Orangers en Fleurs

Eau de Parfum

by Houbigant

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The Scoop

The Orange Blossom is a symbol of fertility, of abundance—because Orange trees produce flowers and fruit at the same time—of innocence and marriage by excellence. It is also the emblem of love. It is an orange blossom note wrapped in a sophisticated perfume blend of Turkish rose absolute warmed by an animalistic note of Egyptian jasmine absolute.

The body is a subtle blend of tuberose and Eau de Brouts absolute, an exclusive Robertet raw material, surrounded by the Ylang Comores essence and slightly spiced by Nutmeg. A cedar wood blend with a touch of musk completes the composition.

Parfum Extract Luxe Edition
Parfum Extracts are the ultimate form of a perfume, they are more sophisticated, long lasting, and every facet is in greater harmony. The House of Houbigant has always believed the use of the extract is the best way to wear a fragrance. The Orangers en Fleurs perfume edition is showcased in a lavish handmade hardwood lacquered box, on which the logo has been carved.

Orangers en Fleurs  Notes

Orange Blossom Absolute, Rose Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Tuberose, Eau de Brouts, Ylang Comores, Nutmeg, Cedar wood, Musk

Orangers en Fleurs Sizes Available
100ml $180
100ml - Parfum Extract Luxe Edition $600
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Orangers en Fleurs...
This smells like a very old-fashioned eau de cologne...Yardley? Bourbon French? Coty? It's a wonderful fragrance for nostalgia, but not something I would ever wear.
By  on 7/13/2014
I don't consider this scent to be an orange blossom perfume - to me, it is a lovely sweet bouquet, but orange blossom is not necessarily the star. The initial application of this scent was a blast of creamy tuberose, which surprised me, as I was expecting the crisp brightness of orange blossom. A few minutes later, I am picking out other sweet floral notes such as jasmine and ylang. The rose and orange blossom are harmonizing with one another so much that they are almost like a single note, and they serve to balance the sweetness of the opening. There was also a gorgeous green note in the opening that seemed to amp suddenly and then fade again after a few moments. I had to look up eau de brouts, and learned that it is related to the distillation of petitgrain - it is a fraction of the distillation of sprouts from the bitter orange tree. It is described as having a green note. It is a lovely counterbalance to the sweetness. As the scent dries down further, it becomes a sweet white musk. It is not exactly stunningly unique, but it is simple and pretty.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 6/11/2014
If you love orange blossoms, you will love Houbigant's take on orange blosssoms. This shows the great scent house's return to the luxury fragrance market. A rich orange blossom with jasmine with a touch of wood at the bottom. If you enjoy Serge Lutens' Fleurs d'Oranger, a sample of this is in order as it does not have the cumin that some dislike in the Lutens. Be warned, though, that the cap of this beautiful scent in the eau de parfum is sadly made of cheap plastic. The scent bottle harkens back to the early 20th century, and I expected at least a cap made of glass.
By  on 6/16/2013
Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs reminds me of the story of the three bears, every orange blossom scent I've tried has been either too 'this' or too 'that', but THIS one is 'just right'! Not too indolic, not too soapy, not too sweet, just gorgeous down bed of orange blossom perfection, I sink into it often. Perfect sillage and great longevity, who could ask for more?
By   - Designer from Northern Rockies on 6/13/2013
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