Tabac Blond - Parfum Extrait

Parfum Extrait

by Caron

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After World War I, women had changed and wanted to free themselves from the conventions and customs of the previous century. With many men away at the front women had learned to take the initiative, to take jobs, drive cars, and occasionally to smoke. In 1919, the flapper fashion of women dressing more like men came along. Times were changing. Because of this, Daltroff decided that he would create a perfume for men, an idea never conceived before. Emancipated women immediately adopted the perfume. Homage to women's liberation, Tabac Blond is a subtly ambiguous fragrance that combines leathery top notes usually found in men's fragrances with an eternally feminine patchouli bouquet. As such, it can be shared by men and women.

Tabac Blond - Parfum Extrait  Notes

Leather, iris, cedar

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7.5ml $170
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This is a must try, just because the scent is so deeply evocative of the time it was created in. I did feel as if it were telling a story about the glamour of women in a time of great change and liberation. I gave myself a generous application, and got a strong and lovely iris note and a smooth tobacco with moderate sillage for hours. It was not excessively sweet, so it's intense femininity felt appropriate for a woman with gravitas and glamour. My spouse commented that it smelled, "Womanly and seductive, not for girls." I think it would be best for evening, as it is too sexy for my workplace. This fragrance is quite a departure from my usual picks, so I will not wear it often. It will be for times when I want to feel transported in that way people who love the history of perfume enjoy.
By   - from Saint Paul on 4/14/2015
Smoke, leather, a little spice, & a deep, animalic growl beneath. Carnation & iris in the heart, along with something bitter & medicinal, & then ambergris & musk in the base. A very classic, retro-style scent; just a little too dark for my taste.
By   - from southampton uk on 6/15/2012
This is one my favorite "Leather Scents" Smoky tobacco with Leather notes... hints of Spiced Carnation perhaps even Cloves...mixed in ... Settles on my skin with its warm sweet Vanilla base... I love it !!! I'm in love with Leather Scents and this one always competes with Chanel Cuir de Russie for TOP of the list !
By   - Fragrance lover from San Francisco on 12/13/2011
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