Sottile Perfume Oil
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Newly opened tea roses and freshly picked lily of the valley in a delicate porcelain vase. Simple and lovely. Sottile means subtle in Italian, and it is the perfect name for this soft and gently nostalgic fragrance. It captures a fleeting moment of quiet beauty – the dew on petals before it melts away, the steam rising from a freshly poured cup of tea. Peaceful and sentimental – for the girl who blushes easily.

Sottile Perfume Oil  Notes

tea rose, lily of the valley

Sottile Perfume Oil Sizes Available
8ml $130.00 $104
.4ml $6.00
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Here's what other people are saying about Sottile Perfume Oil...
I adore pure rose scents so I really wanted to love this, but it's too much. It doesn't have the fresh, soft scent of fresh roses. It clobbers you over the head with a super powerful, almost fake rose smell. It gave me a headache.
By Alex on 2/11/2015
I got a sample of this....smells like an old lady...or an old attick w/antiques in it.
By Anonymous - Healthcare from Chicago, il on 2/27/2012
I ordered sample, glad I haven't bought a bottle. It's OK scent, but nothing special for me. My friend from Europe highly recommended Sottile. She is using 3rd!!! bottle already and very pleased with this scent. Highly recommend to order samples before you buy full bottle. We all have different perception of fragrances.
By O.K. - Manager from Santa Rosa, CA on 9/2/2010
A perfect rose soliflore--not too sweet or too sour. Starts out strong, but after 30 minutes it settles down and maintains an even, subtle presence all day. Just a dab of this lasted 12 hours on me. I usually am lucky to get 3 or 4 hours out of most perfumes. The price is high; in fact, you could get a number of samples and get the same total quantity for about half the price. If it were half the price, this would be a no-brainer.
By Laurie - from Texas on 6/27/2010
Objectively speaking it’s a light, pretty perfume with decent lasting power. Subjectively I couldn’t get past the darn tea rose. Also, too much silage, it trailed after me though it seemed faint on my wrist. A beloved secretary told me I made the office smell like a funeral parlor. Ouch. Not a repeat for me.
By Anonymous - Psychologist from New Orleans on 4/10/2008
i have looked for the perfect scent for a long time. i would buy fragrences and then never finish them let alone buy another bottle of the same untill i wore sottile by yosh. everywhere i go i get beautiful coments on how great i smell. people just want to bury their nose in my hair and neck. i love husband loves it..... a little goes a long way ...perfect for me......
By katica - from los angeles on 8/24/2007
Soft, innocent and calming. I usually am not a fan of rose-based perfumes, but the addition of lily makes for a charming effect. The fragrance equivalent of a pair of lace garters: intimate, feminine and a little old fashioned.
By Taryn - from Washington, DC on 7/30/2005
I agree that for the price and apparent simplicity of the blend, you're probably better off with a cheaper tea-rose scent. It is subtle and beautiful, but (surprisingly for Yosh) not very original. I've smelled many other excellent rose fragrances out there, for a fraction of the price.
By Anonymous on 7/23/2005
I have looked for the right blend of lily of the valley and rose for most of my life, I think. I used to mix Diorissimo with Rose Absolue to try to get this effect. It was never quite right, but close. This is right.
By Margaret - professor from Chevy Chase, MD on 2/11/2005
it's exactly as the description says: rose and lily of the valley. the lily of the valley disappears pretty quickly and then all you smell is the rose. i guess i somehow thought there would be more to it than that.
By Anonymous - from encino, ca on 1/21/2005
This is the ONLY fragrance by YOSH that I personally do not love...I'm afraid that I agree with Ann--for the price, buy some real Rose Absolute or the like--but for Rose LOVERS--this might be HEAVENLY!!!
By Tamara - from Austin Texas on 12/1/2004
Soft, classic tea rose. I couldn't really smell the lily of the valley so much. This really is lovely, and just a dab lasts ages, but it's just not unique enough to justify the price; one might be better off just buying some $12 rose fragrance oil at an herbal apothecary shop.
By Anne - Editor from Seattle on 10/7/2004
If you love the smell of a musky antique book opening for the first time in 50 years, or the smell of antiques in general, you'll love this.
By Lori on 9/22/2004
This has to be one of the most perfect fragrances I have ever encountered. It's the scent of the most beautiful woman in the world as she drifts through the the most elegant hotel in the world on her way to the most romantic encounter imaginable. It's like pale pink roses floating in very dry champagne. Do yourself a gigantic favor and but this little bottle. By the way, one little dab lasted for about 24 hours!!!
By Hilary - writer from Los Angeles on 8/26/2004
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