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Who is Ginger Ciao? Vivacious woman about town? Daring international spy? Charming seductress of rock stars and heads of state? Whoever she is, if she smells like this, she can get whatever she wants. Deep, sexy, to-die-for black coconut is the star of this fragrance, adeptly blended with lush night queen, tiger lily, neroli and a splash of ginger and basil. Named for the heroine of a novella to be published posthumously, we suspect that Ginger is Yosh's own somewhat risque alter ego – but for now it remains a delicious mystery. An ideal scent for a walk on the wild side.

Ginger Ciao Eau de Parfum  Notes

Black coconut, night queen, tiger lily, neroli, ylang ylang, ginger, basil

Ginger Ciao Eau de Parfum Sizes Available
50ml $110
.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Ginger Ciao Eau de Parfum...
The ginger is so yummy and intense!!! This is my favorite Indian Summer fragrance!!! I am a Ginger freak though.
By   - Actress from Ammon on 9/30/2015
what's so special about this? suntan lotion for five minutes, then...nothing.
By  on 9/16/2014
When I first opened this, I was put off by how strong and almost incense-like it smelled, but within minutes of touching my skin it settled in and became a gorgeous and addictive scent: exotic, sensual, and the kind of sweet that is clean rather than cloying. Beautiful.
By   - Musician from Portland on 8/23/2014
The best of YOSH. The most creative and unexpected of the bunch. Addictive.
By   - from New York on 9/28/2013
On my skin this is a creamy suntan-lotion scent, with hints of ginger, lily & ylang. l do not detect the basil at all. lt's a pleasant tropical fragrance, but the sillage is weak, & l've smelled much better examples of this genre, notably the far superior Manoumalia.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/21/2011
Amazing sillage, great projection, great scent! The ginger, basil and coconut stand out! This frag runs the full 26 miles. I love it!!
By   - Instructor (5th Dan) from Orlando on 7/8/2011
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