L'eau Froide

Eau de Parfum

by Serge Lutens

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The Scoop

After sending ripples of dismay throughout his fandom with his clean-laundry Eau Serge Lutens, the magus of the Palais Royal strikes again. L'Eau Froide isn't cool: it's cold. And though it's as refreshing as a splash of spring water on a sweltering day, don't go mistaking it for cologne: this is a full-on eau de parfum.

The cold, mineral facets of incense are seldom exploited. It is this quintessentially oriental ingredient that Serge Lutens asked Christopher Sheldrake to chill out. Though the house never gives out notes, the skin-cooling effects of ginger – and perhaps mint – are perceptible, while the naturally citrusy top notes of incense resin blend with aromatic and peppery facets. A cocktail of musks warms the blend in the drydown.

If hell ever froze over, this is what fallen angels would smell of. Pretty cool, actually.

L'eau Froide  Notes

Cool notes, peppery notes, ginger, aromatic notes, incense, musks

L'eau Froide Sizes Available
50ml $110
100ml - L’eau Froide $160
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about L'eau Froide...
I just hugged a magnificent pine tree in a cold, snowy forest. Then I sank down to the forest floor to smell the richness of the earth and the tartness of new spring flowers under the pine needles. Heaven!
By   - Marketing from Kansas City on 8/5/2013
Just bought a bottle. This new eau is amazing. It is in the family of the first eau but it appears to be its mad version. There's something nervous and vibrant about it. And to tell you frankly, I find some kind of warmth to its icy ness . Very poetic: like a flower made of dry-ice...
By  on 8/10/2012
I have read multiple reviews on Serge Lutens L’eau Froide after I sampled it. It's a very good thing that I didn't read any reviews beforehand or I might have been dissuaded about even giving this one a try. I am liking this fragrance very much! I don't know why all the negative reviews every place else. Yes, it stays cool but not cold; more of a water scent with my chemistry. The incense is not pronounced and just floats on the waves of water. I get no obvious pepper note or minty note (as some claim mint to be there). They must be confusing 'cool' note with 'minty'! And I strongly disagree with others assessment that this is cheap smelling, which it is not. Also disagree with the idea that it is more of a masculine fragrance. Not when I wear it! It is a little unusual, but who wants to be like everyone else?
By  on 6/8/2012
My husband gave me this as anniversary gift and I was over the moon because I am a huge Serge Lutens fan. Imagine my devastarion when I sprayed it on ... and nothing. Five seconds later I could hardly smell it on my skin. And my skin is usually very receptive to scents. I loved the little I could smell. This is the same sort of scent as Voyage d'Hermes - another favorite of mine - in the sense that it is a gorgeous, fresh perfume, but without the annoying overly-citrusy notes so pervasive in most summer scents, high- or low-end. Hubby said he got it at this site (LuckyScent), so it must be OK. Right? And he got me the big size, bless him. I can't tell you how disappointed I am. Doesn't anymore make perfumes with good staying power anymore? Because of that, I had to give it only two stars. The scent itself is lovely ... if you can grasp it at first spray.
By   - from Boise on 6/1/2012
This smells incredible!!! I just put on my sample and it is unlike anything I have smelled before!!! I think I will definitely buy a bottle of this!!! I am going to give it the test first, see if anyone notices my scent and if my hubby likes it!!! I smell all the notes listed above and the description is perfect!!!
By   - Consultant from Baton Rouge on 5/5/2012
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