Canyon Dreams
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The opening is bright and citrusy – like lemons and oranges still on the tree, warming in the sun under an enamel blue sky. Jangly guitars strum in the background and we dream under the branches and the world seems to spin in a hazy loop around us. Spicy, smoky, dreamy, peppery – this makes us think of incense and warm skin and lazy days with infinite possibilities. This gives a nod to the era of wind chimes and embroidered jeans, but it is definitely a modern take on mellow, blended with a deft hand for a sophisticated, airy feel. Serene, gorgeous and sensuous.

Canyon Dreams Sizes Available
50ml $220
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Canyon Dreams...
Extremely masculine. I would say this is miscategorized as unisex. Reminds me of Old Spice. This might be good on a man, but I think its really out of place on me. Not what I had hoped for at all. Sample is going in the trash.
By  on 7/20/2015
Romantic, beautiful scent. It reminds me of a softer, more interesting, more citrusy version of my parfum-concentration Shalimar.
By   - from Toronto on 3/28/2012
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