Eau de Parfum - 50ml

Eau de Parfum

by Violetta di Parma

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We think violets are due for a comeback. And this is absolutely one of the best violet scents we have ever encountered. Not ickily sweet or overly powdery, it captures the true essence of this shy, lovely flower. We propose a toast to Maria Luigia, the Duchess of Parma, who, after much effort, obtained her beloved Parma violets, took charge of their cultivation in the Botanic Garden, and supported a monastery for years as the monks worked to obtain their true essence so she could wear this as her signature scent. Happily, in the modern age, this magical fragrance can be yours with a simple click of the mouse.

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Here's what other people are saying about Eau de Parfum - 50ml...
Violetta di Parma is a bit too sweet for me--it even verges on having a bug spray quality to it...I love violet fragrances, but prefer a truer violet scent to one that is muddied by sweetness...I tried Penhaligons' Violetta, and it seemed closer to what I like.
By   - Theatre Arts Educator from LC, NM on 4/10/2010
Strange, not what I expected. Sprayed into the air it has a nice violet smell. But sprayed on my wrist it smelled kind of violety, sugary sweet at first, but within a few moments faded to something not violet at all and rather unpleasant. Quickly disappeared. Disappointing, wish I hadn't spent the money.
By  on 11/13/2008
This is a really lovely scent. The first one I ever smelled, in fact, because every woman in my family in the last century has worn it. I do not have the words to express how deeply amused I am to see this get trendy!
By   - from Parma on 9/10/2008
Violetta di Parma is a wonderful, true violet scent. Yes, it's a perfectly subtle blend of sweet, powdery, creamy...exactly like the description, but not at all candy-sweet or childlike. For those who say it's green or earthy, you're out of your minds...this smells exactly like Penhaligon's violet-scented book "The Language of Flowers". I could also smell it on my wrist hours after I applied it. Stays close to the skin and smells very soft. Neither dramatic nor mysterious, Violetta di Parma is an endearing fragrance choice.
By   - actor from London on 6/27/2008
I had to buy this, as my Mom used to get a wonderful violet fragrance from Grauz (not sure of the spelling) France, when my Dad took her there 3 different times over the years.. I always loved it, and thought it would remind me of this. It did not, but I liked it even better. It is not a strong floral, just soft, pretty and understated. A great price-point and a worth it. I am just sorry it does not last longer.
By   - Vet Assistant from New Cumberland, Pa on 5/27/2008
Great price and pretty scent, but certainly not very sophisticated or interesting. Probably better for a young girl than a complex woman.
By   - Marketing from Toronto on 10/2/2007
A true violet scent, but heavy and cloying when first applied.
By   - Librarian from Midwest on 8/6/2007
I find this to be an odd scent as well. Reviews were brilliant, so I bought it as soon as it was in stock. The initial spray occasionally gives off a whiff of petroleum that fast dissolves. I find that this scent is lovely on my skin for about an hour; after that, it turns musky and then disappears. Everyone is different, so there's relaly no way to know until you try it, I suppose.
By   - writer from Seattle on 6/26/2007
Gorgeous, feminine, fresh; a true violet scent
By  on 12/30/2006
This was very sweet smelling on me- I don't know what it smells like after wearing for a little while because it gave me a headache and I had to wash it off. Reminded me of something a vey elderly person would wear.
By  on 11/30/2006
This is nice, a straightforward violet, Soft and pretty. Perfect for the office. I bought this unsniffed and wasn't disappointed.
By  on 11/2/2006
Favoloso! Bravo! it is the ultimate violet scent. My girfriend had hers stolen in a house reconstruction and I bought her another bottle. It is amazing that a construction worker could have such great taste. I was disappointed it had been stolen, but delighted a man could have such wonderful taste. I sincerely hope he enjoyed the bottle! Bravo!
By   - Insstructor from San Mateo, Ca on 9/28/2006
After the sample I had to buy a bottle (and hey, the price is right!) I'm delighted by how much longer lasting the bottle version is versus my sample, so I'm thrilled I went ahead.
By   - researcher from Nashville on 9/19/2006
clean and pretty, not powdery. i wish this would last longer though.
By   - from Los Angeles on 9/11/2006
i love violets in any and all form. if you layer this with a really fresh green scent such as cristalle by chanel, heeley verveine, or hermes un jardin sur le nil it is perfect. on it's own a little on the cloying side.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
I really enjoyed this perfume! I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. Instead of being overly perfume-floral, it smells just like you walked by a bundle of violets. Very fresh and green.
By   - artist from dallas on 6/22/2006
I found it quite sweet at first and was disappointed since I so wanted to like this one. I got the feeling of an over perfumed old lady who swooshes by and leaves a lingering smell of too much and too old perfume. But as Jill below says, it smells better the longer you wear it and now, after a few hours, it's just lush. Not too sweet at all.
By   - Teacher from Sweden on 4/24/2006
I too could only smell one note but I love the smell of violets so was happy with this one! It is a little like Kenzo Flower as someone mentioned and smells better the longer it is on. Although people at work kept mentioning the new "air freshner" so I kept quiet and hoped they didn't realise.......
By   - Office Worker from London on 4/23/2006
I hoped I love it but was very disapointed. It was thick and heavy and as stated in another post.. one note only.
By   - from Mass on 3/8/2006
Such a pretty scent, not powdery, nice and greenish.
By  on 3/1/2006
beautiful was afraid id be dissapointed instead itwas divine love violets youll love this
By  on 12/19/2005
Definitely single note. Wish there was something in it, something else barely there, maybe a tiny hint of berry or mint or something. But nope. It's a good clean smelling quality violet I guess.
By   - Student from Springfield, VA on 12/6/2005
I have the sample and seriously thinking about getting a bottle. It reminds me of the parma violet sweets i used to eat as a kid.
By   - from Belize City, Belize on 6/14/2005
Very pretty, nice, but also rather simple. The price is great, though. Check it out if you like single-note florals
By   - from NYC on 4/14/2005
This is pretty - not gorgeous just pretty. It is definitely a floral fragrance, I personally like sweeter, foody smells. You really can't beat the price though.
By   - from Jacksonville FL on 2/4/2005
I think I'm going to be the lone dissenter on this one. This scent confuses me. I ordered a sample, and walked around wearing it... I felt like I had been gardening. This perfume is funny, it smells dirty. I don't get the green thing, I get freshly turned earth, roots, and pretty purple flowers on my skin. My best friend in elementary school lived near a lake and a big open field (basically the middle of nowhere - the suburbs of NC), and we used to pick all the wildflowers (a.k.a. weeds) and make ugly little boquets, which we happened to think were very pretty, and to her mother's displeasure, we'd leave them in glasses of water everywhere. Smells like though bouquets. I know that's a weird analogy, I always leave one when I review, because I associate perfume so much with other scents. And I associate Violetta di Parma with rolling around in an open field and wildflowers. It's an odd fragrance, not girly pretty, but definitely in the the floral category, though it's also not a rich, robust floral. I would appreciate this on a domestic kind of woman, one who spends her time outside and loves flowers. My aunt, for example. I know I couldn't pull it off, but I like it.
By   - History and Political Science Major from Chapel Hill on 1/27/2005
Beautiful slightly sweet yet clean violet scent.Just so pretty and lasted a good while too.Would definitely but this again!
By   - from chicago on 1/22/2005
I love this one! It's a different, sharper sort of sweet scent. Not overpowering at all. I feel very clean with this one.
By   - attorney from washington, dc on 1/14/2005
Such a pretty scent, sweet and soft. If I bought it, I'd keep with it with me to refresh, or have a decant handy to go, since it didn't last very long, yet it's so lovely.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 1/8/2005
Violetta is an amazing perfume and people find it stunning. When I went to a Party wearing it, people were discussing that there is a nice lingering smell, however, they could not make out who it was or what it was. My perfume and I decided to stay anonymous.
By   - from Munich, Germany on 10/25/2004
It is not as sweet as I had expected it but rather leafy
By   - sales manager from philadelphia on 10/16/2004
This reminded me a lot of L'Artisan's Verte Violette, but while that one's sweeter and creamier, Violetta di Parma smells purer, more freshly picked. A beautiful floral, and for the price, definitely a hidden gem.
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 9/8/2004
This is so beautiful! I am usually a vanilla person but I ordered this on a whim and I can't stop smelling it. It is light and floral and green with just a tiny bit of powder. It is so, so feminie and it lasts for a decent amount of time for the price. I love it!
By   - Mom/Student from Bonaire, GA on 8/28/2004
WOW!!! I am so pleased. This is a simple, direct, beautiful scent. So pleasant and so feminine. Reminds me a little of Flower by Kenzo. Perfect for the heat out here! LS.com's recommendation was true to form.
By   - Editorial Coordinator from West Los Angeles on 5/13/2004
I am glad I decided to purchase the large bottle of this after my sample ran out. This was and always will be my mother's favorite fragrance and I remember this lovely scent on her from my childhood. Now it is also one of my favorites along with Goccia di Cristallo and Caitlin.
By   - fragrancefanatic from NJ on 3/21/2004
A true violette scent! Borsari di Parma is a fine fragrance maker. If you love this you must try Goccia di Cristallo, it is a most beautiful scent!
By   - from Creamridge on 2/27/2004
Pretty, but I'd prefer it a little sweeter.
By   - from Calif. on 2/24/2004
The first time I smelled this perfume, I felt like the world was a perfect place. It's the epitome of femininity and romance.
By   - Cust. Serv. Rep. from Houston, TX on 1/2/2004
This is a very beautiful scent. It's very feminine. It truly represents violets!
By   - Business owner from New York on 12/14/2003
A soft, pretty scent. Just a tad too sweet and powdery for my taste, but otherwise very lovely and feminine.
By   - from San Francisco on 8/30/2003
Received my order today. It is just lovely, soft and a very natural-smelling distillation of this beautiful little flower. Almost like walking through a field of violets after a spring rain!
By   - from New York, NY on 6/25/2003
A gorgeous fragrance and such a deal. A lovely, true violet scent that is not only much nicer than most department store scents, but cheaper, too. It's my official "date" fragrance these days - seems to work.
By   - from Santa Monica on 5/28/2003
The consummate violet fragrance! Just as Luckyscent describes, this is not too sweet or too powdery. Just playfully feminine and downright lovely. A staple in my fragrance wardrobe.
By   - Customer Service Rep from Seattle, WA on 4/25/2003
Very wearable violet - not too sweet and powdery but not green at all. Just a soft sweet violet.
By  on 3/2/2003
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