Eau de Parfum

by Profumi di Pantelleria

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A man wearing rolled-up jeans and a weathered white pullover made of thick wool walks along the beach at sunset, in the calm that always follows a stormy Mistral high tide. Light-footed and fancy free, he breathes in the fresh bite of aromas enhanced by the forces of nature. Salty sea air, the damp wood of a burnt-out bonfire, a vague sense of exotic spices and citrus trees, the unmistakable briny aroma of seaweed washed up on the beach. The mysterious appeal of the coast in winter, solitary and poetic, real and intense is framed by the deep blue of the sea and the grey of the cliffs and the rocky beach. A magical hybrid between a seadog and a poet. A thinking man, sincere and simple, who knows how to appreciate nature's tiniest messages.

Maestrale captures the surreal peacefulness that follows the howl of the surf-ridden sea... Delicate citrusy and aromatic top notes are a prelude to a flowery, spicy middle that rests on woody, green and amber bottom notes. Timeless and introspective.

Maestrale  Notes

bergamot, lavender, rhubarb, rum, jasmine, iris, cardamom, coriander, cedarwood, vetiver, ambrette seeds

Maestrale Sizes Available
100ml $150
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Maestrale...
I couldn't agree more with Sarah B's comment. This is the Northern California coastline in a bottle. A beautiful scent. I wear it often to remind me of my many years living north of San Francisco. There is a distinct body odor phase that runs from about minute five to minute 15. It's intriguing, not gross, and soon fades to a wonderfully warm light spice. I wear this at home all time, and when I wear it out I just make sure to apply 30 minutes before leaving the house. This is a fantastic fragrance.
By   - from Boston on 8/24/2014
This fragrance smells so good the first few seconds, but then turns into something that I would describe as a sweaty, musty smell that is very unpleasant and makes you regret you ever put this perfume on...
By   - from Stockholm on 5/11/2013
I purchased a sample of this scent and was surprised to find, upon smelling it, that the memory of its description was conjured instantly. I am elated - I have never had a more perfect fragrance connection. If you've been on any hikes near the beach along the Pacific coastline *THIS* is pretty close to what you'll smell, there's sage, there's earth and yet it's still a very crisp and clean fragrance. The woodsy quality is present in a really delicate manner, it's not bracing. If you like things to be sweeter or have a trace of vanilla, then you probably will not be a fan of Maestrale. If you, like me, enjoy the more herbal scents of the Pacific coast, then I recommend picking up a sample because this just makes me really happy.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles on 10/9/2012
Fantastic, fantastic scent. Romantic and spicy, and it lasts forever. I think it's definitely more of a man's scent. It does take me back to my younger days as a sailor and reminds me a bit of a campfire on a beach.
By   - designer from Ann Arbor, MI on 4/10/2012
I hate that I really enjoyed this when I first smelled it, and it got gradually more annoying to my nose up to a point at which I had to throw the sample away.
By   - from Moscow to London on 8/20/2011
This just smells like formic acid to me, which is not the way I want to spend the way smelling. Definitely a scrubber.
By   - from Wellington on 4/26/2010
love this but I think it's definitely a man's scent. I'll give the sample to my son. It is a fabulous men's scent - clean, crisp and strong.
By   - from Brooklyn NY on 2/24/2010
I own it...I love it! Not an everyday's tart and quite unique. I use it mostly as a summer scent during our infernal summer heat. It wears well and is quite masculine.
By   - tour guide from vegas on 7/18/2009
My predecessors have described it well. While I guess this could be unisex, it seems more masculine to me. Perhaps a woman could pull it off, but I think this would be more comfortable on a man.
By  on 2/1/2009
Salted rhubarb. Much better than that sounds. It really does call up a sea wind, with a touch of sweet/sour. All-purpose & lovely & definitely fine for women.
By   - from Minnesota on 9/4/2008
Classy fragrance, long lasting & great sillage. Versatile and could be worn anytime, anywhere. IMO this is a mssculine fragrance, but I suppose the right woman could pull it off. I agree with previous reviews that state a similarity to Bursch, but this one is better IMHO.
By  on 5/13/2008
I really like this fragrance, with a "but..." It's distinct and classy, but it's a fragrance that I love to smell but wouldn't want to smell like. I tend to like to wear softer scents like this, but this particular one might really be nicer on a woman (and that's saying a lot, coming from me). Try a sample first if the notes look appealing, like they did to me. The only other thing I can think of is that it might be better in spring or summer.
By   - Grad Student from Chicago on 2/3/2008
Lasts forever. Very nice drydown with the cedar and vetiver. You definitely will get the bang for your buck on this one. Starts off similar to Acqua di Biella - Bursch, but then diverges away and becomes something much more distinct and masculine.
By  on 8/24/2006
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