Eau de parfum

by Nanadebary

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We first fell in love with Nanadebary from afar - catching a glimpse of the saucy vixen on the bottle in European fashion magazines and struggling to read enough German or Italian to learn more about it. We desperately called boutique after boutique trying to find it to no avail. It was merely infatuation, though, until we were finally able to try it. And then it was true love. Softly spicy, warm and powdery, undeniably feminine -- this is a fragrance we would be happy to wear every day and then spritz on a bit more to go to bed. Made from natural raw materials using organic methods, the signature fragrance from Austrian designer Nanadebary is exquisite in every detail. Subtle and distinctive and sexy.

Pink  Notes

nutmeg, coriander, Sicilian tangerine, bergamot, sandalwood, cedar, Indian amber, Bourban vanilla

Recent Press

German Vogue, Elle UK, Wallpaper 2002, Diva, Cosmopolitan

Pink Sizes Available
100ml $160
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Pink...
Some posters commented this smelled like Caress soap i don't think that's a bad thing i think it smells soft and pretty. I would wear this. I got a sample i will purchase a bottle.
By   - Technician from Dallas on 3/22/2016
Soft, I agree that it smells kind of like Caress, the soap. Not unpleasant. Nice. Im not nice, more in your face and want my perfume to be as well. So for me this is a no.
By   - Artist from Acworth on 12/9/2015
This scent smells like makeup to me. Like those old powder compacts and tubes of lipstick mom would let you play dress up with as a kid, only with a fresher, sexier undercurrent that takes it from pleasant but plain to surprisingly sexy! It's a powdery sweet, flirtatious scent with a touch cinnamon-like spice and incense depth, that never gets cloying, or heavy. It just floats around you in a subtle "come hither" cloud, before eventually drying down to a soft, spicy vanilla. Gorgeous.
By  on 7/13/2012
I tried many samples before deciding to buy a full bottle of Pink. To me, it's a gorgeous, warm, vanilla skin scent with a bit of spice. It stays on my skin pretty nicely throughout the day but isn't overpowering. Delicate. Sexy. Feminine. Woodsy/Spicy. Pretty. I'm happy I bought it.
By   - from Indiana on 11/10/2011
I want to add to my previous statement that the opening is quite different from the dry down. The dry down on me is out of this world gorgeous!!! I adore it!!!!! The ingredients are so unusual which makes for a perfume that is uncommon and fantastic. so nice.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/16/2011
I really like this perfume. It's just like the description says: distinctive and sexy yet subtle. Very feminine and warm yet also a bit spicy. It last for hours, has great sillage, and made me keep going back for more sniffs or my arm. This is full bottle worthy in my opinion.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 4/7/2011
Indian grocery / Eastern goods shop. Just coriander.
By  on 11/24/2010
This immediately took me back to my teens! It reminds me so very much of "Tigress" from the 70's.
By  on 10/27/2010
This fragrance is one of my major disappointments. After the reviews I expected much more interesting parfume, but instead of that came the sample which smells like Indian grocery / Eastern goods shop. I agree with Melissa, too much coriander .. but if someone likes to smell like she works in the kitchen of eastern food restaurant or shop with eastern spices - just go ahead! To me this is a stench, not a perfume. And sadly, another spoof of glossy magazines ...
By   - artist from NYC on 10/5/2010
quite lovely, but not long-lasting. i wish the bottle looked more high-end, reminds me of some teenager's frag you would buy at urban outfitters. but nice juice nonetheless
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
I find the coriander in this is quite strong, and overpowering, then it smells like a spicy soap to me. Then I can hardly detect it at all , not my cup of tea!
By   - admin from melb on 8/26/2010
STUNNING!!!!!! Very unique and sexy at the same time. As of right now this is my favorite scent. Definitely give this a try!!!!
By   - esthetician from Raleigh, NC on 4/5/2008
Such a beautiful, sexy fragrance - I absolutely love this. Lasting power is great and men always compliment me on this! I will always have a bottle of this on hand!
By  on 10/3/2007
LOVE it ~ a very grown-up, seductive fragrance. So very different from anything else I have. I must admit I was drawn in a strange way to the bottle & packaging more so than the scent description. I was totally intrigued and had to see if what was on the inside of the bottle matched the does indeed.
By   - Costume Designer from Manhattan on 7/2/2007
I love the warm clean spiciness of this scent, can anyone suggest a good alternative, something similar but maybe a little stronger?
By   - from boston on 3/1/2007, slighty spicy, slightly sweet, ambery- vanilla-sandalwood scent with notes of nutmeg and incense. If Boudoir bonded with Obsession, Nanadebary Pink could be the end result. That description seems to trivialize this outstanding concoction, though. Pink is really beautiful. It's intensely feminine, and it's not one that will be confused with other fragrances. A distinctive note and feel emerge from this blend, and it's bewitching. When I tested it, I knew I had to have it. The bottle is beautiful, the packaging is gorgeous, my husband likes it, and it makes me feel sensual. I wish it had better lasting power. Maybe the organic ingredients simply don't last well on my skin. But I love Nanadebary Pink. I spray with abandon.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 2/16/2007
At first, it smells like Caress soap, after it dries down it becomes sweeter and spicier, and luckily, the soapy scent goes away. Not bad
By   - from Ohio on 8/21/2006
At first, it smells like Caress soap, after it dries down it becomes sweeter and spicier, and luckily, the soapy scent goes away. Not bad
By   - from Ohio on 8/21/2006
Was at one time both intrigued and somehow threatened by the bottle. Now I totally love the design, but what's more, the potion inside is completely captivating. This spicy, pink punch-with-a-twist is to die for. Smells so good on the dry down. Love wearing it to bed, and then waking up to the body-warmed joy of it all...
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
sorry re: comment before, a 1* not 5!
By   - fashion designer from London, UK on 7/22/2006
First time I tested this thought wow it's great! On the 2nd try could smell elements of Gucci especially the powdery dry down. On the 3rd try it's starting to smell chemically or foody- can't quite put my finger on it. And even more annoyingly is that it just doesn't last. I see Europeans or white skins wearing this, as a Black female I love Ginger Ciao.
By   - fashion designer from London, UK on 7/22/2006
Beautiful scent but it doesn't last. Not even a trace at the end of my first day wearing this. Maybe I needed to get some onto my clothing... The description another wrote of sweet, pink and spicy is perfect. It's a light and happy fragrance, perfect for the office where you maybe don't want a strong presence of scent? I haven't decided whether I can move on and leave it behind, though... it deserves another try.
By   - from Portland OR on 4/11/2006
Love It! Very pretty, soft, clean.
By   - from Westfield on 9/20/2005
Spicy and leathery. Just not my taste in perfume. I was hoping the vanilla and sandalwood would be more noticeable.
By  on 9/10/2005
just tried my sample, and i have to say that at first sniff i really like it. it reminds me a tad of estee lauder's spellbound, which i love but is very heavy, only lighter. definitely a spicy scent, so those of you who shy away from spice will definitely need to try first. i think, though, that as spicy scents go, it's mild. the vanilla definitely mellows it out a little. i'm excited to wear it again and see how long it lasts.
By   - college english teacher from pittsburgh on 7/26/2005
Wow, wow, wow! What a delight. Soft and pink and spicy. Just lovely. Would be great for work or an evening out. Just can't stop sniffing.
By   - Retired from Rochester Hills on 5/5/2005
Wow I wanted to like this so so badly... But this is day three with my sample and it's just not growing on me the way I thought it would. I feel like the rich nutmeg/vanilla/amber scents just fade away as the day wears on and now (4PM after putting it on at 7 this morning) it just smells faintly of soap or something. Alas.
By   - from Nashville, TN on 4/29/2005
This scent is VERY sexy and grown-up, while still being sweet. So gorgeous and unique. Worth the extra money-better quality scents are always pricier.
By   - from Minneapolis on 4/29/2005
Love it! Definately feminine, not too powdery, and great for all day long.
By   - Teacher from Pleasanton, CA on 3/12/2005
It smells very old like my grandmother's sweater box! It is not sexy - imho- like they say. I wonder where all those gorgeous scents went to that were in the description.
By   - from Miami on 2/22/2005
Spicy and smoky without being overwhelming.I do not smell any vanilla in this. Moderate sillage from my sample vial. The perfume equvalent of a flesh toned teddy and garter set.A unique scent, and a pleasant one, but one I find too "sexy" for me. However, if you are seeking a spicy scent that reflects your considerable sexual allure, this is a must try!
By   - Student from Danville on 2/4/2005
This smells exactly like Dinner by Bobo to AND on me. Doesn't really work with my body chemistry, but it smells divine on a friend of mine, so sample it first.
By  on 2/4/2005
got a sample from with great expectations that have been a bit disapointed... reminds me of Love'sBaby Soft or some such teenage-oriented fragrance. it is very young and simple. no complexity here. on the other hand if you want something unobtrusive for the workplace and want to smell like a 14 yr-old, this is the fragrance for you. Way overrated. If this was not so hyped and you picked up the same bottle at a drugstore, you would not buy it.
By   - from san francisco on 1/28/2005
This starts off okay, but then the top notes leave, and the coriander kicks in, and its bad. It reminds me of some Caron perfumes, and I can't do Caron, so this definitely isn't for me. I wouldn't call this sexy, more lingerie girly, but not seductive. After about an hour, I find it nauseating. Its sister, Bronze, is the star of the line.
By   - History and Political Science Major from Chapel Hill on 1/27/2005
Beautiful scent and lasts a while too. I love its spicy warmth, & its so sexy and feminine. A scent to wear anytime, for me. One of my top 5.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 1/7/2005
I've never smelled anything like this fragrance before. Spicy and warm, but managed to stay soft and close to the skin. It lasts a LONG time on me - I could smell it 8 hours later. It's a nice fall/winter scent.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 1/6/2005
This fragrance reminded me of the little pink soaps you find in guest bathrooms with gold faucets.
By   - wine buyer from NYC on 1/2/2005
I ordered a sample of this, intrigued by the description. I definitely do like it, although it doesn't have the staying power that I want/need. I wore it when I went to the movies, and a lot of guys hit on me. That's always a good sign. ;)
By   - from Dallas on 12/26/2004
I just tried a sample and I have to say it's not love at first try. But I will give it more of a go before giving up. Right now it is smelling rather harsh and chemical to me, not at all what i'd expect from the all natural ingredients advertised. If you want something really special, soft, musky but still interesting and feminine I highly recommend Serge Lutens Clair de Musc, or Angeliques sous la Pluie from Frederic Malle's perfume library. Will write more when I try this later.
By   - physician from san francisco on 11/24/2004
Although I agree the lasting power isn't that great, I think this is a beautiful fragance. Not too spicy, not too musky, and not to sweet. Most certainly sexy, but more kitten than vixen. This is one of the few fragrances the hubby flat out loves (if you knew my DH, you'd know what a significant honor that is!). Lovely stuff!
By   - Insurance Agent from Seattle on 9/7/2004
Received the sample. Loved it. Reminded me of my late grandfather. Very comforting. Did not have the staying power I would want. Will probably order it though.
By   - from Saratoga Springs, NY on 5/31/2004
No offense to previous poster, but I have to disagree. Although I like Perfect Bliss, I think it's very different from Nanadebary. I don't find this very musky at all and PB is. And Corso Como has incense. I don't get any incense notes from Nanadebary. I thought it was too spicy the first time I wore it but gave it another try and I absolutely love it. It dries down to a beautiful sexy fresh femine scent. And at the end of the day, I can still smell a hint of vanilla. You should at least try a sample . . . and wait a while before you give up on it!
By  on 5/16/2004
typically, i have no trouble describing a fragrance, but this one's got me stumped. i was drawn to the fact that a couple of its notes are nutmeg and vanilla, but this is not what i'd call an edible fragrance. it's spicy, sensual and attention grabbing. you WILL get noticed. but, on the otherhand, it's also rather soft and warm. it deserves a sample. (a little goes a long way) i will spritz this when i want a break from my usual sugary sweet perfumes.
By  on 2/19/2004
complex and gorgeous. not my pick for a 'daytime' scent...but a must wear for the evening. sexy sexy sexy!
By   - from austin, tx on 2/18/2004
A truly amazing fragrance that sets itself apart from the others. I love how it is both soft and powdery, yet spicy and rich. A five star fragrance in a world crowded with boring run-of-the-mill blends.
By   - from san diego on 2/18/2004
disappointing. Save your money and buy Perfect Bliss for a great blend of floral and incense or corso como for a sexy deep mystery scent
By   - writer from nyc on 2/18/2004
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
By   - Business owner from New York on 10/14/2003
worth every penny, spicy and gorgeous !!
By   - physician  from ny on 10/8/2003
Quite beautiful - creamy, soft, slightly spicy. It has a richness similar to Lulu, which I wore years and years ago.
By   - Gallery Owner from Montana on 10/2/2003
Gotta have it, is apparenly what I've read and heard. So true. I wear this out on special nights...and I always get stopped and asked what it is--and men ADORE it! I keep sending them your way luckyscent!! Thanks for the great CS...-Marianne
By   - from Aspen, CO on 7/2/2003
I saw this on TV and had to have it...and wow! Spicy, dreamy, sexy...just like you describe. And how wonderful it is that we have a chance to have it here in the US! :)
By   - from Miami, Fl. on 7/2/2003
Nanadebary is so unique. When I wear this fragrance, I always get complements. Everyone wants to know how I can smell so fresh and clean..but, also, very sexy. Try it; you shouldn't be without this one.
By   - from Lincoln, NE on 7/2/2003
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