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Full-bodied, rich, and earthy, this rose is stunning. Imagine a big, voluptuous, red rose after a thunderstorm or early in the morning when the dew is still present. When I need something to make me happy, I turn to this. Easily unisex and lasts for hours.
By   - Graduate Student from Berkeley, CA on 2/17/2019
Nice quality rose. Close cousin to Tom Ford Noir de Noir but a bit lighter.
By   - Retired doctor from UK on 8/2/2014
You don't find a lot of rose fragrances that can be worn as a signature scent for a man. But this is one of them. Their is a subtle strength to this scent that has an intoxicating and confident punch to me that I don't equate to a more feminine rose scent or even unisex. Plain and simple its a masculine Rose. And I think one of the best out there.
By   - Songwriter / Publisher from Pasadena, CA on 5/29/2014
This is another masterful fragrance by Atelier and I love it. The more I wear it the more I appreciate its depth and dark complexity. A rose fragrance like no other. Not sweet on me at all, but spicy with not your usual spices used in rose fragrances. And thankfully, for me its sillage and tenacity is above average. Definitely fbw!
By   - Designer from Rocky Mountains on 12/28/2012
Atelier Rose is sweet and alluring, this is a manly rose, nothing feminine, and not too harsh. A divine scent for romance, very approriate for a date, romantic evening etc.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2012
I was surprised by how much I love this. I tend towards incense and pepper, but I like oud as well. I typically do not like florals at all, but the mysterious heady quality of this fragrance completely caught me off guard. Intensely rose at first whiff, then simmers down to a warm, slightly spicy incense. Absolutely stunning. My only wish is that it lasted longer: after an hour or so I can barely find a hint of it on my skin.
By   - Artist on 8/26/2012
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