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A mysterious veil of rose and musk that hovers close to the skin, Kama is all about nuance and whispers. A hint of grapefruit, a delicate dusting of rice powder, the faintest suggestion of salt and ink -- all working with your skin to create a subtle aura of seductive grace that fans of understated scents will adore. Even typical powerhouses like vanilla and patchouli tiptoe in silk slippers here, adding watercolor washes of sweetness and earthiness without disturbing the feather-soft layer of rose petal and musk that makes your skin smell like you just might be an angel.

Kama  Notes

Petit grain, red grapefruit, dog rose, rice powder, patchouli, musk notes, vanilla, ambergris

Kama Sizes Available
100ml - Eau de Parfum $140.00
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Here's what other people are saying about Kama...
I swiped on a tiny bit of this and nearly burnt my nose hairs with s sharp smell of leather (petitgrain perhaps?) After loving the sweet cara and chia from this line, this was a bit of a shock, it softens down a bit soon and this might be warm and cozy for some but it has that undeniable sweaty leather thing going on and it also reminds me of an old fashioned lipstick, all this mixed together - blah!
By melissa - admin from melb on 11/4/2009
What an interesting scent. I don't get any grapefruit either, but the smell of books, even though just a hint and definitely very soft rice powder. This is very much a skin scent but it is really for connaisseurs who look for something slightly different. After one hour it becomes almost too soft to be recognized as a scent at all and remains a faded pretty memory...
By oderose on 1/15/2009
Wow I don't get any of what the rest of the reviewers wrote. I just tried the sample and have been wearing it for over an hour and I think it is absolutely exquisite. Delicate, soft, faintly sweet, I catch the touch of ink and salt. it is everything the description says it is and more. Very warm and delicately sensual. And yes it does make my skin smell in a way that makes me think of angels. And though I am sensitive to quite a few perfumes this one did not affect me nor give me a headache. I love it.
By perfumeprincess - from Medford on 10/29/2008
Wow, I really wanted to like this after all the comments, but on me, it smells plastic and fake. Guess it doesn't like my body chemistry. I don't get any rose, just rice powder, and not very nice rice powder at that. I'm so disappointed.
By Anonymous - Human Resources from Ann Arbor on 10/21/2008
Books! the wonderful smell of a library on the Historical Register. Glossy, creaking oak floors, sun-filled tall windows and the whole place filled to the brim with delightful old books waiting to be discovered. Leather-bound and cloth-bound, antique tomes kept dry, crisp and in pristine condition. Another reviewer mentioned ink - oh yes, I do detect it. The rice flour giving perhaps the paper aroma? No grapefruit though - and musk, ambergris and the rest just blend to shout: Rare Books Collection. What a great olfactory trip this is - a golden sunny day spent discovering great old stories in yellowing pages with swirling moire endpapers and fading gold letters on the spines. Unavoidable, I suppose, to find that this scent wears close and fades quickly. What a pity.
By Zhara - Halflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 9/24/2008
If you like Stoned and Fleur Oriental, then you will like this one. They are all very, very similar.
By Anonymous - from L.N., Ca on 9/21/2008
I tested this before knowing the notes, and would have sworn up and down that it was a leather scent. It smells like the softest possible leather, a shy, reserved cousin of VIP Room and Daim Blond and Cuiron. Fortunately the grapefruit is so subdued as to be almost indetectable: no sweat here. This is one of my favorites of the line.
By Anonymous on 9/18/2008
Opening notes are grassy. After about 5 minutes, becomes quite sweet. I sense the rice flour, possibly marshmellow, with a hint of ink. Too sweet for me though, a somewhat headache-inducing.
By Anonymous - Nurse on 9/10/2008
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