Eau de Parfum

by Calypso St. Barth

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The Scoop

Pillowy soft, dreamy and almost impossible to find, we can't get enough of this scent. Like baby powder for adults-- comfy, cozy, but sexy as all get out. It invites nuzzling. It's also a perfect scent to wear just to make yourself feel happy and warm on a rainy day. Really, we could go on and on about Lea, we love wearing this! Men flirt with us, women compliment us, girlfriends beg us for the name so they can buy it for themselves. And, of course, we tell them, although in the past we may have possibly neglected to mention how much trouble they would have actually finding this marvelous stuff. But for you, we're making it easy. It's here. And it's really that good.

This fragrance has unfortunately been discontinued. If you would like suggestions for other great scents with similar almond or vanilla notes, please see our recommendations below!

Lea  Notes

musc, vanilla and almond

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Here's what other people are saying about Lea...
I had read that the creator of this scent had used her daughter as inspiration, and as a mother of an adult beauty I totally relate. This stuff smells like baby angels in our most fanciful idea of heaven. It is not a sexy frag. It is not a complex frag. It is just simply lovely. The downside is that it seems to last about as long as innocence. My wish is that the bottle were redesigned so that I could decant it into a smaller travel vessel to refresh myself constantly. Every girl/woman needs to experience this just to know what a mommy feels for her daughter. If thought can be translated to fragrance, this is near the top of the list. Four stars because it is so fleeting.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 3/3/2015
I love the bottle.I love the name.However,I found it a bit too sharp and medicinal for my taste.With just a bit more vanilla pod to lend more softness to Lea,it might have tempered the almond just enough to make it more pleasurable to my nose.On that note,I have found layering it over vanilla oil to enhance it makes it more comfortable.
By  on 9/20/2014
This is so nice. I found myself trying to dab the last little bit out because I was sad that my sample was gone. This is best used as layering scent because its very light and wears off fast.
By   - from Denver on 7/30/2014
Lea is a cult fav for a reason...it's pretty close to perfect, especially for almond/vanilla lovers. I think that the almond note in Lea is fairly unique. The only other time I've smelled this particular type of almond was in Orgasmo. Orgasmo does not have the vanilla or musk that Lea has. I love Lea's almond note, I find that it is more towards an amaretto almond as opposed to a raw almond. It's true that Lea's intensity does not last; however, I find that you can still smell it at the end of the day...very much a skin scent after a few hours. It's worth it! Lea is lovely, calming and always smile inducing. :)
By   - from New England on 7/24/2014
My first order with Luckyscent - great experience, thank you! Lea is a lovely almond musk, with a weaker than average sillage and not-so-great longevity which means you kind of have to douse yourself in it. Still, I adore the scent itself so I am pretty sure I will be purchasing a new bottle every couple of months :)
By   - from Toronto on 12/23/2013
I was really looking forward to my sample of Lea based on the fragrance's notes and reviews. It's- nice; sweet, powdery for sure. But something in there is sharp and 'off'/chemical smelling. Reminds me of camphor or rancid almonds. Whatever this note is, it lunges out of Lea's softness and pokes me in the nose. I waited for the camphor note to fade, as I like Lea's other aspects. But it remained. Poor sillage.
By   - artist from San Francisco on 11/24/2013
I'm almost out of the sample less than a day after I got it. The silage is pretty bad, but this is just so nice, very girly. The musk hits you straight out, then the almond and they combine into a snuggley kind of scent. Almond is notorious for disappearing in a fragrance but it sticks in this one. The vanilla is lighter than the other two notes, but I plan on wearing it with some Ligne St. Barths Vanilla body lotion. I also wanted to go on record saying I have no idea why people are thinking this smells like B&B Warm Vanilla Sugar because they have absolutely nothing in common. I have a bottle of B&B lotion, which I never liked, and gave it it a sniff out of curiosity to see. I can't detect any similarity. Maybe the ladies who commented got a bad batch since the comments all seem to be at the same time. Debating ordering a bottle or trying the impossible -- parking on Beverly to get one in person!
By   - screenwriter from Los Angeles on 6/4/2013
I adore Lea. I only wish I didn't feel the need to reapply so very often. The scent is heavenly, like sweet, clean and pure. It is musky, but innocent and sweet. Lovely, so lovely, but in the end, too fleeting.
By   - Art Director on 2/15/2013
Lea would be a nice, light and airy vanilla, if it weren't for this piercing bright/sweet note floating through it. Whatever it is gives it a cloying, headache-y plastic PlayDoh scent that's unpleasant. Too bad, I really wanted to like it...
By  on 7/7/2012
I would have to slightly disagree in terms of the bath and body works comments. Lea is much more sophisticated and lovely. Despite the vanilla, and being such a vague term since vanilla can be classified in many different ways, this vanilla reminds me of cooking with vanilla extract. Lea smells beautiful and sexy on the skin, a very romantic addition to my perfume collection.
By   - teacher from Columbus on 5/21/2012
Ladies! This is bath and body works, vanilla, just like the last person said. Please sample first, and then buy BBW vanilla--you'll see that BBW lasts longer and smells the same.
By   - law from oakland on 4/9/2012
I don't see what all the hype is about. It is a basic vanilla with some maraschino cherry in the very beginning and licorice in the middle, then dries down to barely-there baking vanilla. Bath and Body Works is just as good and it's cheap!
By   - lawyer from San Diego on 4/7/2012
Felt like something has been missing from my life - then I realized, I have not had a bottle of Lea in over two years. Received an email last week that it was available, tomorrow package arrives and I will feel complete again... yes, it really is that good!
By   - from New York on 4/4/2012
i knew this would smell vanilla-y and such but... i guess in a way i am disappointed. Not so much because it is vanilla smelling but because it smells too much like bath and body works warm vanilla sugar perfume i used to get when i was younger.
By   - Jewellery Maker on 11/10/2011
This perfume is both beautiful and accessible. I get more compliments on it than any other perfume. That said, as my nose has evolved, I find it a bit *too* beautiful and accessible. I've worn it layered with Padparadscha by Satellite. This combination was amazing.
By  on 10/8/2011
Oh my beautiful Lea, how I do adore you. Unoffensive, soft, feminine, so very lovely. Virtually perfect. If only you came in smaller sizes....
By   - Bartender from Bay Area on 8/22/2011
Just got the sample and after smelling this I have ordered a big bottle stright away. In my job I can not wear overpowering fragrances. But this one lets you know she is in the room but in a sexy seductive quite manner. If you love Perfect Veil and vanilla scents.. you have to try this and it is an awesum price too!
By   - manager from perth,australia on 6/24/2011
Had high expectations for this perfume just based on everything I had read about it. I realise that I should have tried it before buying it but since some of my favorite perfume bloggers with similar taste in perfumes loved it, I got it. I found this perfume overpowering and the dry down smelt sour on me. It looked perfect on paper, all my favorite notes however I will be selling this on ebay..
By   - from Sydney on 6/12/2011
I wasn't expecting much from Lea. It seemed a bit cliche. Been there done that. After a few hours of dabbing some on, it stood out. I think warmed by your body heat, it gets better. It's not edgy or complex, but more familiar, sweet and white musk. I can tell the quality of ingredients is better than most mass marketed vanilla scents out there.
By   - interior decorator from san francisco on 5/28/2011
Lea is my new favorite. My boyfriend, who is puerto rican, says I smell like P.R. I think I smell divine! Think of a perfect balance of bourbon vanilla and white lilies. Amaaaaazing.
By   - Producer/writer from NYC on 5/28/2011
warm, soft, cozy vanilla and almond scent. Lea is simple in it's construction but sometimes that nice. If you tend to enjoy almond and vanilla based perfumes, chances are you will like Lea. It doesn't scream and shout like many perfumes do but it softly whispers sweet nothings in your ear instead. It has a nice airy quality to it and hits the right balance between sweet and bitter. It's great for hot climates and I see this more as a day perfume. It's not sexy enough for night time or a date. I bet this layers well with many other scents. Silage is soft and lasting power is regular.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/25/2011
By   - from Hi. on 1/10/2011
Would like to add that this opens up smelling just like Amaretto Almond liquor, then it calms down to a nice vanilla scent.
By   - from california on 12/3/2010
Very nice warm, vanilla scent. But the staying power is NOT GOOD at all, even with the EDP. It's a cozy, comfortable scent, but I like more sexiness in my fragrances. This fragrance is the best friend, and I want to be the lover ;-)
By   - from California on 12/3/2010
LOVE LEA!!!!! Beautiful, soft vanilla and almond. Seriously could not stop sniffing my wrists...husband liked it too and he is hard to please when it comes to perfume. This is truly a comforting scet and can be worn through every season. Price is a bit much, but worth it as far as I'm concerned! Perfect for Mother's Day : )
By   - from Florida on 3/15/2010
At first this seemed really luxurious, warm, and sweet. Then it dawned on me that it smelled almost exactly like Pink Sugar. Still, it's not bad. Maybe if the almond lingered longer I could give it four stars.
By   - social worker from Portland on 11/7/2009
I LOVE this scent. I spray this on and then use Cliniques Aromatics Elixir on top of it and it has the most lucious smell. It is great by itself as well but I have recently ventured into perfume mixing and I like it the most with aromatics. I was lucky enough to get 3 bottles of the Lea Extreme before it was discontinued and I love it as well.
By   - Business Analyst from Atlanta on 9/12/2009
Was hoping to really like this scent, but it didn't do anything for me. Staying power, meh. Smelled like a scent I would expect to get from a Teen store.
By   - Legal from DC on 8/22/2009
Luscious scent but be aware that it is a "sweet" scent. The staying power is phenomenal - as in at least 24 hours.
By   - from Chicago on 5/28/2009
LOVE this scent, it is fantastic. i know it's not very complex, but the notes are perfectly balanced and smell terrific. warm and sensual. i had a male friend comment that i smell like the memory of a tropical vacation, that's pretty fantastic if you ask me. next on my list of bottles.
By   - from Canada on 5/26/2009
For those of you that loved Lea years ago, but did not like it because it did not last, this one does!! So glad i purchased it. It is not really complex, but so what. It smells beautiful and warm. Very much a comfort scent. i imagine guys would love this one...
By  on 4/16/2009
By  on 3/9/2009
I love Lea. LOVE Lea. After many, many years of wearing hundreds of fragrances, Lea has never failed to be special. Lea is the scent of a bakery I remember from childhood in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Its vanilla-almond warmth smells like pure happiness. Lea is more special to me since I had my daughter, because, somehow it captures the mood of a joyful, spontaneous cuddle. A fragrances for the sweetest of memories.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 1/30/2009
Im not going to deny that Lea smells absolutely lovely, because it smells great. My problem is it lacked a special something. On me, you can only smell vanilla. Nothing else. I need more from a fragrance. Don't get me wrong, I love the way vanilla smells. I just dont want to walk around smelling like a cupcake.
By   - Respiratory Therapist from Paradise Valley on 11/28/2008
Too sweet. It smelled fine in a small dabbed sample but when sprayed it is just way too much for me. Very girly and young. M. Micallef and Serge Lutens vanilla fragrances are much nicer and far more adult smelling. I know a lot of people love this, I'm just not one of them.
By  on 10/10/2008
I should have known better than to purchase unsniffed. This is very sweet and becomes a bit cloying after awhile. it smells nice in small quntities layered with scented lotions but overall, in my opinion, there are far nicer and more complex vanillas. Just okay; very, very young smelling. Try before you buy.
By  on 9/22/2008
I wore the lea edt years ago. Loved it, but it hardly lasted on the skin at all. This is a EDP, and i am happy to say it does last longer and smells A BIT stronger. It still is not at all strong. Giorgio this will never be :), so if you really want sillage look elsewhere. However, if you do not mind a scent that just those close to you can smell, this does the trick. Again however, it lasts better, but still very subtle.
By   - medical from sacramento on 9/5/2008
just got my sample. now i know what all the excitement is about. comforting and beautiful. soft. gentle. this is truly the definition of ALL that is feminine.
By   - agent from st pete on 8/5/2008
I love Lea. The good news is that the bottle is not only new but this Lea is now an Eau de Parfum which should help with all the complaints of the scent not having any staying power. They have not updated the site yet but I spoke with Lucky Scent and they did confirm that it is an Eau de Parfum. I saw this new Lea on Beauty Habit and it is $135. So it is cheaper hear at Lucky Scent but that probably will not last for long. So you need to buy before the price of this wonderful scent goes up. Enjoy the Lea Eau de Parfum...I am going to!!!!
By   - Business Analyst from Atlanta on 7/29/2008
this is the perfect scent. it is soft and sweet and lasts, but close to the skin, just how i like perfume. if only i had $110 dollars :(
By   - from los angeles on 5/6/2008
Wow. I was so not expecting to love this. For once, a fragrance lives up to the hype. Lea sounds so simple, and it is...but in the best possible way. Warm, soft and comfortable. It is light, but I won't mind reapplying! I hope it comes back into stock soon.
By  on 4/7/2008
I forgot to add that it smells NOTHING like pink sugar. I hated pink sugar but love love love this!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok (bartlesville) on 1/27/2008
I am obsessed with perfumes and I have always wondered when someone would comment on one of them. Well when I found lea, I have been wearing it every day when one night at church I was 'crowned' the best smelling women on earth!! Everyone chimed in and agreed!--all ages--the music director, the whole youth group, everyone! My dream finially came true! (some of the comments below mentioned a weird bandaid smell; I can smell that at the very beginning but it only lasts like 30 seconds! it's only while it's wet. It dries down to the softest lovely 'non weird' scent!)
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok (bartlesville) on 1/27/2008
A coy, yet yummy scent. Very soft, warm. Like spraying on cherubs.
By   - administrative assistant from Bellevue, WA on 1/24/2008
By   - from Bristol on 1/18/2008
It is my namesake so I had to try it....and wow am I happy we share names! It is so wonderful...sweet, charming, flirty! The description is perfect! Do try!
By   - from Laguna Beach on 1/7/2008
The ultimate vanilla scent for me. Gorgeous, voluptuous, yummy, perfect. I'm wondering if those who detected a sharpish note straight out of the bottle were getting the almond? Before it's on skin the almond can have a bit of a sting to it, but it dries down (quickly) into complimentary softness. Lea is a classic, I can't recommend it enough.
By   - grad student from Montreal on 12/21/2007
Lea, I love you! I love you! I love you! I almost gave up on finding the perfect vanilla scent until now! This is the first vanilla scent that doesnt have that weird fake smell that I dont know how to explain (like a cheap dirty burnt smell?). And you actually get a huge amount and i dont mind the plain bottle because I love how it sprays with a perfectly fine mist. This scent will make you feel beautiful!
By   - stay home mom 27 from Dewey, ok on 9/18/2007
If I could only talk them into making a perfume oil, I would be in comlete heaven. I agree that it doesn't have much in the way of lasting power but it's the perfect vanilla. I love P&L's Exact Friction and this is similar but softer. I'm wearing this to bed tonight...guraranteed sweet dreams!
By   - from San Francisco on 8/27/2007
I can't stop obsessing about this amazing scent! I just ordered the full bottle, but in the meantime, I will keep sniffing what's left in the sample vial. I'm hopelessly hooked..............
By   - Graphic Designer from Manhattan on 8/14/2007
Absolutely fabulous! No doubt about it, it smells like heaven, and those who wear it will smell like angels. :) Gorgeous sweet vanilla-almond-musk combo finished off with a teaspoon of comfort and a shot of sexy. I love it!
By  on 4/10/2007
Strangely, it smells a little incensey on me, which is nice. In fact, I wish that note (I guess it's the musk?) was a bit more amplified. For me, that would make it a sexier. As is, it's a lovely, girly, alluring scent. I like something a little earthier, but I think it'll be great for certain summer and spring days.
By  on 3/22/2007
Gorgeous scent! light, simple and totally irresistible! I just wish that it would last a little longer.
By   - from Charleston on 3/19/2007
Very pretty, light scent. It reminds me of Pilar and Lucy's Exact Friction of the Stars.
By  on 2/13/2007
I have to agree with everyone who says it's light. I too keep re-applying it, trying to get a whiff of it. Reminds me a little boytrist gineset . Nice but very light.
By   - sales on 1/19/2007
Not sure about Lea or the Extreme version...the description sounded fab but I smell a little citrus in this that's a little off-putting. The Extreme version smells a little better to me, but I'm not noticing citrus in anyone else's comments so I think it might just be my chemistry...I bet it's great on someone else or maybe better in the summer.....
By   - sales from rochester, ny on 1/13/2007
I was so excited when my bottle arrived and thought I'd be adding my rave review. Big disappointment. Antiseptic: reminds me of Johnson & Johnson cotton bandages.
By   - regional manager from Marina Del Rey on 10/22/2006
First off, I'd just like to say that I'm happy so many other people seem to have found their HG of fragrances in this perfume. :) Unfortunately I can't be one of them. This smells sooo much like Pink Sugar to me, and while I like Pink Sugar, it kind of reminds me of how Barbies smelled when I was growing up, which kind of wierds me out. Has anyone else noticed this Barbie smell? Anywho, my boyfriend describes this scent as being like walking into a candy store, a bakery, and a flower shop all at once. It really is that intensely sweet. For me, it needs something a little earthier to diferentiate it from Pink Sugar and Barbies. Also, I think I would enjoy it more if there was more almond; I love almond but I didn't really notice it here. Nice fragrance, just not for me.
By   - law student from Spokane, WA on 10/19/2006
very simple, sweet and very yummy!
By   - from toronto on 10/2/2006
Too light to detect very long on me, but it has a pretty sweet smell to give it a another go.
By   - from Baltimore on 10/2/2006
Before using Lea, I was wearing Britney Spears's Curious and once I got Lea as a B-Day gift I was hooked. I love the attention I get from both men and women because the beautiful scent of vanilla sky. I am 34 years old and I was wearing a tennager's perfume but now I am sosphicated by wearing Lea's perfumes.
By   - Real Estate Broker from Orange County on 9/1/2006
I've been searching for a perfume forever, because most give me a headache- and I finally found one that doesn't. If you like vanilla, you will love this! More complex than a basic vanilla, but not too sweet like Pink Sugar. They are right about it making you feel cozy- I can't wait til winter when I know it will make me feel all warm inside! (by the way- the bottle is HUGE at 3 oz compared to most of the perfumes that come in a fraction of an ounce)
By   - Radio  from Atlanta on 8/14/2006
Absolutely, freaking incredible!! Sooooooo delicious. This particular combination of vanilla, almond and musk is mesmerizing and more! Need a tank of this to breathe like oxygen! It does not last long enough, to be sure, but I have not found anything exactly like it. Pink Sugar is good, but it is not the same. And Lea is ultimate. happy-happy-oh-so-happy :)
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
this stuff smells real good at first but then i kept gettin a wiff of it through-out the day and the smell reminded me of raid the roach spray...not good
By   - from san diego on 7/24/2006
Boring and artificial...glad I sampled first...
By   - from Maui on 6/22/2006
Love it love it love it. Can`t wait til I receive it in the mail. Wonderful stuff. My signature scent.
By  on 6/7/2006
Great! I love it. i am gettting one!
By   - from Bergen, Norway on 5/31/2006
A comforting scent? I finally figured out exactly what it smells like on me-Playdoh. Pure Playdoh. Yeesh!
By   - nurse from austin on 5/20/2006
Watered-down Pink Sugar.
By   - from BKK, Thailand on 5/19/2006
Sugar Cane by Demeter spells VERY similiar!!!
By  on 5/12/2006
Oh..!!! This one is just wonderful!!! Sexy, tasty, welcoming, and much much more!! Try it!
By   - from Pittsburgh on 4/24/2006
Question: Where are you people purchasing your fragrances? 85.00 is NOT a lot of money for a special fragrance. The reason that B&BW fragrances are so cheap, for example, is that they are about 99% alcohol, mass-produced, and smell of cardboard! C'mon! this bottle is MASSIVE, and if you truly love a fragrance, and it makes you feel good (sometimes so hard to achieve, that elusive good feeling!) isn't it worth it? Over 3 ounces will last forever, and will probably stick around longer than the cute guy, won't make you fat like the comfort of cheesecake, and is a lot more comfy than 200.00 stilettos! For the cost of 1 and a half expensive dinners, own one of the best parts of being a girl! You deserve it!
By  on 3/11/2006
I just feel lovely when I wear this fragrance. The almond/vanilla/musk/baby powder combination is bottled heaven - as simple as this scent is, it is the most gorgeous of any perfume I've ever worn. Does a fragrance really need complexity to be beautiful? Lasting power is incredible, which says a lot for a vanilla/almond. This is a must have, for all moods, all seasons.
By   - Makeup Artist from Canada on 1/24/2006
By   - from L.A. on 12/15/2005
I can't say enough about this yummy scent. My husband is allergic to almost EVERY scent I wear, yet when I wear Lea, he just says "wow, you smell great. can we bottle that?". Little does he know! I use a tiny amount, and it just kind of envelops me in a cloud of happy. I've sworn off all other scents for the time being, because this one is heaven in a bottle.
By   - Publicist from Atlanta on 11/19/2005
This one smells soft and cozy. When I first tested this I could smell vanilla and white flowers somewhat. The drydown smells like marshmallow cream to me. Creamy, warm, and good. I love it. My husband loves it. Great scent for the Fall and Winter.
By   - from N.LA on 9/21/2005
Lea is so pretty on my skin and luckily it lasts reallywell, (6 - 8 hours on my skin). I bought a bottle and I know years will go by before I use it up. At first this smell hypnotized me and I just had to have this perfume. But after wearing it a lot I've decided it's one of the least exciting fragrances in my wardrobe. I prefer moody fragrances, but Lea is as stable and sweet as can be. It's a straight, gentle almondy-vanilla that reminds me of a French bakery (which is a really good thing). I think the St. Barth's parfumer created Lea to be the sweet, shy one, and Jalato be the outgoing, overtly sexy one. All in all Lea is a wonderful creation, and if it smells common now, it's because this fragrance was so madly loved when it arrived on the scene. Many have tried to copy or imitate it but it's still special.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 9/15/2005
as much as i love vanilla-BASED fragrances, i think this one is a little too much for me. i can see why people like it--just a bit cloying for my tastes.
By   - college english teacher from pittsburgh on 8/2/2005
too pricey for what it is.
By   - from NYC on 2/18/2005
Lovely, yummy scent. I can't pick up much of the musk, but the almond and vanilla sing to me (I love almond). It lasts several hours on me. I think it's a bit pricey even though the bottle is large. Also the packaging makes it look... erm... cheap (the sticker). Despite all this, I still adore the scent, so five stars it is.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 2/17/2005
I loved it..everything about it says warmth...I just wish it lasted longer than an hour. I couldn't smell it at all after two hours.
By   - from boston on 1/25/2005
men get turned on by this scent in my experience. beautiful.
By  on 1/5/2005
I'm a huge vanilla fan but I detect the almond scent more than the vanilla. I really like this one, but it's a little expensive.
By   - from ny on 11/2/2004
The initial sniff is most certainly promising- the word 'pillowy' only because of the almond. The Vanilla and Musk, tragically, are average, as someone stated beneath. THe drydown morphs into a flat, predictable, blase vanilla
By   - accountant from LA on 10/16/2004
With all the comments that this is a very "vanilla" scents I was surprised that this is not a more foody scent. On me the vanilla is certainly present but I definitely get a lot of powder and musk as well. Yummy almond too. Love it!
By  on 10/8/2004
I'm not usually a fan of vanilla scents, but I received Lea St. Barths as one of my samples and I was surprised to find that I liked it. The almond is a nice touch - adding a slight sharpness - and the musk counters what could otherwise be a too sweet scent. I think vanilla fans would really enjoy this one.
By   - from San Francisco on 10/8/2004
When I ordered my first sample, I wasn't sure i liked it, but something made me order another sample, which lead to the full size. I'm in love with it! I too can't stop smelling my wrists. I've got to order the Extreme next.All I want to know is when will there be a body creme and wash. Thankyou LuckyScent! I adore this scent!
By   - Hair Designer from Minneapolis on 10/1/2004
There's nothing wrong with Lea except the price! It's very vanilla but nothing really interesting or new. i also think the almond note is abit harsh at first.
By   - from Berlin on 9/23/2004
I absolutely adore Lea! I never finish a bottle of perfume because I get bored with scents but I finished my Lea and recently bought my second bottle. I can't stop smelling my wrists when I wear this! It is a happy, comforting scent that I'll never be without. If you like soft vanilla scents, you'll love Lea.
By   - Banker from Charlotte on 9/8/2004
I love Lea! It's soft, sweet and comforting! I only wish it came in a 1.7 oz size & was a little less expensive. Maybe I will save up for a bottle!
By   - student from NC on 8/27/2004
Subtle, sweet, and unique. If you're any of these things, this perfume is for you! I love this stuff!
By  on 8/26/2004
smells great but I wish it would last all day!
By  on 8/20/2004
I don't usually wear vanilla scents but this smells so good. On me I can really smell the almond as well as the vanilla and the musk. Yum.
By   - education from West Los Angeles, CA on 8/12/2004
By   - from Atlanta on 8/4/2004
Tried this as a sample and was not disappointed. I have finally found THE Holy Grail of vanilla fragrances. Other vanilla-based scents, like those from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, always smelled too cigar-like on me. This one is perfect: delicious yet not too sweet, and the musk adds the perfect warm, sexy note. My husband, who loves nuzzling into it, agrees. I am just counting the days... and the dollars... before I will finally own my first bottle!
By   - journalist from Manila, Philippines on 8/2/2004
Nice scent however it doesn't last long. A little disappointing.
By  on 8/1/2004
I couldn't place the smell of this, but reminded me of something from my childhood. After wearing it all day, it finally dawned on me--it smelled like white chalk from grade school!!! Very different, doesn't smell like anything else out there, which it great.
By  on 7/25/2004
Boring, predictable and flat. Sorry girls:-(
By   - from Tampa on 7/25/2004
I am with the previous poster- I definitely need to save up for this one, but it'll be worth it. I was so depressed the other day when my sample ran out. Lea smells sooo good. The vanilla and almond scent is extremely pretty. Every guy I've run into wearing this scent has told me how nice I smell. One friend even said it was like an aphrodisiac.
By   - from ft. lauderdale on 7/21/2004
this smeels soooo good i can't believe it. i'll definitely be saving up for this one. the price is worth it for how beautiful it smells.
By  on 7/19/2004
If you are debating paying the extra $$$ for the Lea Extreme, in my opinion, it is worth it. This version just did not last on my skin. The Extreme version did.
By   - from usa on 6/1/2004
This stuff smells great....in the sample vial. I have yet to find a vanilla based fragrance that I actually like after it touches my skin. I keep trying though. The vanilla and almond combination does smell nice, just not on me.
By   - from Atlanta on 5/22/2004
Wow! Is this FABULOUS! Got it as a sample with my other order and I can't put it away! It is so yummy...I can't wait to buy it next! I like that it is slightly more complex, slightly more baby-powder scented than other vanilly fragrances. AWESOME! My absolute new favorite!
By   - RN from Fortuna on 5/20/2004
This fragrance is an ABSOLUTE MUST! It is yummy, sexy, yet subtle and light. Perfect for summer! I love mixing scents, and Lea is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS mixed with Lea "Extreme"!
By   - Model from NYC on 5/20/2004
I like this, too, but nothing like chocolate on me like previous posted have noted. Definitely light musky and vanilla, but fresh, too.
By   - from Massachusetts on 4/22/2004
I really like the Lea St. Barth. It is a very light tropical scent, I just wish it was a little stronger and lasted longer. It's a very nice clean fresh scent.
By   - Loan Officer from Jacksonville on 4/21/2004
I found a scent that has the same name as me? I love it... Soft in the day, sexy at night. People stop in their tracks to ask me what scent I am wearing!!!
By   - Swimwear Buyer from Florida on 4/19/2004
this is one of the most beautiful fragrances i have ever had the pleasure of wearing. my boyfriend adores it, he keeps smelling my neck whenever i put it on. we both cant get enough of it!
By   - account manager from atlanta on 4/16/2004
Lea is a beautiful fragrance that is quite unique.
By   - Housewife from New York on 3/8/2004
Nice vanilla fragrance, but nothing special! It doesn't last very long, for this price!
By   - from FL on 3/4/2004
I really like this after about an hour, the initial spray is too almondy plastic smelling. However, once it dries down it is awesome. Wish it was an edp and a little more affordable.
By   - from NY on 3/4/2004
At first I mostly noticed the almond, which is different, and nice, but later, I saw why so many gave it 5 stars! How unique and delicious!
By   - Teacher from Calif. on 2/23/2004
Like Monyette, this is another one of the bombshell, sexy smells. Too intense for me, but still smelled nice
By   - acupuncurist from miami on 2/21/2004
i'd give it four *'s if only it wasn't so weak. it smells exactly as nice as everyone says, but i can't justify an $85 price tag if the enjoyment is as short-lived as this.
By  on 2/18/2004
The previous comment is pretty harsh, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion -- I love this fragrance. It is a feminine, warm, cozy fragrance. I receive compliments everytime I wear it.
By   - from L.A. on 2/10/2004
Believe the hype. This is an amazing scent; the sexiest vanilla you'll ever wear. I've tried lots of vanillas, lots of musks, but nothing comes close to this. This is the kind of scent that makes you happy every time you catch a whiff of it. If only it came in a parfum version...
By   - from Chicago on 12/8/2003
Oh, where has this been my whole life? Holy Grail, I have found you, Lea! Customers compliment me on this all the time. Please never discontinue this, or I will be forced to buy up every single last bottle of it if I have to, to last me a lifetime. My favorite in the world.
By   - waitress from LA on 12/8/2003
Heaven in a bottle!!
By  on 12/1/2003
I am madly in love with LEA!!! My husband sniffs my pillow after I've worn it. THank you!!!
By  on 11/29/2003
I am a perfum junkie. Constantly buying new perfumes in search of the "perfect" perfume, well the serch is over! I adore Lea. It's perfect for wearing everyday. Subtle enough for daytime, sexy enough for nightime. It just doesn't get any better than this!!
By  on 11/27/2003
Pity the expense. It's a wonderfully decadent-vanilla smoky powder scent.
By   - from Orlando on 11/27/2003
So incredible. The best perfume i have found in years and years.
By  on 11/17/2003
This is just too yummy! What a wonderful new discovery for me. This is one of the nicest scents I've come across in a while. I will always have this as part of my fragrance collection.
By   - from Beverly Hills on 11/17/2003
I love Lea. I wish there was a stronger parfume version of it though, this fades rather fast. But I will buy again!
By   - from California on 11/9/2003
I received this as a complimentary sample after I ordered several other samples and am I ever so thankful that I recieved this! It is a beautiful scent. Not sure where the chocolate smell comes in because I don't think it smells anywhere near like chocolate. It is a very *subtle* vanilla/musky scent which is super sexy. 10 *s!
By   - Knitting away from in Kansas City on 10/27/2003
Sooooo delicous! The vanilla is so soft and sexy at the same time.....my Holy Grail of perfume!
By  on 10/13/2003
Bought this scent when it first came out and it was not what I thought it would be. Not bad, but not baby powder like I was thinking. Well got a sample to retest and this scent has really grown on me. It is like comfort. My husband adores this scent. He finds it very sexy. I am not sure if it is sexy or not, but it does smell wonderful. I love it more and more ever single time I wear it. I love pairing this with Laura Mercier Creme Brulee body products. UNREAL!!!!!! Lea is wonderful and I want a bottle for every room in my house. I wish I could give this scent a 10. Thank you Lucky Scent for finding this scent.
By   - from LA on 9/22/2003
This is absolutely the best!!! I can't get enough of this fragrance. When I wear it I get compliments all the time about how great I smell. Just the best.
By   - from Albion, NY on 9/20/2003
This is my most favorite fragrance to wear. It is so incredibly smooth and dreamy with a luscious vanilla. almond, and chocolate note. It's like dessert, and for vanilla or foody-scents lovers, this is the best. Love it!
By   - Editor on 9/4/2003
Wow. This makes me wanna lick my wrist! It smells so delicious. Musky, almondy vanilla caramel. Mmmmm. My four year old says it smells like ice cream...maybe the creaminess of it? We both love it!
By   - from San Francisco on 8/30/2003
I'm a big fan of vanilla perfumes, but this one adds a little extra. It's soft, but a little deeper than a traditional vanilla perfume which makes you feel extra sexy. I've only worn it twice and already have received compliments.
By   - from NJ on 7/24/2003
Fantastic stuff. Some have mentioned an almost chocolate feel, but not on me (if you want chocolate, check out Serendipitous). Lea is soft almond/vanilla/musk that is one of the best vanillas I've ever encountered. Now, if they just had a parfum strength....
By   - from Juno on 7/22/2003
Absolutely love this!! I reminds me of a tropical vacation, with out being too coconutty. Just lush and sensual, a real treat!
By   - from Wilmington,NC on 7/18/2003
I love this scent. I love the slight cocoa smell after it's dried. It's soft and not overpowering at all. Very sexy but I wish it lasted longer.
By   - from Denver on 7/17/2003
Lea is soooo sexy and inviting. It's the kind of fragrance that people just want to snuggle up next to you. To me it's better than those other fragrances out there with similar notes. Lea is softer and sweeter and the staying is pretty good. This one is a keeper!
By   - At home mom from Atlanta on 7/7/2003
This is incredible stuff. Ultra addictive, sexy, delicious, warm, fresh. I have been looking for my perfect fragrance all my life and now I've found it. I can't imagine ever growing tired of it.
By  on 7/4/2003
Smells great! Vanilla with a little something extra. If you like this scent, and want it in something other than purfume (i.e. lotion, candles, bodywash, etc.) try Warm Vanilla Sugar at Bath & Body Works. It is very similar!
By   - from Atlanta on 6/18/2003
Went one step further recently, after I received the sample. I purchased this, and I'm so glad I did. It smells like nothing else I've ever worn, and lasts. It's subtly sweet and slightly musky, and I'd recommend it highly if you want something warm, enveloping, and unique. Glad I found it!
By   - from New York, NY on 6/13/2003
Very subtle & nice. Reminds me of Comptoir Sud Pacifique's discontinued Vanille Amande. I'm a devout vanilla freak, so this one was a no brainer for me. I love it, but my only complaint is that it doesn't hang around long. This is a scent you have to reapply often!!
By   - from Long Island, NY on 5/21/2003
Received the sample today. The drydown is wonderful! Smells like warm, sweet almonds with a touch of vanilla. Something to consider!
By   - from New York, NY on 5/19/2003
Hmm, guess I am in the minority here, but I didn't think much of this at all!
By  on 5/16/2003
Wonderful. Vanilla, musk and almonds combine perfectly; some smell chocolate, some smell caramel, I smell warm almondy vanilla.
By   - software dev. from Burbank, CA on 5/15/2003
Wow..i dont think this smells a bit like Charlie. I love Lea! It is my favorite!!
By  on 5/10/2003
Wow. I hate Charlie. Luckily I don't think Lea smells anything like it. To me Lea is a "foody" scent with a strong almond note that smells like chocolate in the drydown. It's the perfect summer scent for vanilla lovers who want to switch to something lighter in the warmer months. I would never say that about Charlie, which is, to me, a heavy, floral scent.
By   - Writer on 5/6/2003
Lea is sublimely beautiful; but I would love it in an eau de parfum. Any possibility?
By   - from Ponte Vedra BeachLea on 5/1/2003
This stuff is sublime... sweet, musky, maybe a tad chocolately... my only complaint is that they don't offer it in 16 ounce bottles. (Seriously, could you guys request that for me?)
By  on 2/13/2003
cozy, comfty, lightly chocolately scent. Nothing else like it. So subtle, so understated, perfect for being alone or for sharing with one.
By   - special ed teacher from reston, va on 12/30/2002
This is a scent that makes you a feel a bit selfish. You want to be the only one who smells this good. It's like being enveloped in the softest cashmere sweater that you can imagine on a cold winter's day. You feel sexy, comforted and pampered. It's soft, gentle, sightly sweet with that whisper of chocolate on your skin. Everything about this scent is subtle - nothing "in your face" about Lea...creamy, smooth, beautiful. Don't miss out....you NEED this!
By   - Office Mgr. from Omaha on 12/10/2002
This is the one fragrance that I always get stopped on the street--everybody compliments me on this!!
By   - from Bozeman, Montana on 11/19/2002
A true find. Sweet, with a subtle chocolately feel.
By   - from Beverly Hills on 11/19/2002
i just got this today and i am going to order it for my best friend...i think she'll love it.
By   - mother from fresno, california on 11/12/2002
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