Eau de Toilette

by Ulrich Lang New York

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Streamlined, minimalist, modern. An outstanding new fragrance for men that fuses classic elements with unexpected touches. Fresh citrus with basil and mint. Classic florals with sesame and leather. Woods and amber with a hint of guava. Subtle, innovative and warm. A quiet fragrance that speaks volumes. For the intriguingly introspective man.

Anvers  Notes

bergamot, lime, tangerine, sage, mint, basil, violet, jasmine, geranium leaves, sesame, honey, leather, moss, sheer ambers, precious woods, hint of guava

Anvers Sizes Available
100ml $120
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Anvers...
Sophisticated and resolutely masculine. First choice in the collection
By   - Law enforcement  from Stony brook on 8/18/2015
Nice fruity and lush, very sweet. Like raspberry and blueberry jam spread on your skin.
By   - Defender of universe from Franklin Mints on 6/12/2015
The best cologne I've ever had! Creates quite a stir among women! A smoky undertone with hints of musk. A fine addition to my cologne collection!
By   - Clothier from San Antonio, Texas on 2/9/2009
Fantastic scent on me. I've tried about 20+ scents and this one works extremely well with my skin, personality etc. Right in between sweet and musky. Not too sweet or feminine, but refreshing and uplifting top note, middle is a bit too rosey, slightly feminine, but bottom note is awsome. Deeper, musk with spice. Just a great day time scent. Only drawback is it doesn't last too long. For such a great scent you almost want to reapply after only an hour or so.
By   - from Canada on 9/17/2008
Its a beautiful fragrance, but it gives me headache minutes after putting it on. Still a 5, but test it first or you might regret it.
By   - from vancouver on 8/6/2007
Great cologne. Classy yet playful.
By   - Omelet Maker from NYC on 4/4/2007
I really wanted to like this one, but I just can't get over the feeling that they've bottled Starfruit. I'm getting strong Starfruit with lime undertones, and, not being a fan of Fruity scents, I really have to pass this by.
By   - Student from Manhattan, KS on 10/16/2006
Anvers is by far the ultimate cologne! I've been stopped in the mall, on the street, (most recently at an ATM) and asked, "What are you wearing?!" Women just adore this scent and it's quite the conversation starter! I love it far better than my previous #1 cologne, the original Romeo Gigli for men.
By   - Haberdasher from San Antonio on 8/30/2006
A woman friend of mine bought me this. The bottle is impressive on my bathroom shelf. All I can say is that more than one girl has sprayed extra on me purring about how much they love the scent.
By   - from New York on 11/26/2005
This didn't smell bad to me but my boyfriend did not like it at all. He said it was too sweet and it made him kind of nauseous. I guess that's body chemistry for you!
By   - from Glenview, IL. on 6/25/2005
This is a very sexy men's fragrance. I got a sample for my boyfriend and I love it on him. It's not overpowering. It IS a subtle sexy scent.
By  on 5/9/2005
Uh, what a psychedelic scent! Imagine an abstract painting colored with very bright yellow (like the color of yellow neon light) and black. That's the image I get from this scent and it doesn't make me feel good :-( I had high hopes for this one based on the notes, but I don't like it at all!
By   - a student of psychology from Helsinki on 5/15/2004
Oh! Wow! This fragrance is absolutely great. It is so sexy! I loved it so much I got it for my boyfriend. This is a great scent and I highly recommend it.
By   - from Brownsville on 5/4/2004
I've recently sampled this cologne, and it was so great, modern, yet crisp, that I had to go online for this review. Beautiful packaging, too!
By   - from city of angels on 10/14/2003
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