1920 Extreme

Eau de Toilette

by Bois 1920

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Beyond fads, fashions or affectations, 1920 Extreme is an innovative fragrance that evokes the image of a man with a free spirit who spreads the charm effortlessly without being overdone and smarmy (thank goodness). The three notes comprise an inimitable balance; the green freshness of bergamot from Calabria and the moist green of fern, the intense bouquet of jasmine and geranium, and the sweet sensuality of tonka beans from Brazil, with a flourish of Bourbon vanilla just to keep them guessing. The end result is a woody fern-like scent that retains a smidge of its sunny citrus throughout…its power lies in that ever-shifting nature that holds your interest from beginning to end.

1920 Extreme  Notes

bergamot, fern, jasmine, Brazilian tonka beans, Bourbon vanilla

1920 Extreme Sizes Available
100ml $205 $150
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about 1920 Extreme...
I just received this fragrance in the mail and it is simply amazing. The opening is awesome, the middle is heaven, and the longevity is to die for. What a fragrance.....men, you are in for a treat. I now own 7 of bois fragrances and it is becoming EXTREMEly hard to choose which to wear!!!! Very manly, woodsy with a hint of vanilla-I do get the green also as the fragrance evolves. This was a blind buy, and I am glad I did. Men, use sparingly because you really don't need much to let anyone know you are in the room!
By   - Director from Grand Rapids on 2/3/2014
If you like Zino from Davidoff you will love this, almost similar but with a light splash of citrus. Nice
By   - from MacTown on 5/20/2009
I decided I needed to come to the rescue of this cologne since there aren't too many fond reviews. The fact is this scent didn't appeal to me at first either. However, it has grown into one of my favorites, with compliments from my wife... who rarely says much about my 100 plus collection. We both put this up near the top of the list . BTW I do not smell Heritage at all.
By   - Creative Director on 2/16/2008
Does not mesh well with my chemistry, but smells amazing in the bottle. Probably fantastic on a man.
By   - Lighting Tech from Los Angeles on 2/7/2008
I am such a huge fan of fern-like scents, and I find much to appreciate in 1920 Extreme. It combines notes of fern, gentle spice and wood (although neither wood nor spice are listed as elements). The beginning fern notes are beautiful and aromatic, and are very satisfying. My one reservation here is the ending flourish of tonka and vanilla. I can see that these add a richness and depth dimension to the moss. At times I enjoy them, at other times I find them just a bit too much. Normally I can’t stand vanilla notes so my guarded endorsement shows how well-made this scent is! If you like fern with a dollop of vanilla, then you will enjoy this.
By   - from Edmonton on 12/12/2007
I agree totally with the similiarity to Heritage
By  on 11/10/2007
Smells almost exactly like Guerlain Heritage.
By  on 7/17/2007
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