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by Parfums DelRae

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Pick the most perfectly ripe, luscious-fleshed cantaloupe in a village market in Provence… When you open its lacy skin, you'll get the sunny top notes of Émotionnelle, further brightened by the citrusy tang of bergamot and ylang-ylang. With Émotionnelle, Parfums DelRae strays from its original source of inspiration, San Francisco, to land in France. The composition was born of an exquisite mind-meld of DelRae Roth's memories of her first journey to Paris and perfumer Michel Roudnitska's own research. The melon note is Roudnitska's contribution: a tribute both to his home in Provence and to his father Edmond, who used it – though quite differently – in Le Parfum de Thérèse, originally composed for his wife, Michel's mother.

Is it any wonder then that this fragrance is called Émotionnelle? The opening, honey-drenched fruitiness infuses the classic floral heart of ylang-ylang, violet, jasmine, rose and iris with a summery joie de vivre. Vetiver and violet leaves add a touch of green to the bouquet, planted in a soft balsamic bed of vanilla, amber and labdanum, slightly warmed with clove and cinnamon. A smooth, sunny, classically perfect addition to the impeccable line of Parfums DelRae.

Emotionnelle  Notes

Melon, tangerine, bergamot, ylang-ylang, violet flowers and leaves, jasmine, rose, prune, iris, cedarwood, vetiver, labdanum, cloves, vanilla, amber, cinnamon, honey.

Emotionnelle Sizes Available
50ml $135
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Emotionnelle...
I read reviews on Emotionnelle, both before and after I sampled it, and discovered that it can be a "love it or hate it" scent. However, nothing in the reviews prepared me for the impression I would get once I dabbed it on my wrists. No review that I've read mentions the wonderfully "skanky" note that I get along with the ripe melon, right out of the bottle and it only intensifies once it starts warming on my skin. I worried that it would have an aquatic facet to it bout it doesn't. Instead it evokes the complexity of vintage Diorella and Frederic Malle's Parfum de Theerese. I don't know how this works with the chemistry of others, but on me this literally evokes two people sitting in bed having a snack of melon slices just after sex (lol). I am wearing this in the middle of a cold, low teens, Northeast winter and if it's this good now, I can't wait to see what it will bring in the sultry, humid summer weather. Ah oh...look out!
By   - artist from Washington, DC on 2/9/2015
I agree with some revieuwers here: It is a real chemical scrubber off! The worst smell in a scent I ve ever encountered, and I own 200 perfumes and 100 decants..so please sample it and not blind buy it..I have a 10ml decant of it and would love to get rid of that chemical melon smell! If that was what melon smells, I would NEVER eat one anymore..sorry about being negative but it must be said
By  on 11/12/2010
I agree with all of these other comments (both good & bad). I really want to like this perfume, but I just can't committ. The scent settles as a peppery pineapple.
By   - from central New York on 8/25/2010
Started green, then sweetened. On me it is potent and long-lasting, like the others from this line. I would also use the word, "quirky". I'm enjoying it very much.
By  on 4/6/2009
I was just on the verge of naming Parfums DelRae as my holy grail house of scent when they come out with this mess. What a disappointment. It not only is melon with a capital "M", it's synthetic melon with a capital "S". For me this was a scrubber for certain.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver, CO on 3/30/2009
I like fruity florals, I like DelRae, I like the work of the Roudnitskas, I even like melon (!) but this was one of the few scrubbers I've had from LS. Rising above the pretty floral and fresh fruit notes, there was a familiar and overwhelming background noise that I can only describe as perfume-y; heavily chemical. I've noticed this same unpleasant scent in certain department store fragrances, some fixatives and carrier oils, so it may be my own chemistry! Still, I think other perfumista noses will also recognize this characteristic. So though I had great hopes, Emotionnelle is just not for me.
By   - from LIC, NY on 3/27/2009
Canteloupe....canteloupe....canteloupe. I wish this would morph but on my skin, after hours, it still smelled like canteloupe.
By   - from New York on 3/26/2009
I just tried the sample last night, the burst of melon was a little overpowering,then the dry down was very nice, sadly it was gone in the blink of an eye, if I spend this kind of money for a fragrance I want to enjoy it for a while when wearing it.
By   - from PA on 3/17/2009
I got the sample of this fragrance in the spring sample pack, of all of the samples this was one of the few I did not like. The melon is overwhelming, and there's an odd note of something that smells like pencil lead. The fruit and floral notes seem at war with each other and the melon smell is reminiscent of rotting, overripe fruit. For me this is definitely not a keeper.
By   - night nurse from Cincinnati on 3/17/2009
A burst of green melon rind gives way to a brilliantly rounded and perfectly wearable scent for Spring. Michel Roudnitska at his quirkiest
By   - fragrance writer from NYC on 3/14/2009
Different, i was worried about too much melon, but its not, its light, a bit of the melon rind, beautifully done....
By  on 3/13/2009
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