The Unicorn Spell

Eau de Parfum

by LesNez

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The Scoop

Inspired by the scent of leaves, frost and violet blooms at dawn, by moonlight and transparency, The Unicorn Spell is an exquisite violet fragrance that combines dry elegance with sweet, cashmere-like softness. The cold, green top notes, the subtly sweet, berry-like accord in the middle, the delicate woodiness of the drydown paint the image of a violet growing in an enchanted forest. Supremely well blended, soulful and graceful, this scent is truly magical.

The Unicorn Spell Sizes Available
50ml $125
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about The Unicorn Spell...
:/ green bean tea. *scratches head* little violet pokes her head. enough said. zero stars. /:
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 6/10/2016
I got this as a sample and upon my first sniff, I wasn't impressed at all; i smelled too cold and metallic. However, after wearing it a couple of times, it grew on me. I felt as if I were a mystical being living on the dark side of the moon. Needless to say, it was a welcome change from my usual perception of myself, so for that, I appreciate The Unicorn Spell. Would I buy a full bottle? Maybe!
By   - Professional Collector from Los Angeles on 12/6/2015
I don't know about violet blooms at dawn. What hits you here is birch leaf, very reminiscent of a speciality from one of the well known supply firms. Normally I like this smell, but for me this particular one is crude and unartistic, I have to say.
By  on 7/20/2014
The description for this is beautiful and I thought I would love it. I couldn't believe it when I put it on and got green beans! The green beans stayed from beginning to end though some violets showed up briefly in the middle.
By   - from CT on 12/22/2012
yes, this does smell like green beans to begin with, particularly my baby's green bean baby food, but after that it's awsome! very nice and different!
By   - pharmacy tech from chapmansboro on 9/27/2012
An intriguing and ensorcelling violet masterpiece. Of all the violet scents I have tried (Serge Lutens, Geo F. Trumper, Annick Goutal, and even the famous Berdoues), this is the one which keeps me coming back. It opens with a pungent green note, exuding the essence of violet leaves. This is quickly followed by the violet's cool and metallic side -- an exhilarating second act. For an encore, you are treated to something evocative of dark earth and decaying leaves, moistened by a heavy rainfall. It eventually dries down to just the tenderest amethyst floral whispering from beneath a bed of soft and precious woods. Excellent sillage and longevity on me. A must-have for any violet lover.
By   - Illustrator from NYC on 1/17/2012
Okay everyone - I bought a bottle of this and surprisingly in is 2/3 gone. I keep coming back to this because it makes me feel good. Walk in the woods...smell of leaves and pine ...something that keeps bringing me back. Not a sexy or feminine sent but one that you can wear all day . Would not wear on a date but great for work.
By   - Director from Wallingford on 3/25/2011
The candy side of violet overtaken by yard clippings. So green, reminded me of Comme De Garcons Calamus--milky green, acrid, weedy-grass, not dry floral grassy. Was looking for something akin for Luten Bois de Voilet and this was not it.
By   - blister from France on 11/16/2009
Exceptional--violets, vegetables, cool, and dry. Nothing else like it!
By  on 11/8/2009
Interesting scent-dark, earthy, very woodsy. Better as a room freshener or in a hope chest
By   - Florist from Golden on 11/17/2008
The violet notes in this were so vivid at first that I had the impression of biting into a giant Sweet Tart. As the scent progressed the Sweet Tart reference fade away to nothing and I was left with an entrancing violet on a bed of soft green leaves. Very nice!
By   - Acting Teacher from Yakima on 10/17/2008
Don't know where you are getting green beans from ! Nothing but pure joy in a bottle ! I love this ! A masterpiece .
By  on 9/20/2008
Completely lovely cool dark scent. Evolves over about an hour to gorgeous quiet dark violet.
By   - advertising from new york on 8/6/2008
ha! green bean is right! on me i get green bean, green bean, sharp green bean. too bad, because a whiff of the tester does not smell like that...must just be me.
By   - retail from Toronto on 4/15/2008
Good description and a good name for fragrance. Cold, fresh and shimmering in the light of the moon is a good description. There is a hint of misty green and slightly chilled berries, but its all cool violet and dry iriis standing in the night. A unique effect - kind of dreamlike. Lasts about 3 hours max. A work of art.
By   - artist from Oklahoma City on 4/14/2008
Top and heart notes pure soap. Then gone.
By  on 4/6/2008
This so welcome because it's a violet fragrance that's not sweet, cloying or old-ladyish. The only scent I know of that resembles it is the now-discontinued Perfect Twilight by Perfect Parfums.
By  on 3/18/2008
I'm in love with this perfume. I got a huge bunch of samples and this is the only one that truly matched the ultra-florid description offered by luckyscent. I'm very fair skinned and I think my body chemistry is rejecting the spicier, heavier scents I was hoping would work, but I'll forgo obvious sexiness for this wholly unique scent that just WORKS on me.
By   - law from nashville on 2/21/2008
Was really looking forward to this one, but it's too dry for me.
By   - from Hammond, LA on 1/11/2008
spelling correction on last post: "its" not "it's"!
By  on 10/9/2007
If you are looking for a sexy, signature fragrance--one vibrating with heat and life--than "Unicorn Spell" might not be for you. This is an "experience" scent, or a scent that tells a distinct story...and this story is more mythic and quiet in nature, than sensual. "Unicorn Spell" is fairly green and smells faintly of bulbs and earth, but mostly, there is a mineral mistiness to this scent that inspires images of a steamy morning brook, rolling over stones. It does invoke the hazy smokiness of leaves; however, it also smells surprisingly close to the smoky clouds that rise off the clothing of cigarette smokers when they come in from the great outdoors; I imagine a majestic, glowing unicorn, gliding through a primeval wood...all while battling a smoker's cough. Overall (cigarette smoke overtones or not), a lovely scent, but one I'll only visit once in a while. Also, it's haunting, ethereal chilliness almost leaves one too vulnerable for spectral encounters! I think wearing this to bed might conjure up some bizarre dreams :).
By  on 10/9/2007
I agree with the previous commenter. It starts out cold and almost dirt-like, but not in a bad way. It's a very difficult scent to describe. On my skin, it eventually softens to a light, noninvasive mossy scent. This one definitely grew on me. Very unique, but not for everyone.
By   - from New York on 7/20/2007
Very different. Fresh and clean but dark, dank, and cold at the same time. This conjures up a dozen images. A vegtable garden - plants (green beans if you insist!) and dirt. A cold, dark, wet cave. Lying in wet grass, under the moon. Its very interesting. Although iit seems it wouldnt appeal to the masses, its a wonderful scent.
By   - from chicago on 5/23/2007
The top note smelled like lima beans to me, and yet, strangely, I was not put off by this. I don't know if I'd actually wear it or buy a bottle but it is unique and surprisingly pleasant, very fresh and modern.
By  on 4/9/2007
Couldn't even describe what this smells like. Just did not smell good to me at all. Kind of cheap!
By   - Artist  from Bowie, MD on 2/21/2007
My favorite review of this started, "A green bean walks into a bar. . ." And that's just what the top note smelled like to me. Fresh green beans. It's an interesting smell, particularly if you aren't into fruity florals, which it is absolutely not. It's green, and interesting, and subtle and complex in it's own way. Not what everyone would call a perfume, but a fragrance presence, for sure.
By   - Artist from Alexandria, VA USA on 12/13/2006
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