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by Solange

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Stoned, which boasts diamond dust as one of its ingredients, is a perfume unlike any other, truly a liquid jewel. Created for the acclaimed English jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge by the renowned perfumer Lynn Harris, this is a striking, mysterious, fantastically smooth blend, as complex and multifaceted as the gems that inspired it. It starts with the top accord of honeyed citrus and heady flowers, rose and jasmine. The heart is dark and warm, with labdanum, treemoss and heliotrope creating a sumptuous, enveloping effect, which adds an incredibly attractive retro quality to the fragrance, making it reminiscent of the luxurious perfumes of the past. In the base, musk and vanilla showcase the duality of Stoned, its glamorous, arresting, at times animalic side and its surprising, cozy comfort-scent feel. This is truly one of the most breathtaking scents we have encountered lately— it is as opulent and chic as the most fantastic couture gown, and yet there is warmth and softness about it, which feels like a loving touch, and which we find absolutely irresistible. ”One day every woman wakes up wanting diamonds”, believes Solange Azagury-Partridge. We believe that after smelling Stoned, every woman will want to own this beautiful scent housed in this gorgeous glass flacon.

Stoned  Notes

Italian bergamot, classic rose, jasmine absolute, labdanum, tree moss, musk and vanilla bourbon

Stoned Sizes Available
100ml $285
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Stoned...
This is a stunningly gorgeous oriental in the classic style; deep, warm, rich, spicy & smoky. l get the comparisons to Shalimar, but somehow this seems even more complex to my nose, & the sillage & longevity are better. The best part is a wonderfully velvety labdanum note which gives it a narcotic feel, & there's a nice nutty note in the base. Probably addictive & certainly seductive, this is firmly on my wishlist. The quality justifies the price!
By   - from southampton uk on 9/21/2011
The bottle is beautiful, the fragrance is as beautiful, yet Johnson's Baby Powder is beautiful, too. The resemble each other, a lot! I'm not sure I'll repurchase which is not to say I don't love it because I do love it!
By   - Paralegal from Richmond, VA on 7/7/2011's heavily influenced by Shalimar. Heavy lemon powder vanilla...and I feel a tidge of something baaaad. Trying to suggest baaad..this element sort of lies there suffocating under the thick and heavy orientalism. It's like aquaba and anne pliska available here. It didn't capture my heart.
By   - from Vancouver,Canada on 10/24/2010
I love this stuff. I can't justify forking over the $ for it though, so I'll just keep ordering samples.
By   - Director from Missouri on 6/11/2009
stars out interesting but dried down to baby powder. disappointing.
By  on 5/29/2009
I need to test this again. Really liked it when I first tried it but had other things on my mind (and on my skin)at the time...POTL to be exact. Must say though that this is the most awful perfume bottle I've ever seen. Would be wonderful if they put this in a nice spray bottle and hence dropped the price a bit. THE BOTTLE IS BEYOND TACKY!!!
By  on 12/6/2008
I really liked this, but it didn't last long. It's a very soft scent, nice & a little unusual, but not worth the $285.00.
By   - Program Director from Missouri on 4/16/2008
The drydown of Stoned smells a bit like the drydown of Molinard's dowager Habanita. Both have a dusky, baby-powder base lurking beneath a deep rose note. Stoned, though, does not have the tobacco note of the Molinard. It also has a very intriguing fleshy note to it, or perhaps a tanned leather note, that skulks along the bottom of the scent and is mostly noticeable in comparison with sweet scents. I find it fairly subtle and easy to wear. It's another of those so old it's new type of scents and is excessively priced.
By   - Data Entry from Atlanta on 1/20/2008
Reminds me of Vol De Nuit by Guerlain - which is a good thing. :)
By  on 1/15/2008
This is a seriously glamorous fragrance. For grown up girls!! You won't find anything like this churned out with Brit Brit, Paris, Mariah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean John, etc... slapped on the label. I agree with the below comment. This won't be showing up in Macy's or Dillards.
By   - RN on 12/22/2007
This is a gorgeous fragrance. I have gotten many complements on it. It somehow manages to be classic and very sexy at the same time. Almost edible!!. This is not the typical department store fruity/floral scent, nor does it follow the trend of the latest celebutante fragrances.
By  on 12/21/2007
smells yummy but doesnt last
By   - RN from Jax Fl on 11/29/2007
This is a really great, sophisticated scent that actually smells rather animalic on me. Totally sexy!
By   - from San Diego on 9/21/2007
Reminds me of Johnson's Baby Powder. Not unpleasant, but not something I'd want to wear frequently. BF found it "old-ladyish." Developed a hint more white musk - otherwise, still very powdery. Lasted about 4 hours.
By   - Trainer from Washington,DC on 8/27/2007
all i can say is... you get what you pay for. and who wants to have a signature like anyone else? lovely!
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 4/16/2007
At first this smells like an old lady perfume, then drys down to a soft powdery scent. Not bad really, just not worth $285 in the least.
By   - Artist from Washington, DC on 4/6/2007
I quite enjoy this little gem! If you love labdanum I highly rec that you give it a try. This is unlike any of Lynn Harris' other creations and I think she did a super job. The notes are well blended and the base gives it a sexy and feminine feel. Patchouli isn't listed in the notes but I detect a hint...making the labdanum more edgy. Thank you LS for Solange's makes me appreciate the name and bottle even more!
By   - from APO on 3/28/2007
I believe diamond dust smells like $285! Ha!
By   - from Chicago on 3/26/2007
"Stoned" is proof that there are too many new perfumes being introduced. Pleasant enough at the start, but not memorable, and it developed a stale, musty clothes smell by the end of the day.
By   - Librarian from Midwest on 3/24/2007
Five stars for longevity. It lasts forever, nice, pleasant powdery scent, vague hint of iris and sweet honeysuckle. (that's not in the notes descript. but what I smell) But, please, diamond dust? What does that smell like!
By   - from Wilmington, NC on 3/23/2007
Very old lady like to me. Too warm and musky. It almost smelled like perfume gone bad. Which is a shame I was really looking forward to this one.
By   - from Saint Peters on 3/22/2007
Hmmm, I like it, it's very powdery on me, a little sweet, similar to Shalimar without as much bite. I used the sample this morning and now, 3 hours later, I smell a faint spicy baby powder scent. It is nice, sophistocated, not cheap smelling, but for the price, I expected a lot more. Luckyscent, I'll look for this in your "specials" section and maybe pick it up at 75% off.
By   - from Chicago on 3/21/2007
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