Opium Den
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Okay, we at Luckyscent don't know what a real opium den smells like – no, really we don't... we've never done anything like that, we swear! However, if this candle is at all accurate, opium dens are apparently the best smelling places in the world. A dreamy, languid blend of smoldering resins, opiates and tobacco fumes creates a glorious haze that is, appropriately, completely addictive. If you are a fan of our amber scents, particularly the mesmerizing Fiori d'ambra from Profumum, you really, really need this candle.

Opium Den  Notes

tobacco, resin, opiates

Opium Den Sizes Available
7.4oz $50
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Here's what other people are saying about Opium Den...
i felt it necessary to update my review after burning my new batch of the history candles . while i havent gotten any official confirmation that theyve been reformulated ill say that im almost certain they have. the throw is now MUCH MORE noticeable , i mean w/in minutes of lighting it , even before theres an inch wide pool of melted wax round the wick , i could already smell it . my fav by far is "brothel " . oh god it smells cotdam good p.s. the 5 star im giving this update is for the improved throw . the fragrance itself doesnt appear to have changed (which is a good thing).
By   - nakee pizzaboy from chicago on 4/4/2013
the history line of candles from modern alchemy are available again (tho at the time of this review it doesnt look like luckyscent has them yet) after being gone for a year or so. this candle ironically doesnt smell much like opium but there are some similar nuances. i predominantly smell opoponax, somewhat similar to diptyques opoponax candle. the throw on these candles is notoriously weak. ive burned 3 opium den candles, purchased from different sources, and none of them perfumed well even in a small room. i try to be very fair when reviewing the throw on candles but i think my benchmark is too high, im used to frederic malle candles, not even cire trudon trumps those but the very high price on fm candles reflects the difference. these modern alchemy candles are less pricey and have a weaker throw, HOWEVER these are still some great candles. i like them better than cire trudon, diptyque or l'artisan. the packaging is beautiful (imo better than FM), the ideas behind each history candle is clever and the fragrance of most of them are unique and well thought out. they burn cleanly too w/ a beautifully colored wax. throw on opium den is 2 outta 5. not so good. the fragrance itself is 3 outta 5. its pleasant but i didnt find it to be that unique, specially in comparison to the other history candles. a substitute for opium den is diptyque opoponax. ive just ordered some of the new stock of candles and ill try to update this review if theyve hopefully reformulated them to make them stronger.
By   - nakee pizzaboy from chicago on 4/2/2013
Truly fantastic. Burned down right away, but absolutely warm/woodsy/amber with a hypnotic twist!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 1/16/2010
Absolutely the best candle I have ever bought...Nothing else compares to Opium Den... not even other Modern Alchemy products!
By   - Career Services Director from Annapolis on 6/11/2008
There is an intoxicating sense of comfort and warmth left to linger in the room when burning this candle. We have personally found that it also renders the scent of cigarette smoke into something much more pleasant.
By  on 4/1/2008
One of the cleanest burning candles I've ever burned. The scent is a lovely mix of incense, cherry, cinnamon and amber resins. Very meditative and comforting.
By   - Office Manager from San Diego on 8/30/2007
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