Mon Parfum

Eau de Parfum

by M. Micallef

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The Scoop

Mon Parfum was created originally by Geoffrey Newman, Martine Micallef's husband as a gift to his wife, a scent all of her own. It took years of persuasion by friends for her to finally release the beautiful fragrance as part of her collection. It is not surprising that the perfume created with love, is so sensual and lush. The combination of passion fruit, vanilla and caramel lends Mon Parfum a luxurious feel, making it rich and at the same time silky smooth. It is also not surprising that this very personal fragrance has a certain quiet, intimate quality; it draws the wearer into its soft depth, never overwhelming but rather comforting with its delicate sweetness. The fresher floral and citrusy notes as well as vetiver balance the gourmand accord beautifully, lifting the composition, while the deliciously earthy patchouli note grounds it further, enhancing the sublime sensuality of the blend.

Mon Parfum  Notes

Mandarin, orange blossom, vetiver, vanilla, passion fruit, patchouli, musk, caramel

Mon Parfum Sizes Available
100ml $235
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Mon Parfum...
The lovely sales associate at Scent Bar recommended this to me, based on the notes I like in other perfumes. I think this is lovely. I get a big burst of patchouli at first much so that I almost washed it off but it dulls quickly and you just get a creamy, vanilla, citrus musk. I like it...might have to purchase this one :)
By   - from San Francisco, CA on 2/4/2013
I had to give this one a few shots before I fell in love. The first time around, could have been due to my mood but I didn't feel like I could wear this all day. But then I tried it on a different day and just put it in the back of my mind. Then I found myself looking for the incredible musky scent. Its woody and sensual. Then I couldn't stop myself from putting the sample all over my clothes (because I know it will definitely stay on my scarf). I will definitely be buying this one.
By   - App. Supp. from NYC on 12/18/2012
There are at least two Micallef scents I really like (Ananda and Vanille Fleur) but this one is just too woody and musky for me. It starts off nicely but the drydown is just musk and wood and too harsh for my taste.
By   - from Nuremberg on 11/6/2012
I really wanted to love this perfume! I ordered a sample and I agree with some of the other comments here. I did not get the old lady thing but this perfume, for the money is rather nondescript. The dry down is similar to Narcisco Rodriguez For Her. It's soft and powdery but somewhat spicy. It's nice; not offensive but not worth the $$.
By   - Fashion from Denver, CO on 7/5/2012
I was really excited about this one...I even requested a sample from the company itself, which they ignored. So...I ordered one from Luckyscent. Good thing I did, instead of buying it outright. It's interesting musk. However, it doesn't last long and it's, dare I say, very ordinary. I can't imagine ever paying over $200 for a bottle!! For that money, I want something fabulously unique, which this isn't. If I smelled this without knowing anything about it, I would assume it was a $25 bottle of perfume from the drug store.
By   - Educator from Halifax, VA on 4/12/2011
I thought by the description that this could be a nice perfume but instead I felt it was very "old lady" and after about 1hr I gave up and washed it off. This just wasn't my style. I thought it would be more subtle and calm but nope it was all "classic" scent and overpowering.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/1/2011
I bought a sample of this and I love it. It smells wonderful and sweet. It lasts a few hours on me. Too expensive to but a full bottle :(
By  on 1/15/2011
This is gorgeous. It is similar to NR but infinitely better; the dry down is soft, sweet, fresh and exquisite. (NR never settles down and that's exhausting, to me anyway.) Mon Parfum doesn't soften on fabric, so apply carefully if you're sensitive to patch. Bottle split anyone? FBW but so very pricy.
By  on 7/22/2010
This fragrance is totally lux. Rich, sensual, gourmand. Luckily for my pocketbook, it's actually a little too much for my taste, just on the verge of annoying, nearly (but not quite) cloying. When I first put it on I got a strong tobbaco note. As it dried down it was lovely and complex...I think I'd like it snowed in the deep winter. I'm glad to have the sample, but can't go all the way with it.
By   - Video Artist from NYC on 9/8/2009
Yes...yes...yes! This is a wonderful sexy soft perfume. It reminds me very, very much of Narciso Rodriguez, but is softer, rounder, richer and more approachable. It is nothing like Anne Pliska and I doubt true AP fans would find this sweet enough. However, if you like NR or Sarah Jessica Parker's first fragrance you will LOVE, LOVE this it's what both of those perfumes were trying to do!
By   - from LA on 8/10/2009
Aptly named . for me this is the best perfumes of the year. i don't agree at all with the fragrances it is being compared with at the bottom of the page, since skin chemistry is different from person to person, if you like the cult favorite anne pliska and the simple sexiness of aquad e zucchero, you will LOVE this.
By   - journalist from NYC on 7/3/2009
I love this one - LS's description is spot-on. The scent is lush yet quiet, which for me makes it a perfect fragrance. The combo of gourmand notes and earthy base notes works quite well, striking a perfect balance between sweetness and earthiness. Lovely :)
By   - from NYC on 5/25/2009
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