Turtle Vetiver Back

Eau de Parfum

by LesNez

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The Scoop

After Exercise 1 and Front, this is the third installment in the conceptual Vetiver series created by Isabelle Doyen for Turtle, “an anarchic salon” bringing together like-minded artists from various fields both online and in the real world.

The Turtle Vetiver opus kicked off with a nearly pure vetiver oil, which Isabelle Doyen considers a perfume in itself. Each following installment will subtly tweak the note. Turtle Vetiver Front boosted the oil's smoky and flinty facets, adding an odd, creamy dollop of coconut to tame the raw power of the first version.

Turtle Vetiver Back introduces a new player: a violet note that jumps out at first sniff, anchored to vetiver by its woody facet, while its powdery effects are boosted by a puff of musk. “I've worked on the idea of the smell of skin, of delicate flesh”, Isabelle Doyen explains. As she was working on Annick Goutal's Mimosa at the time, in went mimosa absolute to bolster the powdery skin texture, while adding a tiny, aqueous snapped peapod note that brings a fresh vegetal aspect to the violets.

But though the author sees Back as “the most civilized” scent of the series, make no mistake: this is still very much a no-holds-barred vetiver, worthy of succeeding the cult-status of Exercise 1.

Turtle Vetiver Back is a limited edition, so if you've missed the first two versions or used up your bottles, don't pass up this chance at experiencing an “outlaw perfume in progress”.

Turtle Vetiver Back  Notes

Vetiver, coconut lactone, violet, mimosa absolute, musk

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OK! I cannot begin to describe this one. The first smell is very spicy almost stingent. Dont smell it then, wait a few minutes. Then it dries down to a softer muskier scent that keeps me sniffing. However, it does seem to fade away quickly with my sample. I will wat and see.
By   - teacher from casper on 5/14/2013
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