by Friendly Fur, which is fashioned from fox pelts that were not killed for sport or fashion but for forest management (epidemics, population control, etc.). When Berlin-based consultant Nikolas Gleber learned the pelts were normally thrown away, he created a network to use them in fashion, a green sort of glamour with a twist.

A Rebours   Notes

Bergamot, freesia, galbanum, violet leaves, orange blossom, green mandarin, cardamom, black rose, magnolia, jasmine, cumin, leather, osmanthus, carnation, civet, castoreum, oakmoss, patchouli, musk, Chinese cedar, rock rose, ambergris

A Rebours Sizes Available
2 x 20ml - Refill Tubes $115
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Here's what other people are saying about A Rebours ...
I don't know if I'm alone in this, however to me 'A Rebours' smells just like Barbie, only a little more expensive. I'm still not sure if that's a good thing, but I'm enjoying it for now.
By  on 11/6/2014
Quite a good concoction! Floral, slightly peach/apricot but not cloying, has a nice depth and warmth, would be wearable in all but the hottest weather. Knee-jerk liberals, get over the fur aspect--try reading where it actually comes from--and give it a try! This is worth it.
By   - University Professor from Princeton NJ on 3/19/2013
Wow! Not what I was expecting. I think I found my new favorite juice. On my skin it is a soft, clean floral at first then morphs into something like a queen's powder room after a romp. It's quite bewitching.
By   - paratrooper from Los Angeles on 8/30/2012
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