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Perfumer Brent Leonesio is known for his line smell bent and the cheeky, fun and affordable scents that are his trademark. His new creation for UNTITLED is taking his talent to a higher level and putting us on notice that a serious perfumer is here.

Untitled No. 8 is not for the faint of heart-- and don't say we didn't warn you...

Oud, musk and civet make this scent of the most feral perfumes we've come across in, well, ever. While completely modern it also reminds us of vintage perfumes- few if any today would dare to create a scent this rich, this bold or this... the only way to put it is sexual. It's the scent of the jungle, beautiful but filled with predators. As the scent mellows this big cat starts to purr: the civet becomes welcoming with the musk maturing into an embrace. Narcissus casts it's sweet spell over the scent, drawing you closer. There's still danger here; the claws just temporarily sheathed. In the imagination we see Kim Novak in Vertigo: the raw carnality of her contained in her constricting grey suit and blond chignon, a woman of secrets-- secrets that could be deadly. But like Jimmy Stewart in the film, we can't help but follow her scent to wherever it might lead us...

Limited Edition of 100

No. 8 by Brent Leonesio  Notes

Narcissus, civet, fur, tobacco, feral musk, oud, black leather

No. 8 by Brent Leonesio Sizes Available
8ml $60
.5ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about No. 8 by Brent Leonesio...
If you want a real "pooh" smell, get Bonnie Billy By Sanae Intoxicants. This is quite tame compared to that, a 1 vs. a 10 on the pooh scale. This scent: I quite like it. When I first smelled it a year ago, I was wary of it, as I hadn't ventured into this territory before, and I was cautious about not applying to much when wearing it out and about. Quite honestly, I feel like my sample a year ago was stronger than the bottle I bought a year later... (recently.) Perhaps it has mellowed on the shelf. You need to apply a good 4 dots before the scent becomes whelming/body enveloping. If you just apply one or two dots, it is a scent that will be just for you. It's a little dusky, a little boundary-pushing, but not at all vile. It has a flowery feminine grown up-ness as time moves on. To me, it’s a warm vintage smell, comforting, motherly in a very adult, grown-up way.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 8/28/2015
Ripe stank... I thought my sample may have gone bad. Ripe decay like my compost bin after filling on day 7.
By   - Financial from San Francisco on 7/24/2014
And there you go: a straight-up animalic musk, with civet predominating. Those who have sampled real civet, castoreum, ambergris, hyrcium, etc., will not be alarmed at all by this: it's just that pure, dusky animal pheromone, and yes, slightly fecal, but the other ingredients here-- delicately floral, aromatic, woody-- smooth it out into something just wonderful. My first thought on smelling it is: Guerlain. The notes of #8 are very much like the foundations of MITSOUKO, SHALIMAR, L'HEURE BLEUE, JICKY, SAMSARA, Or like the base of Rochas FEMME. In short, what you're smelling here in #8 is a very old, venerable accord from history's greatest perfumes. It's marvelous, ultra-glam, ultra-Old World perfumery. Note that #8 has very low sillage, and hugs the skin tightly... like a suggestive animal purr. the ultimate perfume for your Little Black Dress or black leather aviator's jacket. easily unisex. Best, probably, for autumn and winter wear. Would make a superb blender for any floral or oriental. I want a full bottle, please!
By   - digital artist from boerne, TX, USA on 7/9/2014
Wow. Yikes. And it's not like I wasn't warned. Thank goodness for the narcissus, which seems to dominate on my skin after the skank lightens up. Feral? Most definitely. Enjoyable? I think so. I'm just so intrigued by this blend, will see how it wears on its own, provided I'm allowed to in my house. As a commenter said earlier, it might be the most difficult fragrance I own. And that makes me happy :)
By   - photographer from Los Angeles on 12/27/2012
All kidding aside, this is stunning! Perfume just like the old days. Thank you Brent for not being afraid to do it up dirty like it was meant to be. I remember most of my mother's fragrances had this growling, and somewhat unapproachable yet alluring smell and Brent has recreated it. While all the other perfumers are busy cleaning up their creations to the point of complete blandness, it does my heart good to find someone bold, creative and talented enough to make this beauty. Ten thumbs up!! I only wish this came in EdP as the sillage is limited in an oil (for those of us willing to push the limits)
By  on 1/24/2012
Okay, I'm not reviewing the perfume here, I'm reviewing the reviews. Hilarious! Any perfume that can illicit this type of response must be mine. Here I come claws and all!!
By  on 1/12/2012
Those who badmouthed Musk Koublai Khan and called it fecal need apologize. By comparison, Musk Koublai Khan is lovely ( the smell of sex ) in comparisson to this witch's brew. Untitled no 8 is just poooh undisguised. No flowers, no wood, no smoke, no fruit, no aldehydes. FECAL with a capital F. I tried it on both skin and paper, and came back to periodically to see if it would transform as perfumes do in stages. POOH is POOH is POOH. Its pretty much the same all through out. On a whim, I layered it with Chanel no 5 ( Gabriel would be rolling in her plot) the fecal smell disappeared, but I noticed it made rose,jasmine and aldhyde aspects stronger_ it made no5's flowers smell richer and the aldehydes smell sharper. And the dry down smells just like Naag Champa incense. This is not something you would wear on its own, its something that you would layer in very minute quantities with pretty-pretty fragrances to make them more interesting.
By   - Nurse on 8/18/2011
I expected this to be much more raw and animalic than it actually is. Instead of a panther purring, it's just a teeny kitten. Warm, comforting, but I'd rather wear Bodicea the Victorious Complex to get the intended effect.
By   - from Chicago on 6/14/2011
This makes Secretions Magnifique seem positively clean. This reminds me of using the portajohn in the infield of the Preakness Stakes at the end of the day - overflowing from a day of drunken overuse. It probably deserves 5 stars for this achievement.
By   - from El Paso on 5/31/2011
I admire the artistry, but the scent is terribly unpleasant. Halitosis and inadequately wiped bottom in a bottle. Definitely not sexy in my opinion. But I'll give it two stars because at least it's not boring.
By   - from Baltimore on 5/9/2011
I tried the perfumer's Commando scent under the Smell Bent brand and this seems to be a further continuation into the dirty musk realm. This is better. It's an extremely dirty, sweaty, skanky musk - barn-like would be an apt description - and far more demanding than something like SL's MKK, which I absolutely love. Although I am enjoying my sample of this, I don't think I would wear this on such a regular basis as to warrant a bottle purchase - but, who knows, that might change. Having said that, this is a well-done dirty musk and if you can handle it, more power to you.
By   - from NYC on 3/9/2011
This is a hard scent for somebody to understand if skanky, animalic, musky, feral scents are not one of their favorites. Right out of the bottle I can see how it is off-putting to most. It makes no bones about what it is. It's lust and sweaty bedsheets decanted. It's Pandora's Box. Nice and unassuming on the outside but a world of sin and pleasure when opened. Mr. Leonesio visited the musk theme with his understated classic Commando. With No.8 he perfected it.
By   - Darwinism Intervention Specialist from Phoenix on 3/2/2011
If you can survive the top notes (which do present on my skin as very fecal/horrible breath/oral decay/extreme body odor), the musk lurking under and around these is nice enough. But the effort it takes to get there is something I'd rather not endure again. Even smelling this wafting off someone in close quarters might prove difficult to my stomach. Props for the creativity and obvious adventurous spirit behind the scent, but for me it is like Secretions Magnifique in that it would be an interesting scent accompanyment perhaps to art or something similar, but definitely not something I'd want on my skin ever again after one test dab. I'm certainly not a musk sissy and everyone's idea of what smells good will vary, and one who doesn't "get" or love this isn't necessarily strictly a fruity florals only person, btw. This is just not for me so it is back to MKK, Kingdom, Kiehl's, Ajmal frags, Musc Ravageur and Narcisse Noir for my anamalic/skank fix.
By   - Writer from Western Michigan on 2/23/2011
It's so good to be bad. Dirty, sexy, skanky yet three dimensional. A luxury scent that brings emotions to life and has you sniffing for more. This scent is for a strong personality that does not mind shocking others but embraces the thrill of it. Be warned... if you are scared to try this, don't! If your intrigued, buy it because its a limited edition.
By   - Banker from San Diego on 2/13/2011
like narcisse noir with less narcisse, no orange flower and more civet. would prefer more narcisse, then it would be my HG. Yes, it does smell like a barn animal.
By   - from chi on 2/9/2011
A deceptively simple blend that really delivers a true animalic aura that roars, growls, stalks and purrs - feral is the right word for this. All you folks complaining about it - why bother? Get back and retreat to your tangy lollypop frags and get out of our way before we maul you with claws ;)
By   - Creative Director from Winston-Salem, NC on 2/2/2011
non-sharp, unwashed body (I wouldn't call it "body odor", just unwashed body). I like it a lot. It is definitely a step beyond MKK. It smells like people who have been out at the beach all day, and have returned to their cabin which has it's windows open, salty ocean wind blowing through and stroking sun-soaked skin that's been deeply tanned (or even burned a little bit). These people are lovin each other and the day. It reminds me of the air on the Adriatic sea that blows over salty skin, Yum.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 2/2/2011
OK, folks. To me, MKK and I-Hate-Perfume Musk Reinvention are TAME. But THIS? (Gulp.) Pardon my candor among polite company, but it smells like the rotting food stuck in the holes in my mouth after having my wisdom teeth removed...or--worse yet--EXACTLY like my psychiatrist's breath, which--before now--I had attributed to him having swallowed a dead animal. I am both perplexed and delighted that some of you like, and even LOVE it. (YIKES!)
By   - Consultant from Grosse Pointe Farms on 2/1/2011
this doesn't smell like poo at all. that's completely absurd. clearly the reviewer below has no understanding of what a true, animalic musk smells like. you were warned about the scent, and clearly you couldn't handle it. pity, because it is a beauty.
By   - from nyc on 1/23/2011
OMG! The absolute PERFECT musk, especially if you're into the animalic side of musks. #1 - You'd better like musk and #2 - Sit down before you open the bottle. No. 8 is the only musk that blows Lutens' MKK totally out of the water. Like being at a sweaty Renaissance banquet, complete with all the dogs running around looking for bits of food. Superbly skanky!
By   - from the South on 1/22/2011
imagine finishing up the dirtiest love-making you can imagine and being so entranced by the smell that you refuse to shower. this smell is difficult and beautiful, intimate and intoxicating. you'll want yourself when you wear it. incredibly unique and a true experience.
By   - from portland, or on 1/21/2011
It's repulsive and magnetic. I love it. Layer it with something sweet. Or not. It may be the most difficutl fragrance I own, another reason to love it.
By  on 1/20/2011
How do I describe this. other than as a work of art? Even lovers of skank will be pushed to their limit, but this is somehow also really beautiful. I feel like this is how an aboriginal person would perfume themselves, with stuff they find on the ground rubbed onto their bodies. Alluring, sexual as hell, vaguely repellent, incredibly visceral. When would I wear this?? Definitely for the adventurous - this is not a "pretty" perfume!!
By   - from San Francisco on 1/19/2011
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