Ca Luna

Eau de Toilette

by Acqua di Biella

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The Scoop

Cool and full of shadows, this reminds us of the family palazzo we wish we had grown up in. Ancient walls covered in lichen and silver-toned ivy. The statue garden where the moonlight played tricks and you could swear the marble gods and goddesses were sneaking up on you. The long corridors draped in ancient tapestries where we ran as children. Well, where we would have run, had we actually grown up in a palazzo. When we close our eyes and sniff this, we almost believe that we did. We breathe in the scent of old stone walls and wooden floors burnished for centuries. We hear distant cathedral bells and the hushed whispers of secrets told in other rooms. A resinous blend of elemi, galbanum and mastic is mellowed with the warmth of sandalwood, leather and musk. Grace notes of green ivy and white pepper add a touch of crispness. Clean, but moody, this is the air just before a thunderstorm.

Ca Luna  Notes

Galbanum, fennel, mastic tree, ivy, white pepper, elemi, rum, sandalwood, leather, musk

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Here's what other people are saying about Ca Luna...
This is one of my all time favorite scents. It isn't sweet at any point on me. I adore the bright leather top note. In the dry down, it has a lovely, warm plant-like spice to it. It is very sophisticated and complex. I get compliments on it all the time.
By  on 5/18/2010
This smells like Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male
By   - Fragrance Ho from NYC on 5/15/2008
I also agree with the previous review,its okay,Its really sweet,after the drydown.
By   - Perfume lover from Cincinnati on 4/21/2008
Here's the recipe for this fragrance, 2 parts Lolita Lempicka for men, 1 part Joop and 1 part Farhenheit and a little Cool Water thrown for good measure. Sounds bad as a recipe but it's quite nice. And given the recipe ingredients you know then that this is not a subtle scent, this is obvious, maybe even obnoxious, but obnoxious in a naive way that you can forgive. How's that for a pretentious review. Basically what I am saying is this isn't really boutique worthy, fairly mainstream department store-esque but nice nonetheless. And by nice I mean it's not offensive.
By   - from all over on 4/17/2008
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