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A mist of vaporous grapefruit that is as gleeful as running through a sprinkler on a blazing hot day. The opening is so giddy with sunshine that it makes us want to lean our head back, close our eyes and spin until we are dizzy. The blackcurrant studded sparkliness subsides, but the sunshine remains as jasmine, neroli, musk and a puff of iris soften the edges, making this a grapefruit scent of such unexpected warmth and roundness that is almost velvety. We've never imagined grapefruit as a comfort scent, but here it is. A gentle hint of soapiness dances with the lingering zing of the grapefruit -– a perfect balance of calm and energized that we wish we could master in our everyday lives.

Grapefruit  Notes

Blackcurrant buds, pink grapefruit, petit grain, jasmine, yellow mandarin, essential oil of orange flowers, musk, tree moss, iris, vetiver

Grapefruit Sizes Available
30ml $55
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Grapefruit...
smells like fancy shampoo. the grapefruit element in this ends up smelling a little soapy mixed in with everything. not too bad though
By   - Student from chicago on 5/31/2013
first impression; chemical yuk. second impression; not grapefruit at all.
By   - from Midwest on 7/3/2010
Very crisp & fresh
By   - from Dothan,AL on 9/10/2008
CdeG has done here , as with the Series 4 Cologne.They have taken a classic , in this case Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte , and made it better !
By   - Human Rights Activist from Beijing on 5/10/2008
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