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CdG wasn't going for the 'mood' of an ancient forest; they were going for the exact scent of the most massive trees ever to inhabit the earth. Evocative and the most unusual of the Red series, Sequoia is a majestic and powerful king (or queen)-of-the-wood fragrance; we smell a touch of moss, tempered by the mystical kara-karounde, a jasmine-like ingredient used in the Congo for fertility spells (hey, don't blame us if things get out of hand). You don't need to sneak into Yosemite and smell the fresh, exposed redwood as you carve your name in a Giant Sequoia-that'll just get you arrested. All you need is a whiff of CdG's Sequoia-all the smell and none of the jail time.

Sequoia  Notes

California redwood, red rum, opopanax, kara-karounde from Guinea, Chinese agarwood, mahogany

Sequoia Sizes Available
100ml - Eau de Toilette $115.00
.7 ml
.7 ml $3.00
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Here's what other people are saying about Sequoia...
Kinda smells like sequioa wood and cinnamon with some wine or something sour. I'm not too into it, but if you like spicier, tangier woodsy scents, try this.
By Anonymous - Student from Chicago on 1/4/2013
Hmmm. Well what is it then , masculine or feminine. Nobody really can say for certain. Reading down the reviews, many references to masucline with a sprinkling of feminine in the earlier reviews. See that is what I find annoying. Namely, those who skew the whole rating and feedback system with their own subjective agendas. In this case, the few individuals who feel safer adopting gender references in fragrance to suit themselves. Alright, I wear one or two scents , though decidely feminine in nature , would never be described as masculine just to appease my own sense of propriety.
By Anonymous - tech from sf on 9/4/2012
Unisex? Yes. Masculine? Yes. Feminine? Oh yes yes very much so! I love this fragrance and I've worn this enough that I can consider it Holy Grail material. Woody yet sweet, perhaps it's what is called resinous sweet. Complex, it changes with my mood. It can be gentle or it can be powerful. Do try this one! It may be much more than you expected!
By Delle`Laurel - Yoga teacher (retired) from Southern Virginia Coastline area on 10/1/2011
Rancid apple juice on me. I'm afraid. Had a sickly sweet smell. I don't get the wood references at all. Want wood? Try Palisander, another in Series 2: Red - the best in my opinion.
By Anthony - from Washington, DC on 8/22/2011
This is my absolute favorite scent to wear. I love the smell of raw, dry woods, my favorite being ones like Sequoia and cedar. I'm a girl and I get so many compliments when I wear this! It really does smell like redwood!
By aminal on 8/9/2011
Everything that Lucky-Scent says about this plus it is completely feminine on me! My husband thinks it's quite feminine. I find it somewhat sweet, feminine and exactly otherwise as described. It's a favorite of mine, I wear it nearly every day since I got it and I don't often wear the same fragrance more than two days in a row!
By Jerri - UPS from Kentucky on 7/16/2011
Well... even though my boss told me that I smelled like bug spray after wearing this, I think I can get passed that and truly find the meaning behind it. Other feedback I've received said that I smelled like Gillette shaving cream, and like a sexy father.
By ChristopherG - Sound Engineer on 1/1/2011
This is my go to signature scent for many years now. It is bold, spicy, masculine, very much a woody man's cologne scent and extremely polarizing. I have been told it smells divine, and also that it smells like pine air freshener that you hang in your car. To each his own. I am a woman who does not enjoy sweet, floral or citrusy perfumes. I only wear this in the fall and winter - it's too heavy for warm temperatures, IMHO.
By Julia - from Toronto on 11/26/2009
Excellent scent! Only problem is that it fades too quick.
By D - Bon Vivant from CA on 11/15/2009
Damp, ancient wood covered in sweet morning dew and that other indescribable 'something' which makes the forest bewitching to the nose. Fades all too quickly, a shame.
By Anonymous - drifter from somewhere on 6/4/2009
My ONLY complaints...It doesnt last long, and the cedar can be a bit strong--in that its a test to see what girls owned a hampster when they were a child...youll get the "cedar chips" comment. Other than that its warm, masculine, and inviting. Good scent.
By Anonymous - Entertainment from Beverly Hills on 11/12/2008
Smells like spicy apple juice. Does not last long.
By Anonymous on 5/8/2008
The most interesting and unique wood fragrance I have ever smelled. I've begun to understand all the hype about CdG, and it is certainly warranted. Don't let the initial blast of cedar in the opening of Sequoia scare you, it dries down quickly into a well blended and unusual scent. Great lasting power, moderate sillage. No harsh chemical miasma here, just a blend of true woods. It is definitely on the masculine side, but still unisex; deep and hearty on a man, and unexpected but compelling on the right woman.
By Lynda - Nurse from St Louis on 3/27/2008
I too smelled cedar at first, but after about 5 minutes it settles into a beautiful woody scent, not harsch, very soft. My favorite of the #2 red line. Softly encases you all day.
By *parfumnut* on 1/8/2008
At first it smelled more complex, like cedar, sandalwood, a little dark or damp and just slightly cold like nighttime. After applying it warmed up quite a bit and lasted all day, but most of the time I could only smell sweet sandalwood. Probably too masculine for me to wear, but maybe nice as a room spray.
By Kalli - photographer on 12/7/2007
What a fantastic fragrance. It's the loveliest autumn day; the kind of day that quietly sends streams of golden light across a thicket, or the oak floors of a library reading room. You don't wear this, it becomes a part of you. It is more of a feeling than a scent, and it evokes forest memories.
By A Little Brittle on 11/15/2007
One of the best fragrances ever created.
By Anonymous on 11/10/2007
I am a big fan of good (that is, not sweet) wood scents. Well, Sequoia does have some very good wood tones. They are resinous and aromatic. But they fight for attention with the boozy and sweet rum notes. Do you splash this on, or put it in a glass on the rocks? Not to my liking.
By s. muir - from edmonton on 10/10/2007
This has the wonderful sweet, musty-wood smell of old leather and books in an antiques store. I adore that smell (although I'm not sure the people around me do quite as much.) Too strong for summer. This isn't a perfume to wear when you're sweaty and hot - it's something for cool, minimalist rooms - a sort of zen spice.
By Odette - Program Associate from Atlanta on 6/3/2007
tried the sample and immediately went to order the full bottle just a few minutes after. Just as woody as the incense line, but none of the smokiness. Very masculine, and maybe it's just me, but I always smell just a hint of cinnamon which really awakens my senses in the morning.
By mike - student from manhattan on 4/10/2007
I like rather heavy, woodsy perfumes and I'm quite used to wearing men's scents too. Having read the description at luckyscent I imagined Sequoia a suitable scent for me. After the first Guerrilla Store had been opened in Krakow, I immediately tried it but unfortunately was quite dissappointed. I guess it's a matter of my body chemistry but after it had dried down a bit, the smell proved to be irritating: overpoweringly sweet, powdery - something that elderly ladies with a penchant for pastels, floral patterns, frills and Barbara Cartland might wear. Ugh!
By Catherine - student from Krakow on 3/28/2007
This is a great masculine scent. Drys down wonderfully. And gets lots of great compliments. My girlfriend loves it on me. Thanks for a great scent.
By DH - Sales from Raleigh NC on 3/11/2007
Funny how opinions change. At first I hated it and thought it smelled like the chippies that line a guinea pig cage. Eventually I became intrigued by Sequuoia and it kept drawing me in. Soon after I was hooked and couldn't get enough. Its intoxicating and hypnotizing and the more I used the more I wanted to use. Its like theres cocaine in the ingredients. It is somewhat one dimensional but easy to get lost in. My favorite thing about this has to be a discovery of note that I missed out on at first, but slowly revealed itself to me. I think it might be cranberry, but more likely its the red rum.
By John - from boston on 2/21/2007
defintely *not* too masculine for *this* woman! i love the strangeness and sheer evocativeness of this scent. it doesn't smell like any tree i've ever met -- but it is woody and slighly bitter and smokey with a faint berry-note -- utterly addictive.
By harper - from L.A. on 12/9/2006
I love the way this smells after it drys down. It's a fragrant woodsy tree with a few other notes that make it the perfect masculine scent ... on me.
By Q - spiritualist from new york city on 11/28/2006
I bought this from the description and postings but had to give it away. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too masculine for a woman and when I wore it my teenager asked "Why does it smell like a gerbil in here?" What she was referring to was the overwhelming scent of cedar... as in cedar chips. Good for a room scent. Maybe the candle would be a nice touch.
By MoonTrout - writer from San Francisco on 11/28/2006
I would definetly say that the smell is haunting. meaning its something you won't forget and you must have. I met a Judge, who stopped me at a conference and he knew that my cologne was rare and loved it.
By Anonymous - law student from d.c on 11/21/2006
I love this scent so much, my ex use to have it and would never tell me where he got it. Well after I broke up with him he finally told me. This scent is very sexy and sophisticated on a man!. a little goes a long way and the sent will stay on your clothes for a long time. its my personal favorite. Oh yeah Im a guy.
By Anonymous - law student from d.c on 11/21/2006
I'm not sure what to think. Very pleasant scent, but far too masculine for my taste. I've given the sample to my husband and I'm sure it'll be brilliant on him.
By Rikki - Teacher from Sweden on 5/25/2006
How dissapointing. An almost absolutely devastatingly georgeous scent RUINED by one single note. I don't know what that note is, but it smells like the same one that ruins Angel.
By JK - lighting tech from los angeles on 5/14/2006
I smelled it once and it stayed on my mind until I bought it. A haunting and subtle mix of cedar, woods, botanicals. don't sleep this is hard to find. unreal.
By Pablo - designer from los angeles on 4/5/2006
It was amazing. It is warm and masculine. probably my 2nd favorite, 1st being harissa. Smells just like a forest.
By Sean - Advertising from new york on 11/30/2005
wow Wow WOW!!! Fabulous for a woman, PHENOMINAL for a man!! Either way you can't go wrong with this one. Although it's lovely, I'm only going to wear it with my out-door-sy, "natural" outfits since that's what it reminds me the best way possible!!!
By Anonymous on 8/28/2005
life has been changed forever!!!!
By OneOfTwo - visual compositor from New York on 8/26/2005
I would love to smell this on a guy, but for me it is a little masculine. I prefer the Palisander in this series. I will still give it five stars...I"m saving this one to put on a special man! ;)
By Terri - from Stillwater, Oklahoma on 7/17/2005
By Terri on 7/17/2005
Just intriguing. The first whiff is like opening an heirloom cedar chest filled with spices harvested in a pine forest. Absolutely spell binding.
By tom - bank manager on 6/19/2005
Warm red rum with a hint of spice melts over a redwood forest. Warm and uplifting. The resinous woods predominate like a redwood sauna. This could have been in the CdG Incense series but it certainly has a "red" glow about it. Very nice.
By Anonymous - Art from OKC on 4/24/2005
Amazing woody scent!Great lasing power but not overbearing on my skin. A very majestic and inspired.
By Anonymous - from CA on 1/11/2005
This is just beautiful! Smells so good and it transports you to the majestic presence of the redwoods.
By Anonymous - mystic from Tucson on 1/8/2005
I am in love with this--I wore it to my smelly job and I was happy all day because I for one smelled FABULOUS!!!
By Tamara - from Austin, TX on 10/28/2004
This smells great! Sort of like Votivo's teak scented candles. It's very wearable, though. A great scent for fall.
By Anonymous - attorney from NYC on 8/25/2004
Its so intense and subtle at the sama time, very sexy.Everyone will say "you smell so good"
By rona - from san juan on 8/12/2004
I bought it yesterday and went to sleep with it on the back of my hands. I woke up to a lovely forest-sweet scent. Doesn't get powdery. Kind of deep and woodsy. Yum!
By blinda - secretary from portland, OR on 7/15/2004
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