Eau de Parfum

by M. Micallef

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The Scoop

Bejeweled with Swarovski crystals delicately set by hand, this precious bottle which is part of the Jewels collection contains nectar of an absolute sensuality.

Ylang is composed of a balanced floral bouquet warmed by sunny notes suggesting southern islands: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla.

Ylang  Notes

Tangerine, geranium, sage, rosemary, artemisia, Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, lily of the valley, magnolia, mint, coconut, vanilla, musk, moss

Ylang Sizes Available
100ml $235
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Ylang...
I enjoy other M. Micallef scents for the scent alone. However this one reminds me of Vanilla Fields which I wore in college. So I enjoyed testing it for nostalgic reasons. Do I want to own it? No, all I get is vanilla on my skin and with a name like Ylang that's not what I expected. No, it is not worth the price to me and Micallef has other better scents I enjoy and wear. It is a lovely scent and if vanilla is your thing this may work for you.
By   - Account Manager from Oklahoma city on 5/23/2016
Gentle and beautiful. I love it.
By   - managerial from Manchester on 11/8/2015
this has to be one of my wife's very favorite scents! a certain repeat--which reminds me, it's time to re-order
By   - chiropractor from bound brook on 9/11/2015
Such a pleasure to wear! Warm vanilla, cooled with a soft clean floral halo.
By   - from Madison, WI on 4/9/2014
Tropical fragrance; pretty and interesting. It has more going on that just sweet flowers and coconut, thankfully. Didn't really notice a fruity topnote. I think this may be my favorite tropical fragrance to date. It would be very easy to wear. Informal.
By   - from Columbus on 10/18/2012
Very pretty ylang ylang composition, with some interesting notes that keep it lively. No rubbery notes here. Delicious, somewhat sweet drydown, but not a gourmand. I'd call it a sweet tropical floral. Excellent! Lovely bottle and presentation with the gold mica, too.
By   - from Miami on 10/17/2012
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