Eau de Parfum

by Ys Uzac

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The Scoop

Like most scents by Ys.Uzac, Monodie is named after music: the term designates a “solo voice singing a melodic part, usually with considerable ornamentation, over a rhythmically independent bass line”, or so Wikipedia tells us. An apt name for a high-spirited play on mirabelle spirit – mirabelle being a small yellow plum, whose taste is less tart than other plums, with a jammy undertone picked up by the drop of caramel in the base notes.

A splash of summery colors adorn this sunny melody, the pink grapefruit and red rose contrasting with the tart green of rhubarb and the deeper resinous tones of galbanum.

Though Monodie is meant for women, there's nothing to say its bracing, sparkling notes couldn't tickle a man, if he can carry a tune. You know how to whistle, don't you?

Monodie  Notes

pink grapefruit, mirabelle, red mandarin, galbanum, plum, rhubarb, cyclamen, freesia, rose, caramel, white musks, sandalwood

Monodie Sizes Available
50ml - Eau de Parfum $160.00
.7 ml
.7 ml $4.00
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I actually love this. However, it fades too quickly on me. Otherwise, I would be purchasing it. Makes me sad.
By Anonymous on 7/3/2012
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